Couples Therapy | Lele Pons & King Bach

Couples Therapy | Lele Pons & King Bach

[MUSIC]>>KING BACH: Baby, it’s morning! Good morning baby! Baby, wake up. [LELE PONS SCREAMING]>>LELE PONS: And that’s why I want a divorce.>>KING BACH: She sleeps too much.>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: She doesn’t… she doesn’t wake up?>>LELE PONS: What?>>KING BACH: That…that’s what you be doing.>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: How long does she normally sleep?>>KING BACH: 24 Hours.>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Well, I do understand why he would do that.>>LELE PONS: A fire extinguisher!>>KING BACH: I’m gonna call this [bleep] polar bear cause she be hibernating.>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Oh, so she’s dead to the world til’ about 3.>>LELE PONS: Oh, it’s my fault, okay, alright. Well, um, you know what, what about this? Every time we’re walking he’s always slapping [bleep].>>KING BACH: Yeah baby, you know I love you right. WAAZAA!>>LELE PONS: You just slapped her ass.>>KING BACH: No, no no. I was sneezing. I was like Achaea.>>LELE PONS: Sneeze. Yeah. Achoo.
>>KING BACH: And I sneezed and it was a little reflex and the [BLEEP] was there.. The [BLEEP] just happened to be there. I wasn’t going for the [BLEEP]. Like baby, if I was going for the [BLEEP]- OHHHH.>>AMANDA CERNY: Oh my God!>>KING BACH: Oh, you scared me.>>LELE PONS: Why?
>>KING BACH: I was scared baby you say that.>>KING BACH: Look at how she just bent down. What if she bent down and grabbed a gun and shot me?>>KING BACH: That’s the real question you should be asking.
>>LELE PONS: She didn’t have a gun.>>KING BACH: How am I supposed to know? How am I supposed to go she wasn’t bending down for a gun? It’s scared me. Baby, I’m doing the for us. Woah, woah, woah, woah. Do you know where you’re going? You’s lost. You’ve gotta turn this way. [DRUM NOISES]>>LELE PONS: BACH!>>KING BACH: Alright baby, that one, that one was on me.>>LELE PONS: That one’s your fault?>>KING BACH: I’m sorry, you can go back that way.>>LELE PONS: Bach!>>KING BACH: Um, she may call the police, so I’m gonna dip. The booty be big doc!>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: So how big were they Bach?>>KING BACH: Kim Kardashian.>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Kim Karda-Yes.>>KING BACH: Multiply that by 2.>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: That’s amazing.>>LELE PONS: Next question!>>KING BACH: Like she don’t respect my privacy.>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: He-You gotta put a little respect on his phone.>>KING BACH: Like she be going through my phone, like she know the passcode to my phone. [KING BACH LAUGHING] Oh man, she crazy. She crazy. Man, she can talk. I’m gonna go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back. Lele! Finish that [BLEEP] off.>>LELE PONS: I go through your phone because I see side chick coming up.>>KING BACH: That’s the code.>>LELE PONS: For what?>>KING BACH: For side [BLEEP]. [ALPHONSO MCAULEY LAUGHING]>>LELE PONS: What? Side [BLEEP]>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: So are you sleeping with them or are you…?>>KING BACH: I’m cuddling.>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: He’s cuddling. Cuddling is not really say that bad, you know… It’s really your fault, I would say in this matter.>>LELE PONS: My parents! My parents are nice.>>KING BACH: Her parents, low-key, they’re… racist. Yeah. So good to meet you guys! Hey, I’m Bach. Uh… Okay. They don’t do the whole hand shake thing.>>ANDY PAGANA: What do you want with my daughter?>>KING BACH: Well you know. I wanna get your daughter…>>LELE PONS: Shh… What?!>>KING BACH: Hallelujah! I wanna take your daughter to church. Praise the lord, amen. Come again on Sunday, every Sunday, I go to church.>>ANDY PAGANA: Woah, woah, woah, woah!
>>LELE PONS: Dad!>>KING BACH: He got a gun>>ANDY PAGANA: Hands off!>>LELE PONS: A gun?>>KING BACH: Okay. Shoot to kill now.>>LELE PONS: What? Stop!>>KING BACH: Fully loaded.>>LELE PONS: Yes, it was loaded.>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Wow, no safety?>>LELE PONS: Come on babe.>>KING BACH: OW!>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: See right there, wow. The way you just hit his chest, in a court of law that would be considered domestic violence.>>LELE PONS: I didn’t do anything!>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: How can we mend and fix this?>>LELE PONS: Can we just hug it out?>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Aw, you see…you see the hug? He does respect you.>>LELE PONS: You’re actually a really good therapist.>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Therapist? Oh no, no. No. I’m Bach’s friend.>>LELE PONS: Is this a joke?>>KING BACH: That’s my [BLEEP].>>LELE PONS: What?! [EXIT MUSIC]

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  1. King Batch:The booty be BIG
    Therapy Guy:So how big were they?
    King Batch:Kim Kardasion………..x2

  2. Lele- fire extinguisher, slapping butts
    Boyfriend- privacy, parents with gun,
    Lele- really
    Boyfriend- so
    Lele- i want a Divorce!
    Boyfriend- wow
    Lele- BYE!!

  3. I love you Lele pons I know your birthday passed already but happy birthday you are my idol!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. The picture at the end I've seen a couple times and was trying to remember and now i got it, that's how bride's look down when they come in. Well if you know which part I'm talking about, basically she looks like a bride.

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