Cooking Ayurvedic food with Barberyn

Ayubowan I am doctor Lakshika from Barberyn Ayurveda
Reef Resort. Today we are going to explain about how to make a Bittergourd Curry. First I would like to explain what are the ingredients. These are the Bittergourd you can take 200g of Bittergourd which is enough for 2 persons. Then you have
to make 100ml of thin coconut milk and 50 ml of thick
coconut milk. The other ingredients are onions,garlic, green chillie, curry leaves, salt, tumeric
powder and curry powder. Now we can make the Bittergourd
Curry. First you have to clean the Bittergourd and then you have to cut it into small pieces. After that you can put it into the saucepan. Then you can add one teaspoon full
of onions one teaspoon full of garlic green chillie and curry leaves. Then add half a teaspoon
of salt half a teaspoon of Turmeric half a teaspoon of curry powder. Then you can boil this mixture by using the thin coconut milk.The 100ml of thin coconut milk. Within 20 minutes you can boil this mixture. After boiling the Bittergourd you can add
the thick coconut milk. Within 20 minutes you can make this valuable Bittergourd curry. Now I would like to explain about what are the medicinal benefits of the Bittergourd It is very helpful for blood purification, Bittergourd is helpful to control our blood sugar levels. It is helpful for healing Ezcema, to
improve your vision and also very useful for anti ageing. which is a very valuable curry. Thank You for joining us.

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