Creating REAL HALLUCINATIONS Without Drugs

Creating REAL HALLUCINATIONS Without Drugs

I don’t want to say I’m nervous, but it definitely
looks as though some unlicensed medicine is about to be practiced.
Well guess what’s happening. What is happening?
Unlicensed medicine. Haha! [ modulated voice ]
The modern rogue experiences the ganzfeld effect. We are going to hack our brains. Do you want
to trip?! Let’s define some terminology here. What are
we getting at? – This is the ganzfeld effect.
– Okay. This is something that was discovered in 1930s,
and it is a way that your brain finds patterns out of unstructured stimuli.
– So in other words, you produce hallucinations? Exactly! It is a lot like the experience that you
get in sensory deprivation tanks. Where you start to hallucinate auditory and visually.
Your brain wants to find patterns in things, so when you have an unstructured stimuli,
like uniform field of light or white noise in your ears, or both, you will start to hallucinate
and your brain will start to convince itself that it’s actually seeing these things.
– Now I know that the scientist Richard Feynman was really into the idea of altering his consciousness
without drugs, so he would do sensory deprivation tanks, and specifically he had read that there was
a certain tribe of people — we perceive ourselves as living behind our eyes, but this other
tribe believed that the selves lived in the liver, and so he would get into the tank
and try to shift his sense of being to a different part of his body with limited success. In
fact, I experienced this! I did a life cast with the incredible artist Ralis Kahn, he
did a complete life cast you cannot talk, you cannot move or it’ll screw everything
up. And over this time, I got the strong sense that I was tilted over the entire time. I was seeing patterns, it was completely unreal. – What kind of patterns were you seeing?
– Geometric stuff, there was kind of a waking hallucination with almost a narrative. You
ever have it where, you kind of wake up out of sleep but you want to finish your dream,
and you’re not really sure if you’re making up the dream or actually falling
back asleep. It was like that, without ever having been asleep to begin with.
– But you were totally safe? – Oh yeah, yeah.
– That’s my biggest concern, which is my biggest concern any time I go to sleep… Freddy Krueger.
[ laughter ] – That’s like, bears, Freddy Krueger. Right there.
– We’ve got awake people supervising us so I think we’re going to be good.
– Thank god. If you want to produce ganzfeld hallucinations,
you can’t just close your eyes or turn off the lights and have it be quiet. You have
to have uniform stimulation, right? Whether it’s white noise in the ears, or whether it’s
white light, red light, you have to be looking at something so that your brain is shifting,
looking for patterns. Yes. You have to give your brain some sort
of input. This is giving your brain something that is completely unstructured. Some people
have experienced things like picnics, women riding by on bicycles, geometric shapes, Tetris,
explosions, aliens, dogs and cats living together! [ in unison ]
Mass hysteria! That’s awesome, I know that miners who have
been trapped in cave-ins, they’re going four or five days without any stimulation at all,
similar to the deprivation tank. Prison’s cinema is what they called it. Pythagoras’s
disciples would go into caves to achieve enlightenment, and they would just stare into the darkness for
hours on end. And also people going through the arctic in whiteout conditions, in just
seeing this field of unending white would start to hallucinate.
– Well, now I’m terrified, and now I guess it’s time for us to get started.
I know that you can create the uniform field by cutting a ping pong ball in half, but you
were mentioning that maybe that’s not the best way to go?
– Yes, I tried it with ping pong balls, but they don’t always fit over your eyes, so you
can see out the edges. One of the ways that I read was actually better, is to make your own
sleep mask out of just plain printer paper. Yeah, and you want to get the lightweight
printer paper that you can kind of see through. – You can see through, yeah!
– Don’t get the card stock, you don’t want something that’s completely opaque.
– Oh dude, yeah! So go ahead and cut yourself out something
in the shape of a sleep mask. We’ve got some rubber bands here to fasten to our heads,
staplers and tape and so forth. If you need some extra padding to pad the
corners out, you can actually use pieces of cotton to line the insides.
– Dude, for the record, these are the sweetest sunglasses I’ve ever owned.
I’m going to take two of these, just tie them together because I figure I can keep it loose.
We’re not going to be moving, right? It’s just the idea is that we stay still, how quickly
should we start experiencing something? I have read anywhere from ten to thirty minutes
as the average. The trick is you have to stay quiet, stay still, no other flashing
lights. You really want everything just kind of flat and quiet.
– So like, if you experience something don’t go like, “Hey Brian, you will not believe
what I’m experiencing right now!” Yeah, exactly. This isn’t the Oculus Rift!
[ laughter ] So here’s what I’m doing, just tying a little
knot on there, because again it doesn’t have to be super tight. But then that way the staples
keep it from wanting to pull off. – Oh sure, yeah.
– Now, what about the white noise? I like television white noise, myself. Just
the old sound of static from an old CRT, which you can find in YouTube, or Soundcloud or
anything like that. Of course, you’re going to want something uninterrupted for the entire
duration of when you’re laying there. I am peeking out a little bit at the bottom,
so I’m going to just add a couple of pads to cover up on the edges of the nose.
All right, I am set. Oh that’s actually, really good.
Perfect! I guess we dive in. I’ll see you in thirty minutes.
I guess it’s also good to have noise-cancelling headphones for this?
– Yes. – See you on the other side, Brian.
– That’s exactly what I was going to say! [ laughter ]
You beat me! [ white noise ramps up ] [ slow hip hop track plays ] [ seagulls echo in the distance ] [ A lot of people ask about this music, it’s just one of our regular background tracks slowed and reversed with seagull noises added on top. It sounds good though. ] [ it’s still just going with this music ] All right, I’m calling it. It felt like a lifetime in there.
– Yeah. – How did it go?
– It was intense, um, I definitely– [ exasperated exhale ] – It’s, I can’t believe it was only twenty minutes.
– Jason, I’m changed! I know, right? So, the first thing you get
are blooms of color, right? – Yes.
– So, there was this brief period where at first you notice the imperfections of the paper
and all that stuff, but then at some point it was like a switch flipped and everything
just looked completely uniformly white. And then you started to see blooms of color.
– It was like the room in The Matrix. – Yeah.
– Where he said, “We need more guns,” and then the guns came.
-You know how, you can rub your eyes and see fireworks?
– Yes. Like, that started to happen even though there
was no stimulation at all. And then after a while they would start to move into shapes.
I saw silhouettes of dinosaurs, like a puppet show, basically. There was a brief moment
that I was convinced that I was looking at a frosted window and I could see an office
around me in there. – Wow!
– Yeah, it was fleeting, right? It was like, the moment I thought too hard on it, Yes! it would evaporate. You really have to give yourself up to it.
With mine, what started as a simple screen saver experience turned into the Eye of Sauron
staring back at me. Do you know what I saw? I saw a face, do you
remember the Supreme Being from Time Bandits? – Yes!
– That’s it, the, “Return the mask!” That was amazing. Mine started off with like lots of blossoms
of colors and everything just kind of undulating and coalescing and then they turned into like
jellyfish type things. – Yeah?
– And then, the Eye of Sauron was there for a minute, and around that time, the sound,
I started to hear screams! Okay, I heard laughter in the background!
I could hear people applauding, like there’s a party in the next room over or something.
– See, I heard screams in the multiple layers of the static, but then once you started to
focus on it, it went away and it was just static again. But then, after that it became
me flying through the clouds looking down over this rocky desert planet, wavering everywhere
and I realized I was hearing seagulls. – Wow!
– Yeah, it was fascinating. And it started happening right away!
– That’s the same thing for me! It was like, maybe ninety seconds until the first tickles started to
happen, and I think it’s like you get caught up in a feedback loop where it’s like you
think, “Did I hear laughter?” And then you listen for laughter, and sure enough now you’re
seeking that pattern and you absolutely experience it. It was definitely enhanced, because I
tried to not move my body at all. I didn’t want to be reminded that I’m sitting
on a table or whatever, but instead you start to feel without form and without presence.
That was a trip, man. Uh, dude, high five on the ganzfeld effect.
– Highly recommended! – Yeah, absolutely dude.
– I’m going back in! – No! No, we’ve lost him!
– I need more! I’m going to get a beer.

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  2. In the beginning the guy on the left, while the dude on the right was monologuing, was probably thinking "please shut the fuck up".

  3. Just close your eyes and meditate! You can get these same visualizations and stuff. That’s what I do 🙂

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  5. The sound is struktered.
    O the when I star long inof whit side it lol become one dit not k ow I have to wait longer.
    I think the resold is the same as nidra.
    If you do that again en you are flying .
    Hug the most horebel love one in your circle en watch what happens to that noiring purson.

  6. When I tried this, I didn’t get anything visual, but instead started hearing the soundtrack to one of the original pokemon games

  7. Very interesting. You know i have add meaning i have a very very hard time concentrating on things, sometimes i can also completely drift of into another world though maby just staring some place in a public area. And I think I experience something similar to what you guys did but maby not as strongly visual because I’m still in a moving environment. Though if I enter a plain room, or a museum (this happens to me a lot in museums) I start staring and drifting of super fast because most of the times museums will have mostly plain rooms and will be very quiet. It is though as you also mentioned very much a thing of your minde being able to completely forget about your surroundings and to wander off which for me is specifically easy. For all those with add and adhd I have a tip from my own experience, I can concentrate so much better if I am listening to my music. You know It always gives this one part of my add brain a distraction while the other part can focus what’s in front of me, you know like letting that music window play in the background the whole time. 🙂

  8. I use to do this in class I would close my eyes and put my palms on them and put down and about after a minute I would start to see colors and shapes

  9. Idk why this makes me want coco puffs. This low carb thing sucks… imma try this and hallucinate about coco puffs. XD

  10. I wanna try this but I'm afraid I won't be able to wake up or move then start lucid dreaming I don't want that

  11. I tried this and every thing went white then yellow then I herd screaming in the static and then Moe form the Simpsons head was moving left and right then it disappeared then homers head did the same then every thing turned yellow then back to white all threw this I heard screaming quietly in the back ground of the static and then I decided to stop and I took the piece of paper of my face and the head phones out and when I did the light was quite bright and yellow and when I took the headphones out my ears where ringing and when I stood up I was very dizzy

  12. I watched this a while a go but I decided to watch it again coz i wanted to also I for got how to do this and the first time I saw the vid I was to scarred to try but now I have tried this I might do it again

  13. Tried this but with only static lied down eyes closed. I heard la, la, la, la la la… creepy as hell and also car horns. I took it off and said nope fuck that

  14. I did this process where you lay down and someone you may or may not know covers your face with gauze. Then they paint plaster of Paris over the gauze.. Its incredibly sensual but at some point in the process you are trusting them to cut holes in the nostril area. Very interesting.

    Another cool thing, when I finish a massage session I'm sitting at the head of the massage table after neck and face etc massage, I rub my hands together very tightly and quickly till they're hot. Then I cover the eyes. My clients always say they see stars or symbols… Then I slide my hands alond the sides of the face and cup their ears for about a minute and it's very weird how ppl react. Though , never negative…
    It's pretty cool. One time I did this to a client's daughter's friend. I have my eyes closed through out this part of the grand finale. But I was cupping her scalp and with both thumbs making a circle on the crown of her head and out of nowhere in my closed eyes state…. I saw a huge ultra white lotus open. Very cool.

  15. Are you supposed to open your eyes? I keep blinking at the paper until my eyes feel tears. And btw I went 26 minutes and saw nothing, but heard and felt things though.

  16. Basically lsd but without the actual drug it’s basically just opening your 3rd eye that’s what hallucinations are your 3rd eye opening

  17. Actually, Leonardo da Vinci found the "ganzfeld effect" 500 years ago. He said that you'd just have to look at a wall (stone wall or something) and you'd find great compositions of horses for example for paintings. I see the effect every time I go to the bath room and look at the floor, which is like a tile with random calming "flows" of grey/blue. It's weird when I look at a single tile, depending on the state of my mind I can see very different scenery. Once I think about a lion for example, suddenly I see lions from different angles in all of the tiles, and then my uncoscious reacts to what my eyes see and can connect the dots to lions from animals, from animals to human, from humans to faces, from faces to different emotions… and so on. It's really cool actually, and you have the control of it all to some extent, because you can always change your starting point, and start thinking about machines for example, that can get you to either computers or trains, depending on your mind.

  18. I want to try this but every time I do, I get irrationally scared and take off the mask.
    I keep thinking that when I take off the mask, someone or something will be looming over me or just watching me.

  19. I went to a doctor today, (a special kind, can't remember the name lmao dont @ me) and she asked me to lie down and she just…
    Did this weird thing to my neck and head (just with her hands, kinda like a massage) and it made me get these insane hallucinations
    There were butterflies and fireflies everywhere, a ringing sound in my ears, a burning/numb feeling from my lower back to my ears, shapes that would fall around me, I couldn't stop twitching, my eyes felt strained, and my limbs felt physically heavy
    It was trippy as hecc

  20. I tried this around 8 years ago with no real effect. I did it today for about 15 minutes and had to stop because it started to feel like my spine was arching to the left more and more until it became uncomfortable. Once I removed the mask and headphones that feeling was gone and I saw that I was laying down flat and straight. Weird stuff.

  21. I know im really late but whtever

    So when I close my eyes in a DARK BLACK NO LIGHTS room (when i sleep) i see like blue, red dots or stars. It’s kinda creeping me out but i got used to it, and then also whenever I close my eyes too, I see white or green or blue kind of waves or like sliding across my eyes and do the same thing all over again. what is this?

  22. “Discovered in the 1930’s”⁉️
    BwaaaaHAaaha haha ?That was ?? some good humor, right there.
    ? LOL ???❤️?

  23. Honestly though what is the difference in this and an insomniac who is trying to force sleep to the point that they just lay still and close their eyes and pray for sleep???? Someone anyone please help me with this also by the way I have definitely Dove deep into psychedelics not So Much Anymore but I do feel there is a medical benefit especially when it comes to depression or social anxiety at least when it comes to psilocybin… I have never hallucinated without additive… opinions please!!!

  24. Sometimes in class when i put my head down ill start to hear and see things, like ill hear pelicans and it will look like im at the beach. I thought it was this but apparently its not because it is far from silent.

  25. So I didn't really get visions, more like shooting stars and terrifying shadows. I felt like I was being circled by dark figures. My auditory had occasional police sirens and thunder, with a few opening/closing doors. Not the best trip ever lol

  26. well the japanese thought that life was a ball that is inside your anus called a shirikodama which litterally means small anus ball

  27. Lame, you want to hallucinate? Go get LSD, the visuals last a hell of a lot longer (12 hours), they are a hell of better, you get a high out of it, you don’t have to lie down you can walk around and do stuff, oh and it actually works.

  28. I’m probably over thinking it but
    1. Is it okay to blink?
    2. Is it okay to look around?
    3. Am I supposed to focus on one spot?
    4. Is the volume supposed to be like low, medium, or high?

  29. I cant do this idk what I'm doing wrong. Ive tried this 4 times for 3 minutes each and nothing. I move sometimes because it's hard to stay still but I don't know if anything is happening

  30. scopolamine – devils breath , can you make a video on trying to copy this mind control drugs without the drugs , im sorry i know its probably impossible

  31. Whatever you do do NOT do it at 1:57 AM to deep purple noise staring into pitch blackness. I almost immediately saw a face coming towards me, then freaked out, and it felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest

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