Cyn Opens Up About Being in Therapy | Love & Hip Hop: New York

because you really were
vulnerable and talked about
your post-partum depression. What made you want to share
that with the world? I said it to somebody one time
and they said to me, “Girl, us women of color
or us Latinas, we don’t
deal with that.” I was very dismissed,
so I was afraid to say
that out loud on television. I was lost. I was afraid of
being judged a little bit. Okay. ‘Cause I’m like, I don’t
know. Is– Is that wrong
to, like, deal with? I’ve never… This
is my first child. Right. I spoke to Nya about it. You went through
the same thing? Yeah. So when she came,
I said, “Girl, it’s not
a white thing.” That’s how I felt. Like,
everything was fine and
I just was so sad, so I’m like, “This is what
you’re going through.” Yandy, did you deal with any
type of post-partum? I went through
a horrible depression. Like, I couldn’t cut
the lights on at times. I couldn’t… I got so
depressed that I couldn’t
even create milk. I couldn’t feed my baby. So, we saw that you guys sat down with Dr. Jenn.
Joe, what made you so emotional? Seeing how it was like a
full-circle thing for me, ’cause she really was
instrumental in me and my
oldest son’s relationship, so I would have never
thought back then that I
would be seeing her again to deal with some of
the feelings that I had
with my newborn. Okay. All right. So, Cyn,
you were very courageous in coming out about
your past sexual abuse. How did your family respond,
hearing it on national TV? (takes deep breath) That was actually the
first time that I’ve
ever said that out loud. My mom was like, “(bleep)!”
Like, I have to be honest, ’cause that’s the only
way that we’re gonna get
the help that we need, and I actually ended up
telling my mother the night before
the episode aired. It was a little
difficult for her. She was like, “When? Where?
How did this happen?” I wanted her to know
that I was fine. Like, I went through
something. Nobody knew. You didn’t know.
It’s not your fault. I’m fine. Like, I don’t
want you to worry. The good thing is, you do have
a good support system, so… I’m happy that
you shared this. I have a great support
system. Thank you. All right. I want to lighten
this up a little bit. Are you getting a nanny,
Cyn? I know you have been
dead set against it. Mm, we got a nanny! Okay. She came to me in tears
and she was like, “I will never,
ever hurt your child. Like, you never have to
worry about that with me,” and that made me feel
so secure, ’cause
that’s the only reason why I don’t even want people
changing my baby’s diaper. Like, I don’t want
nobody even looking
at my (bleep) kid and thinking of
anything, ’cause
I went through that. So, lighten up.
The nanny’s amazing.

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