Cosmetic Dentist HATE this VIDEO! Invisalign, Snap On Smile Dentist too! Why?

of all the things that we do a brighter
image lab the thing were the most proud of is that we offer people the
choice until now if you had a problem with your teeth that meant going to the
dentist in any treatment that you were being offered whether it be bonding
implant veneers they’re all really the same choice
dentistry which led us to ask the question what about no dentistry
it all started with the innovation of our impression system we learned very
quickly that with just the right material in a dedicated processing
system that it would now be possible for our clients to take an impression of
their own team and if that was true there was no longer in value in going to a
dentist and paying to have your impressions
made it was beginning of a fundamental shift in empowering people to make
their own decisions when it comes to their smile and brighter image lab we’ve
always thought of the smile as being so much more than just the appearance of someone’s teeth ultimately your smile defines who you are what you do and what
you can be so when we created the removable dental veneer we considered even
the tiniest detail from the way each tooth meets perfectly with the gum lines
to finding the materials that were strong enough to withstand the average
bite of a 200-pound man and it’s that level of commitment engineering and design it
makes the removable dental veneer fantastic groundbreaking product the
things that we’re doing with 3d design technology are absolutely amazing the
software we use actually allows our designers to feel and manipulate your
smile and virtual space by doing so we can achieve the quality of workmanship
of a hand design piece while maintaining the incredible accuracy of a digital
composition your smile has a deep and lasting effect on those you meet but
our goal is to never make a veneer that’s so outstanding that it draws
attention to your mouth but instead we want to give you a smile that’s so
naturally beautiful that it elevates your entire face and in doing so it
gives you confidence to be yourself it’s not about your smile
it’s about who you are when you’re smiling the number one thing that we hear from
clients again and again I wish I’d done this sooner I wish I hadn’t waited so
long so if you feel like your smile is holding you back and if you’re not ready
to spend the five ten or twenty thousand dollars to fix your teeth
you’ve been looking for a real solution what you really need to know is that now
you have a choice

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