Classic WoW: Bags & Storage Guide

Over the course of your adventures in Classsic
you’re going to pick up a lot of items and you’re going to need a place to hold them
all, so in this guide I’m going to show you how to increase your storage space without
necessarily having to purchase bags with your hard earned gold. When you first begin to play those early levels
you’re going to quickly find out that storage space is its own kind of resource. No storage space means you’re going back and
forth to vendors and your bank more often which means less time leveling. So in this guide we’re going to talk about
the following topics to help you increase your storage space in Classic WoW. The first thing I want to talk about is your
Bank, because besides your starting 16-slot backpack it’s your most significant storage
space available when you begin. To access your bank you will have to find
the bank in any one of your Faction cities. When you reach higher levels you will also
find bank access at the four Steamwheedle Cartel towns of Ratchet, Booty Bay, Gadgetzan
and Everlook. Your bank comes with 24 available slots to
store items as well as six bag slots that you can purchase. The prices for each additional bag slot will
go up accordingly. Once you purchase the bag slot just grab any
bag you own or carry and move it in to the bag slot to access when you open your bank. Keep in mind that the bank slots are considered
to be equipped, but not carried. This means that if you have a quest item in
the bank you won’t be able to turn in the quest unless the item is actually on your
person. Same to if you have a unique item in your
bank you will not be able to collect the same unique item in your toon’s inventory. The smallest storage bags available begin
with six slots and go all the way up to 16. While you’re out questing and killing mobs
you will have a very minimal chance of finding a world dropped bag. It was reported during the Classic Beta that
the drop rate of these bags were severely lower than what was being seen on private
servers, so we should expect the same low drop rate when Classic goes live. These are the bags that have the potential
to drop off of any mob you kill according the level of the mob. What you’ll immediately notice about these
bags is that they do not bind to your character, so when you eventually replace them with larger
bags you can sell them on the Auction House, send them to your Alts or friends, or use
in your bank. When it comes to world drop bags the largest
you can obtain are the Traveler’s Backpack, and the Pumpkin Bag which both carry 16 slots
of space. The only time the Pumpkin Bag is available
is during the Hallow’s End event in October. In every city and many towns you will find
general vendors who can sell you additional common bags. I have found these bags to be drastically
overpriced and so I generally don’t buy any in order to save gold. However, if you’re desperate for storage the
vendors could be an option. Tailors have the lucrative option of being
able to make bags for themselves, and sell to others. These tailoring patterns can be learned from
a trainer, purchased from vendors, or dropped from a creature or boss. Most of the tailoring made bags don’t bind
to accounts with the exception being the Mooncloth Bag and the Bottomless Bag. The Mooncloth Bag pattern won’t be available
until Phase 4, because it drops from Lethon who is one of the Dragons of Nightmare. The Bottomless Bag will be available a little
sooner when Azuregos enters the world in Azshara during Phase 2. One six-slot bag is crafted by Horde Leatherworkers
who get the pattern by completing a quest given to them at level 10 by Veren Tallstrider
in Thunderbluff. Profession bags and ammunition bags can also
be crafted by Tailors and Leather Workers, but I will discuss those bags later in the
video. For those of you who are not tailors, and
who would rather not purchase bags, you can earn bags by completing specific quests. We will start with the smallest bags and move
up to the largest that can be earned. Rather than telling you about each quest I
will just go ahead and show you the title of the quest and where it is located. Maps with a Blue border indicate the quest
is Alliance only, Red border is Horde only, and Yellow is available for both factions. There are hundreds of rare spawns that roam
the lands of Azeroth, but two have the potential to drop a bag. The first one is Fedfennel who can be found
here in Elwynn Forest, and he can drop for you the 8-Slot Gnoll Hide Bag. In Westfall you will want to find the Foe
Reaper 4000 who can spawn in any of these fields here. Foe Reaper has the potential to drop for you
a 10-slot Large Rucksack. Now this is not a rare spawn, but the Venture
Co. Foreman goblins located here in Stranglethorn Vale can possibly drop a Sturdy Lunchbox which
is a 12-Slot bag. In some dungeons there are bosses and mobs
that can drop bags for you, so make sure you don’t skip these. The first bag is the 10-slot Snakeskin Bag
which is found in the Wailing Caverns, and it can possibly drop from Lady Anacondra who
is located here. Another 10-slot bag called the, Murloc Skin
Bag can drop from Gelihast located here in Blackfathom Deeps. Once you reach the final levels you will want
to find Ribbly Screwspigot who is found here in the Blackrock Depths, because he can drop
the 16-slot Wayfarer’s Knapsack. When you start raiding you can get the 18-slot
Onyxia Hide Backpack from the dragon it was named after…Onyxia. Lastly if you find yourself in Zul’Gurub you
can possibly get the 18-slot Panther Hide Sack which can drop from High Priestess, Arlokk. Aside from generic storage you also have profession
bags for Enchanting and Herbalism. These bags tend to hold more slots than your
average generic bag, but you will only be able to store the corresponding profession
related items in these bags. As an example you can’t put any mining bars
or weapons in either of these bags. The three enchanting bags are all created
by Tailors and are learned from acquiring the patterns. The patterns for the 16-slot Enchanted Mageweave
Pouch and the 20-slot Enchanted Runecloth bag can both be purchased by supply vendors. The pattern for the Big Bag of Enchantment
however drops from Magister Kalendris in Dire Maul which won’t be available until Phase
2. For the Herbalist bags, the 12-slot Herb Pouch
can be purchased by Herbalism Suppliers. The other two are created by Tailors, but
in order to purchase the patterns from Mishta who is found in Sillithis, you need to have
acquired some reputation with the Cenarion Circle. To purchase the 20-slot Cenarion Herb Bag
pattern you need at least a Friendly reputation, and to purchase the 24-slot Satchel of Cenarius
you need to have achieved a reputation level of Revered. There are two types of Class bags and they
are Soul Bags for Warlocks to hold their Soul Shards, and Ammo or Quivers for Hunters to
hold their ammunition. Since it’s a smaller category let’s talk about
the Soul Bags first. There are five Soul bags available in Classic,
and the first two are gained through your class quests. Both are from quests called, “The Binding”
and the 12-slot Small Soul Pouch quest is available at level 20, while the 16-slot Box
of Souls is available at level 30. Tailors can craft the remaining three, so
to make the 20-slot Soul Pouch you need to purchase the pattern from tailoring supply
vendor, Vizzklick who is found in Gadgetzan. To learn how to make the 24-slot Felcloth
Bag you need to get to Scholomance, and kil Jandice Barov who will drop the book for all
tailors in the group with a skill of 285 or more to learn the recipe. Finally, to get the 28-slot epic Core Felcloth
Bag pattern you need to kill the world boss, Lord Kazzak in the Tainted Scar of the Blasted
Lands who can potentially drop it. Remember though that Lord Kazzak will not
be available until Phase 2. Ammo Pouches and quivers are a must have if
you’re a Hunter, because they increase your ranged attack speed which is a substantial
DPS increase. Now there are a lot of ammo pouches and quivers
to go through, so again instead of talking about each one I’m just going to show you
which ones they are and how you can obtain them. I have wanted to make this video for quite
some time, because bags are such an incredibly useful thing to have plenty of especially
while you’re leveling. Hopefully you learned something in this guide
and that it helps you get the bags you need more easily. If you enjoyed this guide please be sure to
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