Colloidal Silver: A Super Antibiotic? (CC)

Colloidal Silver: A Super Antibiotic? (CC)

Killing disease-causing agents. Neat. Within 6 minutes of drinking CS, germs die. It doesn’t mean that CS kills all germs. Suppose you have cough–maybe 10 to 20 million germs. And you drink 1 to 2 oz of CS, maybe 500,000 germs are killed. 1 or 2 hours later, you drink another 1 or 2 oz, 50,000 “soldiers” of CS will suffocate and kill 50,000 germs. It is awesome. It is natural remedy. Far surprass the medicine from doctors, pencillin, etc. Nowadays, you won’t find Collodial Silver in stores except in health food stores (GNC). Ask them for collodial silver and they will find it for you. 8 oz for $25! Expensive! On some of the collodial silver products, you might find benefits and claim of its cure. But FDA prohibits it. The rules is that you can say health, mineral supplment. That is it. It’s all instigated by the drug-cartel which will not entertain the thought that they might lose sales of drugs. So, they pushed the FDA to pass the law to ban any claims to be made that sound like medical help or guidance and only allow it to be considered a dietary supplmental. Drug cartel with millions of dollars profit at stake would hire computer geeks to make sure to inject false or scary tale of taking colloidal silver and push this info to the top of Google search. Scare with blue face sad stories… Another example of scary picture to scare us away… Why did they have blue face? Instead of distilled water, they used tap water to make colloidal silver. Sad results. And they drank excessive quantity of CS, quarts or gallons! Me? I drink 1 or 2 oz. That’s enough. And seldom. Not everyday. If I go to party, I drink CS before and after the party. I arrive to the party, and someone sneezes to his hand and he shakes my hand, saying how do you do? I think to myself…thanks alot and wipe my hand…I drink CS to prevent virus. Really, it is awesome. Let me show you a few pictures. I had the same experience on my leg. Healed in only a few days. Ok. Now my experience. How did I know about CS? It was in 2004 in Puerto Rico You know, they have monstrous mosquitos. I was bitten in the calf. Swollen badly. I was hurt badly. Back to US to my doctor. Got my medicine. Took time to heal. I was limping. for 4 weeks and finally, my leg was healed. Oh boy! Again, in 2006, I went to Puerto Rico and was struck by mosquito AGAIN! I was limping to a friend’s house. While he was talking, I excused myself to sit down, on account of my pain. He asked what was the matter; when found out, he gave me a CS soaked cloth to wipe on my wound. Gave me a small bottle of CS and explained that it is the most powerful antibiotic, etc, etc., known to man. But, that makes it a no-no for the official medical world! Interesting, I thought. Then the next morning, I got up and braced to go limping but to my surprise, no hurt. It was all better! A scab! Overnight. I was surprised. I told my friend about it. He knew it. He said CS is a God-given blessing. So, I returned to US. Went to GNC and bought CS for $25 for 8 oz. Meaning, I was very frugal how I use it. I was scared to drink CS. But when I was hit with colds/cough, I went ahead and drank 1 oz of CS. And it went away. Another time, I was hit with cold, but CS didn’t always heal right away. I have to keep drinking oz of CS every 2 hours and I was healed. So, your situation might be different accordingly. Just want to let you know that CS is great. You don’t have to spend lots of $$$ on medicine. It is great!

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  1. sorry i don't know sign language. should put the text on screen so people can understand you. Just an idea.

  2. Hi duwbryd, I just tried to add subtitles up to 2:45. It is hard work. If I have time, I can try to finish the rest but the first 2:45 should give you an idea. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks, that is very helpful and thoughtful of you to do that. However, It only works part way through, the rest still doesn't have the (CC).

  4. I used YouTube's Annotation method for the first 2:45 minutes of the video. After 2:45 minutes, I used Subtitle Workshop and saved as SRT file and successfully uploaded it for English. You would need to click on "Up" arrow popup menu (the right-most bottom of the video window) and select CC. It needs to be turned on.

  5. I don't know sign language; I tried, I liked a girl who spoke in sign and she had to write down everything. I felt so ignorant.

  6. Fucking quack. Unless you want to end up like papa smurf I suggest you stop this stupid shit. My wife treated a man whose skin was irreversibly blue like a smurf from this crap. Absolutely no scientifically proven benefits to this crap.

  7. Please understand the difference between "True Metallic Colloids" and Silver Solutions.
    True Metalic Colloids are a recent technology that results in metallic particles being unusually small relative to the nano scale.
    Silver Solutions made at home or by commercial companies have Silver particles that are huge relative to the nano scale used to measure particle sizes.
    None of them are or can be classified as TRUE colloids.
    They are Silver Particle Solutions and not a Colloid.

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