Cure Anxiety without Medicines Permanently (in Hindi ) By kailash mantry ( Life Coach)

Cure Anxiety without Medicines Permanently (in Hindi ) By kailash mantry ( Life Coach)

My name is ca Kailash Mantry. I am a life coach and mental health consultant. Since 25 years we are researching on more
than 50 diseases in which we are successful in curing them without medicine for example
in which there is no more significant role of medicines in curing them. Nearby there are sayings of all the doctors
that the patients have to take lifetime medicines and there is no permanent cure for such diseases. But the truth is there is no cure for such
disease in medicines. But there is a cure. All diseases come due to the psychological
and emotional disorder, and it can be a cure. The cause of all such diseases is negative
thinking, negative approach, fear, anger, sadness, suffering, doubts, family disconnect,
and more than 200 reasons for this diseases. Today we will talk about anxiety disorder. Everybody face Anxiety. But not all anxiety is known as anxiety disorder. But when a person continually worries in regular
activities such as how will this work happen, what if this happens, what if that happens
and who don’t desire to do any job. Such peoples suffer from anxiety disorder. More than 15% of people are suffering from
this disease. Women are suffering from anxiety in the second
ratio as compared to men. That means if 100 men are suffering from anxiety
that means 200 women are suffering from anxiety. This disease is caused due to past bad memories,
rejections, failure, confusion, doubts and many other reasons. This disease is 100 % curable. When a person worries unrealistically, this
disease gets caused. I would like to tell you a story, and then
you will know why this disease come. One person was travelling by a bus from Mumbai
to Pune. He did not have a watch. He asked another passenger what the time is. Bu another passenger listened to the question
but behaved like he didn’t hear anything and hidden his watch with one hand. After some time the person asked sir again
what the time is In reply to this, the passenger says I know
why you are requesting time. This disease only takes place when the person
knows everything whatever is happening and why it is happening. The passenger again says by giving the excuse
of time you want to talk with me. This disease is caused when a person is more
logical. Then he says by asking time you wish to speak
with me. After discussing some of the references will
come. After reference we will have to meet . after
meeting you will come to my home, and I have a young daughter at my house. You will impress her, you will go out with
her, and after that, you will come and say I like your daughter I want to marry your
daughter. Listen carefully to what last he says is ? he
says a person who is not having a watch I am not interested in marrying my daughter
to such person. People who live in Such worry, people who
live in such fear and people who have such a negative approach suffers from such disease. Till now the treatment for this disease is
to take medicine or to do psychotherapy People practically do both the things. There is a harmful effect of medicine people
become very lethargic as they become very lazy they cannot do any work. They can only stay at their home and are not
able to do any job. Psychotherapy has cured the way psychotherapy
is used no one. Therefore there is a need for a senior level
life coach. But around 4 to 5 life coaches are needed
together to cure such disease. Because they have done PhD in negative thinking. They have done mastery in thinking negatively
they worry about everything. They are not ready to accept any aspect in
their life that this is the truth of their life but are not prepared to take the fact. Recently now in advance, there is a new 4
to 5 type of words for this anxiety disorder. People have divided this disease into six
categories. . 1st category is a panic disorder.Some people get a panic attack if someone
says anything to them They start breathing fast, gets fearful, for some time they think, people will get a heartattack and, people will die, people start sweating, and they don’t understand what is happening.After sometime when the panic attack goes they get normal again.The person receives such panic attacks regularly. The second category is a social anxiety disorder.That means when any person fears too in public
when a person concerns to talk in general and think of rejection, or they will laugh
at me. It is known as a social anxiety disorder which
comes in the category of public fear. There is a category known as a specific phobia.
in this phobia the person is, but when he knows he has to go in flight, starts being
fearful or whenever a person saws a lizard or a cockroach, starts feeling fearful and
experience like death and due to fear he will do every possible thing to resist the work and will try to avoid the thing. The 4th category is generalized anxiety disorder
that means where an ordinary man gets anxiety in every day’s small talks but the level of
such persons are very high that they think so contrary in all things that they think
life will be quite challenging to live, and there will be very difficult if such situation
arises The last is separation anxiety many people
have a fear of breaking up in marriage or receiving death news of anyone in family member
they doubt how will they live. If this person dies how my life will go on
and he keeps on thinking negative about it. Now comes what the cause of this disease is. The purpose of this disease is the negative
approach, fear, sadness, suffering, tension, past bad memories, failures, rejections, doubts,
confusion, lack of trust, lack of love, lack of confidence, excessive thinking, over the
thing and more than 100 reasons for this disease. And for this, we have developed a test which
is known as mind mapping. It’s a 15 minutes test, and within 15 minutes
the patient self-tells what negativity he is carrying and what positivity he is missing
and what is his life status and what is the fact which he is not ready to accept, and
we just starts working on it and from 1 month to 3 months 90%of the disease is gone. I will like to give you some home remedies
tips. If anyone in your family is hyperactive than
what you have to do. Such persons should avoid, coffee, tea, cold
drinks, and energy drinks Such kind of peoples should prevent chocolate
sugar and every food that contains sugar. Such persons should exercise regularly; pranayama
regularly should meditate, should sleep on time and should not take more responsibilities. If anyone gives such responsibility or the
person self-takes responsibility, he starts feeling fearful, and he thinks that he will
not do this work. Some mistakes will happen in action, and everything
will happen wrong. What are the symptoms for this disease
The 1st symptom of this disease is restlessness, headache nausea fast heartbeats nervousness,
sweating, troubled breathing, digestive system problem, dysentery, increasing heart rate,
and sleeplessness this all are the symptoms. If all these symptoms are there and if a patient
comes in the 1st stage then sometimes this disease gets a cure in 10 days. This disease have many reasons like family
conflict, family separation, a family member who has a mental illness, or fights in a family
or anyone in the family is a drug addict or alcoholic, or anyone is psychological illness
patient, then this disease takes place Wherever there is negativity or negativity
in the family. Then the weakest child in the family can suffer
from this disease. This disease can come at any age, and the
first effect of this disease is terrible concentration, not interested in doing any work he is not
able to do any job, and he does not do any job and not able to take any responsibilities,
The married life of such a person is disturbed because when a person continually talks negatively
then, it is challenging for another person to stay with such a person
Such persons are unable to take their life responsibilities, their financial position
also starts decreasing, and even their earning gets affected because they start taking medicines
so one after one they start getting different diseases
, at last, I will only say this is a type of mental illness. It’s a psychological and emotional disorder. It might be due to hardship in their past
due to which there is fear located in him or because of this he can be, and it’s the
reason for the habit of constantly worrying and this disease is 100% curable, and there
is no role of medicine in this. This anxiety is very natural and it is in
everyone. Because man is above animals and below god. So always the being of the animal takes us
down and being of God wants to raise us and this constant worry, constant anxiety is in
everyone. Some peoples have anxiety in huge, so it is
known as anxiety disorder. But anxiety is in everyone, and there is no
reason to fear about it. And it is 100 % curable. My name is Kailash Mantry. I live in Mumbai, and I am a life coach and
mental health consultant.

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  2. Sir meri ku anxiety he 5 sal bahut struggled kar ra he me bhuk lagta nehin, panic attack, ulti Bar bar arahe, sir me thik ho jaega Plz sir batao, sir ap Jo bath bolraha meri sath ho rahe

  3. Sir mujhay anxiety to apni jag hy magr mere sath ye masla b ha k jab mujhay din ko neend ati ha to sari room ki chezay nazar ati ha or awaz b sb ki sunaye dyti ha hath ni hilta na awaz nikalti ha asa lagta ha me na uthi to mar jaon gi zabardasti jhutkay se ja k ankh khulti ha sir ye sb kia ha pls replay pls

  4. Sir kya aap psychiatrist ho, aap Sach keh rahe ho na 100% thik hojayegana yeh problem, kyun ki mujhe bhi panic attacks aur anxiety attack aa rahe hao 1 month se

  5. Sir vo to mera is bimari ke hone Ke bavjood aap confidence dekhiye Ki me apne kaam ko bhi Bhot mehnat Ke Sath me ache se kar pata hu but sir mujhe completely thik hona hai jaisa me normal tha aaj se dedh sal pehle plz help me ???

  6. Love you so much sir?….. Mere andar ye saari problems hai… Mujhe apni family tak se baat karna pasand nhi tha but ab dheere dheere apne log ache lagne lage hai….

  7. Hi Abdullah from udupi
    Muje depression anxiety and tress he
    Har baath me tention hojatha hun.muje dhar lagneka har time kamosh rehtha hun
    My hotel me food karnewala hun. My food expert hun.
    Lekin 1saal se kaam karneka Dil nhi dar lagtha he gabrahat hojatha hu our muje OCD bi he
    Plz ISKA ilaj bathayiye doctor my bahuth pareshaani me hun plz

  8. sir when I use hair medicine oil I feel nervousness mental weakness I am bald thin suggest how to control baldness never want to speak anyone if some spoke feel irritation please sir suggest homeopathy medicine

  9. MERI ek problem hai Mai jab bhi Kisi relationship me aati Hu Mai anxiety me rahne lagati Hu. Mere past me 3 break up ho chuke hai . Mai itani serious ho Jati Hu Pyar me Mera Pura concentration sirf ussi per rahta hai. Apni normal life jeena band kar deti Hu. Kisi kaam me Mann Nahi lagata .usse hi miss Karne lagati Hu. Kisi se milane Ka Mann Nahi karta . Dukhi rahne lag Jati Hu …. Subah jaldi so k utha Jati Hu ghabrahat se ..heart beat tez ho Jati hai… Dil me ya sine me ek bharipan ya dard rahta hai . Bahut bechain rahti Hu…. Kya Karu Mai .ek ajeeb sa darr rahne lagata hai.

  10. Mera her relationship me break up ho jata hai … Recently I came to a new relationship but I want to trust him but Nahi hota USS per trust . I feel he doesn't love me …. I m in anxiety

  11. Sir meri saans ful jati h kuch negative hone vala h lgta h jaise mujhe attack aayega etc. Pasina nikl jata h bahut tej ghabrahat hoti h or saans lene me dikat hoti h kya m thik ho skta hu sir

  12. Sir hame social anxiety disorder ( Fobia ) ki problem hai.
    Meri life me is problem ke hone ka main region hai childhood se hi strumming and Najle ki disease ka hona . Sir hum bohot kosish karte hai phir bhi isko apne life se door nahi ker paye please sir help me plz

  13. Mujhe depression se panic attacks hoty social anxiety.or asthma bhi hy.mujhe bilawaja dar lagta hy har baat pe.

  14. hello sir… you explained the topic so nicely.
    my mother is suffering from anxiety and depression from a long time …. please guide how to overcome from it …I am from West Bengal …is there any centre ?

  15. Sir my father is 52 year old and he is suffering from depression and anxiety… Sometime without any reason he feel saddness and he lost hope… Sir he also took medicines but he feel sleepy after taking that and his work don't allow him to sleep whole day… He is an ngo legal advisior… His depression started 4 year later due to some family issue….. Sir plz guide me how can I pull him out from this problem….

  16. Respected sir,
    I m from Gujarat ..
    I feel first step panic disorder from 1.5 year
    And I can't go out of my city and I can't drive the car from 1.5 year….and
    When I try deeply for go out of City then I feel very much panic disorder (1st step)and I can't do that..nd I can't drive the car …..

    Right now I m always donig early morning pranayam ,yoga and Sudarshan kriya from 3 months but not result found ….
    From 4 months I always take 1 medicine for anxiety(libotryp) …but not result found …..

    So please tell 0r help me for that what can I do for remove panic disorder ?

  17. Sir mujhi blushing ki problem hai Mai bahar Nikal nai sAi bi darta hoon agr koye mere sath baat karega toh Mai bohat laal hota hoom even Mai Ghar walo baat kebai sAi drta hoon sir please help mee

  18. Sir enxioty se kaya head ja piche or gardan miye Jalan si mehesus hoti hai?Mai bohot pressure me hu ki Kaya hoga agar job nehi hua to,mujhe kuch din se head or gardan miye jalnsi,hit si nahesus hota hai,yea Kaya enxioty ka sometime hai?plz reply Dena sir

  19. Sir i m Pakistani..I m suffered from since 4 year one cane make me clear that how can we overcome on anxiety..but u r video help me.Motivated me..when u say its not a big prblm.and it will finish after some time.really Grate sir g..

  20. Meri sister ko anxiety disorder h
    Wo ek dum se rone lgti h. Orr asee khti h m pagl ho jaugi. Tum Sab muje pagalkhne m chhor aoge. Or khti h ptaa ni dimag m kya Chl rha h
    Sare test krwa liye. Per sab normal h. Please sir koi solution bta do. ????????


  22. My anxiety is due to fear…I have fear of rain,thunder storm,dreary weather etc and during that i feel like i could not inhale air or fast heartbeat,sweating my hands n foots…what could I do to get rid of it…plz help someone..

  23. Sir
    Ur the first person who can be cured…with out medicine,just by listening ur words…worries will goaway.
    Ur words are true and honest.

  24. Sir ji aap ki har baar sai mai sahmot hu… Mai bhi anxiety disorder sai Gujarat raha tha or aap ka speech sun ke mai aapna himmat jutta pata.. Thank u

  25. Thanks sir mein isi problem ko 5 no ths se face ker rahi hn m from pakistan ye sun kr bohat tasalli hui ke is ilaj hai kia ap mujhe is ke theek hone mein help kr saktey hain???

  26. Sir meri madad kro ma school Ni ja raha ho jesy he soch tha hoo mojy bara peshab ata ha is ke kia elamat ha

  27. Sir mujhe bhi is tarh ke panic attacks aate hain ye bimari 2006 se hain mujhe mera ilaj manochikitsak dwara ho rha tha 2009 tak mane ilaj karvaya meri financial condition thik nhi thi to chod diya par ak tablet jo ki name hain tarika sr 1 mg jo kisi ab tak me le rha hu daily 1 tablet lekin ab mane pichle one year se dose kam kara tou dubara se panik hone laga hu pls help I am delhi se hu sir me one week me 2 se 3 bar emergency me jata hu is bimari ke karan

  28. sir main guwahatti se hoon main ek din achanak mera sarr main kuch hone laga dard bhi nahi tha lekin sarr ke piche kuch hoon raha tha jisse mujhe accha nahi lag raha tha accha nahi lagta tha fir main 6 july ko doctor dikhane gaya usne bola mujhe kuch nahi hai bukhaar bhi nahi hai fir acchanak se shaam ko sas lena main takleef hua mujhe halat itna bigad gaya ki main hospital main emergency main admit hoon gaya puri raat oxygeen main tha ek time ke liye toh laga main marr jaunga main jinda nahi bachunga fir subah doctor ayya or mera ct scan karwaya whole body fir ct scan main bhi kuch nahi tha heart lung sab thik tha sab ok 100% good lekin fir bhi mujhe shortness of breath hoon raha tha sas lena main mujhe takleef hoon raha tha fir humne doctor se pucha mujhe kya hua hai mera papa ne pucha kya hua hai gas toh nahi hua isse fir doctor na bola gas nahi hua hai isse tension hua hai yeah sabb tension ki wajase hua hai sas lena main takleef tension ki wajase fir 2 3 din rehke main discharged released hoon ke ahh gaya hospital se doctor na mujhe kuch dawaya di khane ko lekin woh khake kuch asar nahi hoon raha tha tadap raha tha main or fir 4 5 din toh aise tha ki pucho hi maat tadap tadap ke zee raha tha main fir mujhse raha nahi gaya fir doctor ke pass chala gaya main or doctor na bola sycetric problem hai isse heart thik hai lung thik hai sabb kuch thik hai fir sas lena main problem kyun hai isse or fir usne ciplar 10 naam ka daway diya jaise hi maine woh daway khaya mujhe thoda rahat mila lekin fir 1, 2 din baad problem start hui fir thoda rahat mila or app ciplar 10 daway khatam hoon chuki hai uska cource khatam hoon chuka hai doctor na sirf usse 10 din ke liye di thi 10 din ko khane ke liye di thi or app bhi mujhe problem hai sir subah utke main rezocid dsr tablet khata hoon khali pet main or breakfast ke baad ek aur goli khata hoon fir 2 3 baje jocare naam ka tablet khata hoon sath main bio active or etizolam or raat 10 11 baje etijolam ka ek tablet khata hoon sir problem raat ko jyada hoti hai shortness of breath sir mujhe lagta hai mujhe gas or anxiety hua hai mujhe kya bimari hai woh shyad doctor bhi malum nahi kar pa rahe hai sir mujhe anxiety toh nahi or haa ek baat toh main bolna bhool gaya usse pehle main bahut tension kiya karta tha toh shyad tension ki wajase toh nahi mujhe sas lena main takleef hoon rahi hai shortness of breath sir main tadap raha hoon iska solution doo jaldi

  29. Thnku sir.. I have been suffering extreme anxiety and panic for 10days..u said it is curable. Now I am feeling happy..

  30. No one will help you i am also suffering but dont give up start gyming regularly stay positive its not a desease its nothing just a negative impact in mind but convert it into positive be fearless nothing will happen stay strong .

  31. Thanx very informative video, actully mry sth severe anxity n panic attacks vala issue hai,,,, kya ye dr sb onlin psycotherapy sessions dety hn

  32. सर मुझे panic disorder है,अभि panic attack अब नहीं आते है,पर रोज शाम 5 बजे से 10 बजे तक घबराट होती है,पर ऍसिडिटी रोज होती है जीस्के कारण hart beat badhti hai

  33. Hello, root cause for these problems is lack of mental powers, follow purity, do exercise mentally and physically, stay away from porn for 3 months, anyone can get back power in 3 months, best of luck

  34. Sir band room me Beth ke mujhe bahut becheni Hoti h or bahut negative thoughts aate h mind me or Apne ap sad ho jati Hu or koi Kuch bol de to wahi thought dimag me chalta rahta h or har chiz me self confidence low rahta h ..or ek ajib sa dar rahta h man me sir help m kya kru

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  36. Sir love relationship tootne k baad yafir breakup k baad mujhe depression ho gaya hai. Me kya karun ? Bohot mushkil ho raha hai. Raat ko kabhi kabhi neend nahi ati. Plz plz suggest karen.

  37. प्रणाम आदरणीय अनुपम जानकारी प्रेरणादायक सम्बोधन

    मुझे काफी मददगार रहेगा आपका यह वीडियो

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