Ciencia contra homeopatía

Hi, I’m Raquel Domínguez
and I am here today to tell you about a story which it is a setback for advocates
homeopathy, and are data published study the Royal Academy of Pharmacy.
Well, the Royal Academy of Pharmacy has just published an extensive study
giving his opinion about drugs Homeopathic and the risk they may pose
to health. The study findings They are devastating. And it is for this organism
Homeopathy does not have any effectiveness according to data from different studies
which they have been carried out so far. Moreover, according to the data in this report
prepared by the Royal Academy of Pharmacy, homeopathy is a risk to
health. They insist that there are no arguments to support the efficacy of homeopathic products
justifying their clinical use. Moreover, they believe that the use of these
drugs can generate false expectations among patients and that push them to leave
where treatment has proven itself that really effective and replaced by
these others who have no proven efficacy. According to the Royal Academy of Pharmacy,
so far the mechanism is not known Operation of homeopathic products.
The truth is that the Royal Academy Pharmacy is not the only entity
He has clearly turned against homeopathy. Previously, organizations such as the Society
Spanish Family and Community Pharmacy, the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy,
the Spanish Society of Pharmacists Primary Care Association or Farmaciencia
Spanish Scientific Communication, have shown above and their rejection
This pseudoscience, homeopathy. Dede all These organisms are called upon and
It is that the medicine is based on evidence scientific. Which it does not happen in homeopathy.
And if you already above other pharmaceutical entities They have shown their rejection of homeopathy
Why arrives at this time this report detailed analysis of the Royal Academy of
Pharmacy? Very simple, because it makes it so only a few days in Italy has killed a child
I had otitis and was being treated with homeopathy. Something that should never have
happened. For its part, the National Association Homeopathy has also released a note
press which makes clear that products Homeopathic should not replace in any
If drugs, if they are needed. Currently, in Spain, drugs
Homeopathic are regulated by the provision Second transitional Royal Decree 2208/1994,
and he goes on to say that products Homeopathic that are already on the market
they are still always sold and when there is a prior application and registration
a period of 6 months. The truth is that This law is very old, almost 25 years ago
This transitional provision, despite to be transitory, it remains in force. What
does this mean? For most homeopathic medicines that can
They find are in an irregular situation, which at least should be rectified.
And you, what do you think of homeopathy? In any occasion you tried ?, Have you worked ?,
Do you think you can be a complement to the traditional medicine or medicine you think
It must be based on science? I hope your comments. And in today’s video I
Paula greet Pereiro, Flor Maria and Pinki. Hi guys. I hope my video today I
you liked, if you think you may like Share someone else and if you want to
greet you in one of my upcoming videos, also let me know in the comments. Bye bye

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