Colon Massacre with Chef Homeboy R Dee

Colon Massacre with Chef Homeboy R Dee

Yo what’s up! Y’all are now
gardening in the middle of Map with DJ Dirty Shovel! Hoping that you are diggin the beats and digging the episode today. Out here in the middle of the map in Missouri Zone 6B holding it down for the garden community. An extension of the greenhouse lounge family. So stick with us, enjoy the episode let’s get right
into it! DJ shovel … dirty shovel yo what’s good
what’s good what’s good man early morning over here in the middle of the
map. so I’m gonna get straight into it for y’all. We gon’ cleanse that colon! So here’s a couple of things that you’ll need and by the way I got this from my homeboy herbalist Kareem so make sure to check
him out. Lemon, apple of your choice, onion and a grapefruit. So let’s go ahead and
get into it. First off, you’re only gonna use half the grapefruit, Half the lemon
and half the onion… But you’re going to use all the Apple. Next you’re gonna take half your
grapefruit You see the seed …Save em this one wasn’t a good one … maybe it is … Half a lemon … … and half an onion! Alright
and so there’s half the onion so let’s get to the next part. Alright so you
put all your ingredients back on the plate so there’s half your onion, half your
grapefruit, one whole apple and my lemon it’s mangled up had to get them seeds
out there so half a lemon alright? Okay! So what you do is you
take your ingredients here and you put them in the blender … And that’s basically it … but if you want
to fire up them enzymes and add a little bit of sweetness then take some raw,
organic, pure honey shoutout to LF 73 my man take about half
a tablespoon or teaspoon I don’t know on that this is totally optional I’m just
I’m just getting some of this and putting it in here and then from here
put your lid on… and get busy! that’s Fun 😣 that’s real fun okay 👌hold on Now this is thick so you may want to
strain it … let’s see how it tastes.. let’s see what it’s working with … it smells
like straight onions y’all… okay this is this is oh this is dumb stupid chunky oh I don’t think I blended it right … but
oh well … I seriously think if you have a texture problem
you can’t you ain’t gonna be able to do this you gonna strain this or something
but uh let me try this again🤔 Wanna turn heads for more than the food that you grow? Wanna turn heads for the more than the pictures that you show?
Then you know you gotta get with these hose! Because you already know … these hose LOVE my Twig and Berries! And without these hose… the Twig and Berries wouldn’t grow! Oh wait a minute: Pardon my back… I’m a Garden Mack! The new tees are here and available NOW! Click the link below and get yours! And don’t be ashamed cause of them hose… you know we need ’em to make these Twig and Berries grow! Garden Mack T’s – find humor in the harvest! Get yours today! Click the link below!!! … Well it has the consistency of
applesauce. The grapefruit is hella strong …
I really can’t taste the apples and lemme- let me give it one more go … okay so :: confused, nervous laugh:: This (to me) is absolutely terrible
HOWEVER with that being said because I’m giving an honest review of it … this is
gonna … :: confused, nervous laugh:: … this is gonna have yo bowels all types
of bouncing at the club bruh! 🤣Now my man said you need to be :: confused, nervous laugh:: you need to be by the restroom for about four or five hours and if I can get this down … I can
see why … look at that 👀 this is thick I need to strain this … I don’t know🤔 … hold on … You know what?!?!?!?! 🛑 Gimme a minute … I’m a try to strain this … I’m gonna try to
re … I’m a try and redo something … alright y’all…so round 2 – there we go a
little more a little smoother let’s see what’s up! DAYUM 🙄!!! Alright so this is easier
going down so obviously make sure you blend it well … but I can’t see right now 🤦🏾‍♂️ …I don’t know what the hell that did to them onions …that got them so pissed off
whoo … but they got me in here straight cryin 😢 …man …. onions (smh) …okay hold on … Oh GAWD :: trouble clearing throat :: … I think I put in WAAAAY too many onions you ever had applesauce onions? YOU EVER HAD APPLESAUCE ONIONS??? mmm I ain’t never had it’s all seniors you know what Kevin
uh Kevin Hart ask if you ever go night-night
you ever go night-night mmm oh okay so I don’t I don’t know but I will tell you
this …this is about 9:15 in the morning … I Ill hit y’all up and let y’all know how well this works and if you want to give it a go …go for it …actually you know what??? I feel this in my chest already …. yeah … hold on you ever just cried at the thought of being
healthy???? yeah …I’m there: ……… I literally feel this in my chest – this
isn’t gonna be one of the BEST things I did … or one of the DUMBEST things I did so … alright … I made a mess … I’m nervous but we’ll see what happens! I’ll keep y’all up
to date! This has been a Homeboy -R-DEE in the kitchen – cooking up that Colon
Massacre! I’ll report back to y’all later Y’all have a good day! I hope y’all enjoy
this video! I actually hope YOU give this a try – yeah – alright y’all – natural colon cleanser I don’t even have anything else to say … you know how I do … I got love for those who get love for me…
:: confused, nervous laugh:: peace from the Middle of the Map … y’all im out man.. I can’t even get
right on this outro alright …BUY A SHIRT Garden Mack T’s – Find Humor in the
harvest. Gets your today! Click the link below: SUPPORT MY COLONOSCOPY😁🤣😎 …!!! whatever …. peace✌

8 Replies to “Colon Massacre with Chef Homeboy R Dee”

  1. I KNEW the top was going to come off. I was hollering at you the whole time. Nick…who cooking for you for Christmas???

  2. Wow I just made this yesterday! Oh yeah and I used RO water, he suggested that also. Did you drink the whole thing? Was you on the ishher all day? Just a suggestion to get a smoother blend, try using a nutri ninja blender. Let me know how it turned out for you, I didn’t drink it yet??‍♀️ Admittedly?

  3. EXCELLENT video my brotha! ?? the shirt doe! ?? I watched the video as soon as it dropped but I was driving and couldn’t comment. I woke up and had to give you your props. I support you bro. Ordered a coffee mug to add to my collection. ? ✊? you the man Homie!
    LF73 ✊?

  4. Oh lordy. You so crazy ?. At one point I think I could hear you chewing on the chunk's.
    Apple cider vinegar with the mother might be less painful for you. I'm proud of you tho.

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