17 Replies to “Consumer adviser Clark Howard Almost Killed By Popular Antibiotic Cipro – WSB 23-05-2017”

  1. Cipro and all FluoroQuinolones can bring out life threatening adverse damages … many are not given any other meds with FQs so no other contradictions either yet many die too!. CHRIS only took 2 pills not 3 and he died on the 3rd day. And CHRIS was not given any other medication. FluoroQuinolone was the culprit – PERIOD!

  2. i made this video: Dying slowly – ciprofloxacin :: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpCbh5Hbt-A there are thousands in the facebook groups disabled by them. they are seriously and long term disabling. Killed so many, doctors will never admit it… this drug will ruin you.

  3. This is exactly what happened to me!!! And because he took the generic form he can't sue, thanks to congress…this illness has ruined my life!!! And it's bull°°°° that it's only because of the mix with other meds that it harmed him like this!!! Please people, look up what these drugs do to people!!!

  4. Read this and see how many victims took FQs several times over several years… it is known for 2 years now that majority get a delayed reaction…patients nor their doctors ever link it to FQs. There is an abundance of Fq info, research abc mor on fqs. I would guess 80% of our world population has been affected. I would get medical history evening go back 20-30 years. It has been proven that it does mitochondria damage… and actually the fda knew and they sat on it for 3 1/2 years and finally sent the copy to dr. Charles Bennett who immediately stated a citizen petition that help prompt the 3rd fda blackbox in May 12/16… and unbelievably the fda denied Mitochondria, but did allow no prescribing for minor bacterial infections for 2 years now. Guess what!? USA victims are still being poisoned even after the blackbox because the medical industry fails to keep up to date in blackboxes. And we are still fighting the fda re mitochondria damage, and trying to inform as many people all the world about these FQs that are actually eve. More dangerous than chemotheraputic drugs! That is know too…


  5. You don't have to take another drug that's a catalyst to have irreversible damages. I took Levaquin and had taken it before with no issues. It's been 8 months now and both Achilles' tendons are still badly damaged. I need assistance walking and standing and I've lost my jobs and can't work now and I'm only 45. This can happen to anyone who takes it whether it's the first time or the 25th time you've taken it. It does widespread damage.

  6. They are hiding the fact that Chris Donnelly did not take any other meds at all and just just finished a perfect annual physical 3 days earlier with the FQ yet he died from 2 Fq pills over 2 days! I posted the linked to the tv news clipppng regarding Chris death below… you will see the discrepancy to news report …

    Jim Strickland please correct what you are reporting on Chris… you left but that Chris only took 2 FQs. Over 2 days. And not 5 days!

    My apologies, but if you can’t report the news correctly, then don’t report CHRIS in this news at all… funny thing too is you initially did Chris’ reporting. And majority take FQs 2-3 times over 2-3 years and then whamo! They’re in a wheelchair or worse! Majority get a delayed reaction… only a handful reacted immediately as it is known through the news in all states with dozens and dozens of victims airing weekly for about a year until we forced the 3rd FDA blackbox. Why are FQs still on the market!? Especially with 3 blackbox and also the fda denied Mitochondria damage too, when they themselves sat and hid that for over 3 years until Dr. Charles Bennett requested all tests the fda had and had to wait an additional 1 12 years before he finally received it and compared the mitochondria to his test… that is why there is a 3rd black box since May 12, 2016 that doctors are no longer allowed to give FQs for minor bacterial infections in the USA, and yet our groups are growing still daily… and the rise of medical malpractice is on the increase and pharmacist being suited too.

    These are dangerous achemotherpytic drugs so please please don’t downplay this because then more people will be seriously and permanently damage and/or die. Your suppose to help us save lives being a reporter. 🙁

  7. I had the same reaction to ciprofloxacin, but the reaction was delayed, so I already had a week of the drug before I knew I was poisoned. I have been crippled and feeling like I'm dying for three years now. He is lucky that they flushed his system; many people get no recognition that they've even had an adverse reaction, and there is no treatment for this.

  8. Took cipro in 2010 for UTI, I was a pretty healthy person until then, now I can no longer work or take care of my grandkids. Took almost a year to knock me down to the point I could barely walk. This stuff is deadly. I feel like I am slowly dying and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

  9. I was a healthy active 66 yr old until the day I took Levofloxacin, then the next day couldn't walk and had pain in all my joints due to tendon inflammation. It took 2 yrs to get a near complete recovery, but I will never be cured of the damage to mitochondria that these antibiotics cause.

  10. I am glad to hear that Clark is doing much better…unfortunately, that is not the case for the millions who have had adverse reactions to fluoroquinolones, or FQs, all over America and the tens of millions all over the world, most of whom are either misdiagnosed or they are told that it's all in their head. Sometimes we are labeled as crazy or as drug seekers. What almost never ever happens is that the doctor realizes and admits that it was the FQs causing the patient's problems, and while it's true that many types of drugs cause toxic interactions with FQs, they are fully capable of causing horrific damage all by themselves. This newscast gives the impression that this was a rare occurrence that required the combination of drugs but that is not the case at all. This is incredibly common. What is uncommon are competent and honest doctors who recognize the harm these drugs are doing to people all over, all day, every day, and who are then admit it. There is some debate in the exploding communities of FQ victims about whether the average doctor is an idiot or a crook or a bit of both…

  11. Levaquin gave me immediate nerve and tendon damage overnight. It's been 5 years and I'm still struggling with adverse effects daily. This shouldn't be prescribed as a first line of defense!

  12. 12 years ago I was given IV Levaquin as a prophylactic during minor surgery. I was not warned about the side effects. They could have used a safer drug. My body started to fall apart just weeks after I was given the drug.
    The damage is permanent!

  13. Thank you for spreading the word on these hideous drugs! The reactions to these antibiotics is not rare like they want everyone to believe. You may also not have much of a reaction the first time you take them but can reduced to being disabled on the second or third time you are prescribed – we believe the damage is cumulative. Reactions can be immediate or start up in a few months after your dosage. Do not believe you are potentially safe because we don't know why some people are hit so hard so quickly, possibly your DNA composition, but we don't know and that should make you very nervous to play Russian Roulette with your life.
    When I had a neurophysiologist test my nervous system he told me that my body was responding like an over-dosed chemotherapy patient and could have confined me to a wheel chair. These drugs are a horror story. There are many other antibiotic options to take. Be wise and internet research anything ever prescribed to you, do not trust the doctor or pharmacist to warn you – most are still in the dark. There are so many side effects, here is what happened to me: nerve damage, liver issues, legs jerking at night, painful, sharp needle pains all over body and face, cracking of multiple joints, inability to walk more than a few yards or hold a cup of water with one hand, rigid back/hip, extreme pain in ankles, arms, feet and wrists, 3 day migraines due to chemical sensitivities, loss of bowel motility, hormone/thyroid issues, extremely bad skin sagging, utter despair/depression, corneas that now tear easily. I am 5 years out and still having issues with strength and exercise intolerance (13th relapse with ankles/feet) and a lot of the same issues have continued. This is a lonely journey with little help, thank God for the support groups. This has truly altered my life, career and my bank account. Don't walk, RUN from this drug. I am in so much grief that I ever took 1 pill. Check your side effects here: https://youtu.be/t_zBhMi5AYs Please join our Facebook support group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/floxies/. Please see our group for the in-depth science end of it: https://www.facebook.com/Fluoroquinolone-Toxicity-Study-NFP-144478016244899/?ref=bookmarks

  14. BAYER and sister company JOHNSON & JOHNSON are the makers of FluoroQuinolones Antibiotics such as Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox, Floxin, and countless of Generic names that are seriously damaging and killing people all over the world…especially in North America where these actual chemo drugs are given as 1st Choice by doctors for cuts, colds, UTIs, prostate infections, ear/eye infections, pneumonia, and any minor bacterial infection!!!

    Please read on to protect yourself and your loved ones!

    Have you been FLOXED??? You need to know…so google it!!!







    We are raising awareness about the surprisingly common adverse reactions to fluoroquinolone antibiotics, or FQs.

    These are not traditional antibiotics and they routinely cause HORRIFIC DEBILITATING DAMAGE from head to toe.

    We will also be announcing brand new research showing how the FQ molecules bind to our DNA. This is a way to prove that millions have been harmed around the world. The implications are staggering.

    Part of the awareness problem arises because the adverse reactions often don't manifest until long after discontinuation of the drug, so the majority of victims have no idea what went so wrong. Adverse reactions are far more common and often far more severe than most doctors believe.

    Many people diagnosed with fibromyalgia, lupus, Parkinson's, ALS, Lyme Disease, MS and more are actually suffering from fluoroquinolone toxicity! These common misdiagnoses routinely lead to mistreatment which often leaves the person in worse shape, not better. In fact, there are actually so many of us that it skews the data regarding the effectiveness of treatments for those who really do have these diseases. Those who figure out that their sudden decline in health is related to FQs face incredible denial by the medical community.

    However, as a result of our ongoing efforts, there has been a wave of published research, global government activity and media attention regarding FQs recently, which will soon explode into one of the biggest news stories of the decade, the thalidomide story of our era, times a thousand. This is a hidden holocaust of almost unimaginable scope and scale.

    Experts have estimated MASSIVE NUMBERS OF VICTIMS! Exrapolating from their published figures yields 12,000 DEAD IN ONTARIO during the 30 or so years FQs have been around (1), and roughly 116, 250 to 174,375 people experiencing tendon ruptures, tendonitis, nerve pain and joint problems each year! (2) Patients also experience up to 387,500 psychiatric side effects annually (3), although admittedly, a lot of these would be the same people experiencing a variety of other health challenges as well. We tend to suffer a syndrome with numerous serious and often permanently disabling health issues setting in either all at once or in rapid succession.

    Sometimes this damage is plainly evident in imaging and so on, but unfortunately much of it is undetectable with current technology.

    Please come and join our public groups for non-FQ Victims in facebook and private groups for Floxies to learn more about the dangers of these drugs so you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

    We will be setting up another petition for the Province of Ontario to investigate the enormous financial and human toll FQs are taking. Also, if you have experienced mysterious symptoms of pain, peripheral neuropathy, psychiatric symptoms, tendon or connective tissue issues, tremors, IBS or other gastrointestinal issues then come and chat to the many victims who are in our public and private groups to find out if you may actually be experiencing fluoroquinolone toxicity, something that is quite likely since doctors hand the stuff out like candy despite warnings from Health Canada, FDA, EMA and so on. Please inform anyone you know who is sick all the time or who suffers from a condition like this about our Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Facebook groups…they need to know!

    Thanks, and best wishes to all!

    Excerpt: September 24 & 25, 2018 Toronto Canadian Worldwide 4th Annual FQ Rally by Mark A Girard + Teri CiproVictim, Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Advocates

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