Come fare il gel igienizzante mani da soli. Amuchina fai da te, contro lo sciacallaggio. antivirus

Come fare il gel igienizzante mani da soli. Amuchina fai da te, contro lo sciacallaggio. antivirus

hello guys. I’m Riccardo. welcome
in my youtube channel, today in mine tattoo studio. as you know, I before
be a youtuber, i’m a tattoo artist and in my job hygiene is very important.
so I’m used to it for decades now washing hands with social washing,
then water and antiseptic soap and then use the sanitizing gel. the gel
the most common in Italy is the Amuchina, but they exist of many other brands. listen to me and
watch this video, all without fast forward, because I have to say
some very important things. then … there is a lot of speculation. unfortunately, with this
virus, by now half or shortly after mid-January, it is
widespread. he left from china and he is globally spread and that has
Italy also reached, unfortunately it is a real psychosis occurred.
people ran to supermarkets and got done with everything he found of
basic necessities, but above all of what concerns hygiene. then gel
sanitizing, sanitizing wipes, nothing is found and this, he has
caused one of those things that gives me absurd anger. so it
profiteering. on the web there is still the sanitizing gel, but
in pharmacies it is impossible, as in health and supermarkets.
it is no longer found. but on the web yes find a vial at 80.00, 90.00, 100.00 euros
small. think, how much could pass such a bottle.
then we’ll create it. We will use all the necessary ingredients, for
create a virucidal sanitizing gel e bactericidal, which allows us not to do it
scrub money from the web and who is taking advantage of selling a
gel that costs 2.00 or 3.00 euros, to 100 euros. to make this gel, it is necessary to have
of the ingredients that I have here with me. are just four ingredients. then water
(sterilized) or water iron. Tea Tree Oil. pure aloe vera, in gel and 96% alcohol. they must be diluted, so as to
obtain a gelatinous substance, which it contains
distributed. these ingredients. Alcohol is a solvent and as such, it succeeds
to modify the structure of the virus, then destroy it and prevent it from
reproduce by attaching it. and it’s the main ingredient.
then there is aloe vera … aloe vera is an excellent one antibacterial and is also a
antiviral. but in gel and therefore it is there substance we need to be able to create
the gel and be able to use it. then there is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is one
substance that we have discovered some year ago, at home. we bought it on
internet is found, too easily, in herbalists or
in healthcare. search in the city or on the web. tea tree oil is an antiseptic
very powerful natural. he is a very powerful antiviral and antibacterial. intervenes
on skin lesions, healing them quickly and ranks among the
antiviral and broad spectrum, among the most powerful and natural that
exist. so we should combine these four ingredients in one way
simple. when I studied the gel
sanitizing and I decided to use it, in my studio, immediately after
hand washing, I read a sentence that struck me. is
true … viruses spread. the bacteria do spread … but nothing spreads like the
fear. and fear of this virus, he has unfortunately provoked this psychosis that
has reduced supermarkets practically with empty shelves. pharmacies
they have endless waiting lists, however have a little sanitizing gel. and this does not
all right. so let’s see how it is produced. then … first we put the gel
aloe vera after which, we immediately insert the alcohol. this is Buongusto alcohol, which I had never bought and which I purchased specially. it’s 96%. is found in many brands, in the supermarkets and by those who sell ingredients
for sweets, cakes, etc., because it is what you use for purposes
food. then a part is inserted. you don’t have to be very precise,
because we simply have to get a gelatinous consistency, but not too much. I will use a language reward. you can
use a teaspoon or whatever you want, to dilute it. so let’s dilute
alcohol and gel until a consistency similar to that of sanitizing gels … a little more dense. I add a little gel. obviously at home,
you can safely use a hand blender or any other tool that
let you mix the ingredients well ingredients and therefore also to test his
density. ok. after that, we put ten drops of tea tree
oil … approx. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 it also has an excellent fragrance. tea tree oil has a
natural perfume that smells of clean. after that,. a little more is added
water about 30ml of water per 100ml of alcohol, 96%. already has, almost, the consistency of the gel
hand sanitizer. now, I will use an empty container
of sanitizing gel. you, you can use quietly also a dispenser for
liquid soap or buy a tube. or, use one that you already had at home.
towards the inside, the gel obtained. perfect. this is the sanitizing gel, for the hands. obviously, if you have skin lesions,
it will slightly burn, as it burns slightly also this gel … which is also it
liquid, as you can see. this was bought in Pharmacy. rubs and must evaporate
all the alcohol we have on our hands. therefore, the hands will remain perfectly
sanitized, with a ridiculous expense. because alcohol costs between 10 and 15 euros.
aloe vera unfortunately costs around at 12 or 13 euros a tube. tea tree oil also costs about ten euros. in this way, with very little expense, we get
the same result. we can guarantee hygiene for
our hands, since the WHO, the Organization World Health, he acknowledged
that the hand sanitizing gel, for fighting viruses is actually
effective. I use it in my studio, because I studied well what I was
using, in the case of virus contamination …
regarding our protection, this
product that we get, in the form of gel, works. then obviously it goes
thickened slightly, to ours will. but its operation does not
is altered, possibly by the error the union of the ingredients. can he
slightly vary the aroma, it may vary slightly texture. but,
we have three ingredients, all three antivirals. all three products
antibacterial, which guarantee us hand hygiene. we have tea tree oil, which is wonderful. documentatevi, because it has incredible properties.
it is also healing, so if we have wounds together
aloe vera help us to heal and therefore, to further protect us from
any contamination. I hope, therefore, to have been helpful with this video and to have helped who he is desperately looking for a gel
sanitizing, whether it is Amuchina or it is any other brand but that is not
managed to find it, because now it is not more available nowhere.
so guys … I’m done with production of this sanitizing gel.
as you have seen it was very fast. is it was enough to simply join these
three ingredients, with virulucid properties and bactericidal. Indeed, to other non-products
they have tea tree oil and do not have gel of aloe vera, which I put. I did a research before making this video and I deepened what I already knew. i can
insure, which are products they have virucidal properties, because they break down
the structure is an effect protective, for us, against
viruses and bacteria. that said, I just have to
thank you for watching this video, hoping to have been useful. Goodbye
and I invite you to subscribe to my channel. like the video if there is one
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definitely aimed at another sector, because I am a tattoo artist with the
DIY passion and videos are almost all on DIY. this was “do
from you “and therefore it is right that he has it shared, to help those who wanted
do such a thing. having said that then I greet you and give you
appointment to all the other videos that I will charge the future. hello to Riccardo. to

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    Contenitori graduati per dosaggio

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    Link alcol 96%—uso-alimentare-buongusto/4-taniche-da-5-li/17

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