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Home remedies for cold sores. If you notice signs of cold sores, you can
start dealing immediately. These home remedies can be done using what is already at home! My cold sores can be suddenly done, it is
a cumbersome symptom. Fortunately, it does not pose a serious danger to health, but if
you can have herpes on her lips it will bother you. In addition, especially at the beginning of
blistering, you may not be able to eat or talk well, feeling hot flashes and pain . As it becomes necessary to remove creams and
ointments, it seems that the appearance deteriorates further and it seems that something that seems
to be a big deal may lead to a great discomfort. There are also many discussions on the cause
of herpes labialis. Unfortunately, in fact, we have to keep up with the virus that causes
the whole life for a lifetime. But that does not mean that I will not be
bothered by her herpes for a long time. It is possible to coexist with the virus without
any symptoms. However, it seems that recurrence often occurs
once it takes. Causes causing herpes labialis are as follows. stress,
Decrease of immune function, Abrupt change in temperature,
heat, It seems that there are many people who apply
the ointment of the chemical substance to the affected area when it comes to herpes
labialis, but it is also possible to treat it at home with home remedies . Home remedies for cold sores: 1. To paint garlic: It is an unusual way, in fact it makes sense. Garlic has strong antibiotic and antiviral
effects . Therefore, it is a very effective treatment if you paint in the affected area
of ??herpes labialis. Although it may seem at first, you can get
used to it quickly, and you can cure unpleasant cold sores . 2. milk:
Herpes labialis is caused by herpes simplex virus. It may be a bad meal that will be the
trigger for that . Through meals we take two essential amino
acids, lysine and arginine. Ricin prevents the formation of herpes labialis,
whereas arginine acts to nourish and revive the virus . Milk is rich in ricin and has an excellent
effect in alleviating or preventing herpes labialis . How is it done? In order to make use of the effect of milk,
soak the cotton ball in milk and apply it regularly to the affected area until it recovers
. This method does not cause a bad smell, so
it may be easier to do than garlic. But neither is excellent therapy. 3. Aloe vera: The gel which is taken from aloe has the effect
of relieving blisters of herpes labyrinth and promoting healing . There are two ways
of treatment using aloe. Purchase aloe at a natural food shop and apply
it to the affected area using a swab. If you have aloe at home, open the leaves
and take out the gel and apply it to the affected area . With this simple method that does not use
chemicals, neither smell nor pain, you can cure cold sores immediately. 4. Table salt and water: This method requires a little patience, but
it is very effective. As you know, salt is very effective in treating ! How is it done? Put a little salt on the wet fingertip.
Apply the finger to the affected part for 2 minutes .
Wet the cotton ball with warm saline and place it on the affected part for a couple of minutes.
Please do this therapy until her cold sores are cured. 5. Increase intake of vitamin C – E: In addition to the therapies introduced so
far, taking nutrition firmly is the most effective way. In order to speed recovery and strengthen
immune function, let’s eat a lot of the following foods. broccoli,
kiwi, orange,
Avocado, Also, pure vitamin E that can be applied directly
to your lips is sold at specialty shops. Especially at the turn of the season we recommend
taking a meal that contains plenty of vitamins to prevent herpes labialis. By using these simple methods, treatment of
cold sores will be more body-friendly . Also I am happy to be able to start treatment without
going to a pharmacy. These home remedies can be done using what
is already at home. If you notice signs of cold sores, you will be able to begin dealing

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