Cosmetology Tricks of the Trade : Home Remedies for Removing Pimples

Cosmetology Tricks of the Trade : Home Remedies for Removing Pimples

Hi, my name is Hayley Kaufman. I’m a license
cosmetologist here on behalf of Expert Village. In this series, I’m going to teach you something
only that experts know, the cosmetology tricks of the trade. Tomorrow night is date night
and you woke up with a huge zit on your face. Of course, you can try your prescriptions
from the dermatologist, your over the counter medicines from the supermarket, the adds from
the TV but I have something that might work. It might sound a little awkward but it does
work, toothpaste. Believe it or not there is an ingredient in the toothpaste that will
dry out your zits. All you need to do is take a little dab put it on the little problem
areas and just leave it on overnight. When you wake up, take it off and your pimples
should be gone. Good night.

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  1. One time I tried this and it scarred my skin so baaad.
    Everybody thought I got burned or something. I don't recommend this, not overnight atleast.

  2. it works for some people but not all.
    for me if i want to get rid of my zits, i just use a face mask, (i used neutrogena deep hydrating mask) that night, then after i put it on for 15 mins, and rub all the remaining fluid on my skin and the next morning my zit was just "gone". i have no idea how that works so quickly but for some reason it just works…lol just try it, at least it makes your skin better (ofcourse)

  3. I knew a girl that did this one time and she had a horribe infection on her face the next day. It lasted for a really long time and it looked like a huge burn. I do not recomend doing this at all.

  4. didnt work, I woke up and just had toothpaste on my face, got rid of the paste and— looks only a little bit better. STill there tho.

  5. i tried it before i eeven say this video cuz hahaha i tried exacly everything and this tip DOES NOT WORK! just use a pipmple cream i use basiron and live it for an over , who said it had to be for a whole night? :S and dont use any make-up for the rest of the day, if you do this for max a week i garantee it will be gone

  6. Great point. And I am not an acne expert, however, some people eat very unhealthy. Unhealthy eaters usually equals more acne. I don't know many people that eat natural foods and don't have perfect skin.

    With that being said, it's OK to use product. Just don't overdo it.

  7. your pimple doesn't go straight away when u wake up da next morning!

    toothpaste only helps to dry out the pimple not get rid of it entirely

  8. FIRST put both hands on your chest (boy or girl.)

    SECOND think of someone you like.

    THIRD tomorrow they will ask you out or say they love you.

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  9. yup it works did it when I was growing up. Well my sister did it I was not even old enough for pimples lol. I just copied her to be cool. I do know however itworked. I never had a pimple issue butwe all getthem sometimes so I do use this first thing in the morning then i wash afteran hour ro two depending on whatI am doing and what time it is.I get up early.

  10. Uh, big tip – Don't use whitening toothpaste!!!! Lots of people are allergic to the whiteners and they can actually cause what's called perioral dermatitis, a rash and whiteheads around the mouth and chin area. So, use a paste, not a gel, and a plain, not whitening paste.

  11. Ive done this exact thing a bunch of times and its never worked for me! Is there a certain type of toothpaste i need to get??

  12. It work for me somewhat. It reduces the size of my zits and redness seems to turn pink. I use the white paste. Not the gel. This doesn't work on everyone.

  13. Like I said on my other posts, it work a little bit for me. I use the white paste, not the gel. The white paste dries out the pimple and it turns to a scab. But it doesn't work for everyone. It didn't work for my brother!

  14. for spots big and small i recommend a product called "Quinoderm" it is cheap as well as it was developed as a not-foro- profit arrangement for the NHS, it kills erupting spots dead, and also prevents scarring by stopping forming spots before they ever fully develop, when you get that pain under your skin and can feel a zit coming hit it with this stuff 3 times a day and well all i can say is that it works like a miracle for me and has done for years without fail.

  15. dont leave big globs on, rub it jently in to skin just so its a little white from the tooth paste, and sleep and wake up and wash off, and DO NOT! I REPEAT DO NOT USE ON A PRE POPED OR RIPED PIMPLE it will only make it biger and give you more puss, use only on closed pimples and it will work if not over night use the night after to and it should be gone, and it may take more trys for a deeper pimple.

  16. Witch hazel helps prevent acne. thats what I use and I have sensitive skin so it works great for me 🙂 But the whole putting something on my face and going to sleep thing.. Not gonna work. It'll be all over my pillow since Im a crazy sleeper 😛

  17. Some people said it works and some people said it dont work. Why? CUZ EVERY HUMAN SKIN IS DIFFERENT !
    You never know.

  18. wooow.. i already knew you can use toothpaste and i'm still a kid. Am i an expert now too? And btw it doesn't even work for everyone… -_-

  19. i know. when i was in highschool i would put dxn toothpaste all over my face. it's a herbal toothpaste. but it works wonder. when i was in highschool i got lots of pimples. after doing it everyday. pimples free 😀

  20. …Wow, when did I get a degree in cosmetology?
    Thanks once again, expertvillage for telling me something I already knew.

  21. i've also heard that putting toothpaste on your lips will plump them, but i still believe the best use of the product is to remove plaque.

  22. ya if you want to have a dark spot on your skin looking like burnt skin…then go ahead and put toothpaste on it….

  23. Well, i tried this and i put it on a really small blemish. the next day, i took it off and my small blemish became larger and more red and was really ore and hard. :S
    The best way i get rid of pimples :
    Pop it, clean up the muccck and then you'll be left with a scar if you popped the pimple too hard, but then you can use bio-oil or whatever to clear off the pimple.

    or just go to your doctor, the medicine works great.

  24. @Ms7Girasol when it burns, that usually means it's working. 😛

    that, or you're suffering some sort of allergic reaction. x3
    my cousin's allergic to mint, so, it happened to her, but it still worked.

  25. @TaiNiP0Ni its also because not every toothpaste is the same, they have different ingredients. if you use the wrong it can even get worse

  26. I tested the theory out. The toothpaste thing works for small zits but it will make your skin flake (even more so if you live in a cold country).

  27. it's actually not recommended to put toothpaste on your pimple, and this isn't a hidden secret either.

    i would suggest getting a gel ointment like clean & clear pimple clearing gel..that stuff works very well!

  28. DONT DO THIS! I did this and woke up with probably the worst acne I've ever had in my life, I did'nt leave my house for four days. It BURNED my skin off, I have scars now because of this awfull incident. NEVER, EVVVVVERRR put toothpaste on your face, use green tea or something.

  29. I used to use this, but it didn't work. I didn't know you could just leave it on. I'm trying this tonight, I hope it works.

  30. @webkiinz208 I only reccomend popping if you clean it out right away.And I don't mean clean off the gunk, I mean like CLEAN it while it's opened. That way it won't spread or come back the next day.

  31. @vapors420 doesn't always happen that way -.- most of us girls get it around our period's time.!-.- which leaves pimples pretty much unpreventable

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