Cut Belly Fat with Home Remedies II घरेलू नुस्खों से पेट का मोटापा घटाएं II

Cut Belly Fat with Home Remedies II घरेलू नुस्खों से पेट का मोटापा घटाएं II

Welcome to heath care at home We have our one of viewer Ms. Ritu Kapoor and she has emailed us from Boston She has to reduce the belly fat She said she had so much of belly fat and to reduce that she want home remedies. See, Ms. Ritu first of all i will tell you that in a day you must drink at least 3 liter of the water And try to drink as much as hot or Luke warm water Maximum or as much as you can remember try to consume the Like warm water Your belly fat will start reducing Apart form this i will tell you the home remedy Take 1 spoon of Carom Seeds and all 4 grated cloves of garlic And mix them well..along with take 1 glass of hot water and 1 juice of lemon you have to chew the mixture of Carom seeds and chopped garlic after chewing them you have to drink that hot water which has lemon juice in it you have to do this remedy empty stomach in morning and in evening that means twice a time in a day you will notice that within-2 months you belly fast is getting reduced Along with this you have to be careful for few things to as minimum of salt consumption as you can Because Sodium has the problem of water retention And due to water retention bloating gets increased So, try to decrease the consumption as much as you can along with try to sleep at least for 6-7 hours take a deep and relax nap because if your nap is not proper then you may face problem of bloating Apart form this you do not have to consume any junk food like “Pizza and Burger” And you have to eat four times more vegetables as compare to your Chapati Ratio Do not eat the food after the 7 pm in the evening in case you can not do after 7 pm then do not eat after 9 pm surely Try to eat maximum of Salad in the dinner and if you are eating a heavy meal in one go, like some people do not eat any breakfast and just eat a heavy food in their Lunch With this also belly fat get increases So, insteas of this you have to eat small portions like handful of meal that you may eat you may eat it for 10 times but eat only the hand full eat in every 2 hours since morning to evening and you will notice that your belly fast will start decreasing Apart form this to this remedy, after every meal you have to chew Fennel seeds Keep the fennel seeds with you and chew 1 spoon of fennel seed after every meal and you will notice that the problem of the belly fast will be gone away Doing some of the exercises are necessay, like you can walk, Walk for 1/2 hour or you can run for 20 minutes you can do Swimming,Skipping and Cycling can also do. must do any of the one exercise this also helps to reduce the belly fast you have to eat Fiber Rich Fruit In Fiber food you can take Orange or any type of Citrus fruit like Pineapple You can take Apple, Pear Peach. So consume such types of fruits What Fiber do, fiber also helps to melt down the fat and also helps to digest the food You may use all the seasonal Vegetables You can take maximum of vegetable and prepare their Soup add few drops of lemon juice and drink this soup atleast 2-3 times in a day with this also you belly fast will be decreased and that also very easily and fast Apart from this use Cucumber as this also helps in to reduce the belly fat so, always peel and chop the cucumber and whenever you are hungry just east this with this also belly fat will be reduced So, adapt all these remedies and you will notice that your belly fat is getting reduced. So, isn’t it all the remedies were very easy? Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy,Busy,Carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends and relatives to subscribe this channel Get the health benefits while sitting at home only and do not forget to support us in our motive. Our motive is that maximum number of people may get the health benefits while sitting at their home only. So, share our videos as much as you can. Thank You…

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  1. Hello sir… m still 17… my weight is 108 kgs… nd even periods are cery irregular… like once in 3 months… can u help me… plz…

  2. My second purchase, cannot live without Weight loss green store tea now. I see such a difference. I notice shocking results after working out that I usually only see after working out two hours a day everyday and cutting out carbs and sugar. I work out an hour 4-5 days a weeks and just reduced my carbs and sugar of course but its so nice to actually not feel so guilty about eating it.

  3. sir I am drinking Apple cider vinegar with orange juice from last one and half month.but I'm disappointed… no results at all

  4. Hello
    maira baqi body patla hai laikin bally bahut fat hai mairy teen bachy hain koi achi c tip btain jis sai sirf bally pai asar ho
    ap ka ya tip b mai aply karu gi
    mai pakistan sai hu

  5. sir mujy urine ka pushna hai ky kernay ky bad bhi esay lagta bar bar a raha thora thora rat ky time zada masla hota ak time main 4say 5dafa bhi a jata

  6. Hlo sir mujhe thyroid h nd Mera weight bhi 98 kg h last 4 year se nd mere period bhi in regular h time per toh aate h but band nhi hote ka bhi 12 days ka bhi 15-16 days Maine kafi medical treatment Kiya h nd yoga bhi khi se bhi aaram nhi aaya plz sir help me

  7. hi brother, I got depression and I take tablet all ready but my problem is hair full and all time I m sleeping. I used the ajwain remedy but I got urin infection that's problem for last 8 years.can u tell me about. ………

  8. sir hamesha mujhe thoda sa cold aur gale me kharash rehti hai..medicines lene k kuch din tak sahi rehta hai lakin baad me fir ho jata hai…kirpya kuch ilaaj bataaei
    thank you…

  9. If you want to lose fat – and fast You need to balance your hormones first Search google for “luxy flat tummy” It is a website that explain how to do it

  10. Love this Weight Loss Green Store Tea! I have been using this for 2 weeks now and couldn't be happier. This product, Highly recommend.

  11. sir m on a homeopathic medication for ovarian cyst and PCOS and my doctor has ask me not to eat raw onion and garlic. How can I loose wait. There is one more problem, I have a lot of cysts and of very big sizes, I was also operated for this problem two years ago, but this problem attacked me again, so I cant even do exercises because this gives me an unbearable pain,which I can not even express. What should I do?

  12. Sir delivery k bad se mera belly fat shoulder fat neck or back fat bht ziada ho gya hy or m breast feed krwati hon but m slim hona chahti hon tu koi easy and quick home remedy bta den

  13. Hello sir. .m name s Kuljinder Panesar my age 32. weight 90..mujhe water rention ki prblm hai..6 years ago delivery ke baad prblm hoi. mere weight bi km nhi ho rha. doctor ne lasix or cardivas tblt khane ko. bola. Pls help me. .

  14. helo sir. .m Kuljinder Panesar. .meri c section dilvry hui thi b4 6 years. .body me bot swelling thi. .bp high ki prblm ho gai. .ab weight km hi ni ho rha. .i havnt uric acid. .nd no thairaid. .plz tl me remdi. .

  15. Asalam o alikum Sr mujhy baby hoi h asi Vajay sa mara pat brgya h air face pr open porce hogy h please kuch treatment btaiy

  16. Hello sir Pahle underweight the to weight gain k liye daily me ..3000 cal food Leyte the ..mene 8 kg weight gain kiya hai in 6 month me ..but weight gain k sath sath meri belly fat v increase ho gayi hai…so sir mujhse sirf belly fat he reduce karna hai …body fat Nahi ..iske liye aap koie remedy bataie ..sir

  17. hello sir mein namak bilkul nahi karti Phir Bhi Mera weight kam nahi ho raha please aap Bataye kya mujhe PCOD results weight kam nahi ho rahPC OS ki problem hai kya mujhe test karwane chahiye 3 4 months a mera wait 80 kg hai aur main wait kam nahi ho raha Aur phir Mujhe thyroid hai Kya Uski wajah se mera weight kam nahi ho raha please aap comment Mein Bataye

  18. Mera belly fat kam h nai horhaa m green veg n daal raat m kharai ha din m khanaa tym se ni le parai kya iske wjh se nai kam horhaa kya ya fir m tym se so n uth ni pa rai mje dikhaht horha m thigss m fatt kse kam karu sir g plss help m for all dis nah

  19. Ductr sab Mera Nam mateen khan a Mera taloq pakistan se a pichle 2 years se mere dahrei k ball speid horhe a ap 1 acha nuskha bta de

  20. Sir if we don't have green tea . wat to use instead of this,plzzz say me and sir I have pcod and even hypo thyroid wat is the medicine to it plzzz say me I'm so worried and my mom has also have thyroid and sugar ,can sugar vil be continued to me ,how to avoid that diebites plzzzz say me sir🙏😮😊🙏🙏🙏

  21. Hi sir i have cervical spond,back pain,lower back pain and pain on backside of right knee i get numbness in hands and i had mri of reports r all bones r rusted kindly suggest my age is 55 thanks

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