22 Replies to “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Schizophrenia”

  1. this is probably the best video I've seen about schizphrenia and treating it. it helped me understand and have more insight. her theater reference was great!

  2. i've suffered from paranoid schizophrenia for 24 years, im now 45 years old, 2014, i havent had any cbt, but im starting to use the STOP!!!! thing on my own, i usually say, get a grip, also im on 1 gram of amisolpride 'solian 200' every day, like janette lorenzo has said, this is by far the best schizophrenia video i have seen, have a fantastic day 🙂

  3. This is laughable. Any individual who believes the government is recording them…. ahem…  NSA is consuming all internet activities, and storing this information for future data mining. So….. if you are a Dr., and are trying to explain to your patient that their knowing about this NSA recording of all internet activities is proof if their illness, you are an idiot!  LOL. 

  4. Heres a blessing for those struggling with schizophrenia. If you trust in god, and believe in him with your whole heart, why not put it to the test and go to a highly annointed church from god called,"the Synagogue Church of All Nations," led by a very humbled pastor, named Prophet T.B Joshua, and I will tell you from my experience." Everyone who enter that church, will have an blessed encounter with god, and I bet my whole life on that. Its located in Lagos, Nigeria.

  5. The best presentation I have seen on the topic…clear simple concise and very easy to understand. Job well done.

  6. i know someone who has Religion schizophrenia. She dreams messages from god, every day. Any advice on this subject?

  7. I'm diagnosed skitzo effective and psychosis. just spent 14 days on a 5150, my longest 5150 was 6 months. this is really good advice probably the best I've heard I've been battling my illness 11 years now.

  8. Sorry….she doesn't get it either. SZ is not about the overt symptoms and controlling overt symptoms. It is about the emptiness inside and how to change that into something fulfilling and productive, or at least giving these people the freedom and responsibility (it will NEVER happen all by itself once the person is schizophrenia) of fulfilling THEMSELVES with more meaningful interactions, trustful conversations with people and all the good stuff that comes from that…like more cooperation, more recognition of other people's needs and the like. THIS STUFF CAN AND MUST BE TAUGHT. Same as we teach our toddlers.

  9. I really wonder how you hope to help those doped people whose cognitive abilities severely impaired? In order to be able to help those people their hippocampi should be active. Hippocampus needs emotions in order to be able to tag the informations to learn. That's how we can learn and keep or record the informatons and knowledge in our brain and process them when we need. Yet, as their emotions are seriously blunted due to the drugs they receive their hippocampi have no avail. Most probably most of your efforts with them completely disappear within a couple of hours time altogether. Psychotherapy programmes with schizophrenics on drugs are doomed to fail.What you say here that you can help those suffering individuals has no scientific basis what so ever. That defies logic and neuroscience.

  10. Everyone completely misses the mark. Once pleasure and interest is gone it is gonna get be. That is the foundation for everything in life. Ment ill takes all interest and feeling out of everything. Psychchiatrists have been going nuts with anhedonia. they wonder why substance always gets used.

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