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  1. How do these people think they differ from some other [most likely insane] person eating their own feces?

  2. Just drink water and visit the doctor when in doubt……… but I understand having to do this in the United States where a visit to the doctor involves having to give in to the Mexican Cartel and sell your soul to the devil (every single evil spirit from every single religion) 75 times and becoming a deep web prostitute and shipping yourself to Thailand. You’re probably going to find lots of people drinking their own urine in the United States — probably in secret too because Americans LIVE for ridicule. I’m not going to go broke over having cancer… I’d rather just treat it with urine therapy while Donald Trump sits on television claiming that I’m a “lazy bum” for having cancer and stealing money from cancer funds to add an extension to his arrogant mansions.

  3. Damn it, what’s next… eating poo!
    You best age that shit as well, 1 bottle of “château la shit 1963” please.

  4. I know this one must be a doctor or pharmacist paid off maybe a genius I know why don't we take all Satan's little drugs where your eyes blow up your throat swells your kidney homicidal thoughts Suicidal Thoughts you are a joke who pays you

  5. I know she works for the drug companies LOL you know no cures no money and cures another genius scammer Notice Me Love Me Daddy

  6. My dad made a joke about urine therapy once by labeling the orange juice bottles in our house with 'Dad's Urine Samples'

  7. UT really reminds me of Jilly Juice, if any of you remember that stuff.

    Either way, it doesnt work, and it just promotes either a pointless bit in your life, or a downright unhealthy one in the case of aged urine.

  8. Interestingly enough morgallons are actually believed by medical professionals to be some form of delusional parasitosis. It was "found" by a mother in the USA who, despite having been recommended to take her son to a psychiatrist by several physicians, instead decided to create a new "condition" to explain the sores on her sons skin.

  9. Some facts:

    Is urine a toxic waste resulting from body's metabolism?
    No. The function of kidneys is not to filter blood for toxins. The toxin filtration of blood happens in the liver. This filtered blood is then passed on to the kidneys for balancing purpose. What kidneys do is they take out excess hormones, enzymes, micro and macro nutrients and filter them vigorously. The distilled water (which is rich in nutrients, essential hormones and immune boosters) is then "stored" in urinary bladder for later use.
    You don't need to be a scientist to experience this. If you feel the urge to pee and prevent yourself from peeing, after sometime you will notice the urge to pee has disappeared. Where did the pee go? It get absorbed right into the blood stream.
    One has to understand the fundamental law of nature – The nature doesn't create anything it doesn't need and it doesn't retain anything it doesn't need. If urine was something body would never need, why would we have a urinary bladder with specific purpose of retaining urine?
    Now ofcourse, if you are someone who has been deeply indoctrinated with western philosophy, this is hard for you to believe. Because majority of western philosophy depends on reminding you over and over again how you're inadequate on your own and how you're not enough. This is, fortunately, categorically false.

    Now, don't get me wrong. I didn't buy into the idea of drinking my own urine immediately. I had to suffer through a sever eye infection that no medication was capable of healing for 6 years.
    I'd take the medicine and the symptoms would go away only to come back even stronger within next few weeks.
    I was pissed and I just wanted this allergy/infection to go away and be done with it once and for all. I could have tried anything at all.
    So next morning, I actually drank my own urine – The first urination in the morning. It gave me a strong diarrhea after a couple of hours and I was eliminating things for 25 mins straight. What I realized once I got out of the bathroom was that the itch and burning sensation had completely stopped. By the same evening the white part of my eyes was completely clear and bright. I had not seen my eyes this clear in almost a decade.
    This experience was enough for me to be sold on the idea.
    Later on, I used it on my skin regularly for 3 weeks and it resulted in getting rid of all the scars, dark patches and blemishes I had on my face and my back because of pimples.
    And most important of all, the spiritual benefits one received because of absolute detoxification are priceless.

    "Condemnation without investigation and experience is height of ignorance".

  10. Scientific name of urine is Blood Plasma Ultrafiltrate. – Urine is completely sterile, distilled, contains elements that are excess in blood and has anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti septic and anti everything that's bad for human body. Basically urine is extremely concentrated version of the configuration of your blood.

  11. You are the unlucky fucker who will get lost in the outback one day and reduced to drinking pee and you will be glad.
    Quite a miserly video, why not try this instead of your diatribe, put it to a test for us the viewers benefit.

  12. Kind of playing devil's advocate here, as I'm against drinking Urine or using unprocessed Urine for medical purposes however Urine does have high amounts of Urea.

    Urea is used to promote rehydration of the skin, for the debridement of nails, and a few other uses. That guy’s morgellons could have actually been eczema, eczema can be treated by a Urea cream. Urea can also help acne as you brought up. Urea peroxide is used in cleaning out ear wax and teeth whitening. In my experience and under doctor recommendation Urea Cream works wonderfully on calluses.

    But don’t drink your pee, just buy a 10%, 20% or 40% Urea cream or saline solution.

    If you really want to drink it, I would buy some 99.99% pure USP Grade Urea that is sold for cosmetics then mix like 10g into a liter of water. And while you may be safe drinking that you really should put it through homeopathic potentisation to at least 12X with distilled water for increased effectiveness.

    That still may be a bad idea and I’m not a doctor, but I think it would be safer than drinking smelly nasty pee.

  13. You are completely ignorant on this time tested ancient therapy.
    Good luck with your big pharma meds!

  14. you have no idea what you are talking about and i feel this is just a little opportunity for shock value for your 'channel' please do real research as you are part of colluding with the collective ignorance…i hope you dont end up being a 'vulnerble' person who might actually wake up to the nonsence we are spat…..are you a child of doctors as this would give me an understanding about the level of your rock solid faith..oh and that you r very very young and living on line….

  15. Wait I thought this was a video to debunk urine therapy! Damn! Had me fooled I thought this lady was gonna give me some real facts and real science and not pseudo science and her and other people’s opinions. Oh well I guess people just believe what they want to believe. It’s easier for them instead of actual research and science that can be tested and retested with actual evidence and useful info.

  16. Hey lying slut! Why don’t you admit you’re a big pharma disinfo shill!

    AIDS and cancer has been cured with urine!


  17. Reported for dangerous and misleading disinfo news.

    Talking about taking kids away because you want to protect big pharma and the food industry…how disgusting and sick are you!

  18. I have an uncle who goes to some homeopathic quack and he has received an IV with his own urine. I didn't even know what to say when I learned that.

  19. I hear drinking urine tea can reduce the appearance of fine lines, reduce menstrual discomfort, and help with weight loss.
    Ladies. You. Are. Welcome.

  20. My aunt drank her own pee for like a month and apparently she had "extremely clear skin". Well last time I saw her she looked like a literal raisin (not that she isn't good looking or ugly she just doesnt have the clear baby-bottom skin she said she had) so ye.

  21. I mean.. Its just common sense …. Urination is one of the ways we excrete toxins… I mean yeah there is some technically "good"??? Things in it…. There is also some "good?!?!?" things in organic soap… Or organic tooth paste…. That doesnt tell me to eat it…

  22. What Aztec texts? They were all burned by the Spanish. BTW @Rachel Oates the crocodile dung did work (something about the natural acid in croc poo – sorta how birds have a different balance w/acid). Maybe study ancient contraception & how effective they were.? Women wouldn't have kept using them otherwise. People like to think ancient peoples were "uneducated" yet they made connections & procedures for those connections even cosmetically for exp the nose job wasn't invented in LA, but ancient India. It was done frequently with a high success rate.

  23. Questions though would be – Have you found anyone who has gotten harmed by urine? Because there were some healing methods in ancient times that we would not use anymore today, or which were even quite toxic, like arsenic or mercury, does that automatically invalidate ALL ancient healing methods? (you are aware that quite a bit of modern medicine actually stems from traditional medicine? not everything got brand new invented 150years ago…. If pee is ultrafiltrate of the blood,. then everything that is in pee, was before in the blood, i.e. if we survived it being the blood, it likely will not kill anyone if reingested, no? (if you see sense in it or not!) Also babies in the womb literally swim in their own pee. Amniotic fluid is by the end of the pregnancy almost 100% pee, so if it were such a toxic, dangerous waste product, how come babies are not harmed by it? Perhaps they actually even need it to develop safely??? (maybe research that?) There is medicine that are produced out of pee (including from the pee of pregnant mothers!)! If you buy skin care lotion with urea in it, it will usually be made out of pee (be it likely from an animal though). – Maybe check Dr Nakao's video on urine therapy too? He has researched UT for decades. Even with just gargling and spitting out, he seems to be able to help his patients…. – Plus you make it sound like everything in school medicine is 'safe'! We have people dying form medications and their side effects in the millions world wide annually. By your logic then mothers should not take their kids to doctors either, because they may be prescribed something toxic? – Any form of healing has some inherent risk! Heck, living on this planet is wrought with dangers! But from all the different therapies I have researched over the last 20years, UT does seem rather benign. It would be difficult, if not impossible to overdose on it. People seem to rarely have any severe reactions to it, and some people seem to have amazing healing effects from it (be that placebo, or actually something from their pee? but as discussed, it is unlikely to harm them!) – Now is there people in health groups on social media, who give uneducated advise? Sure, but let us be honest, you will find them in any kind of health group, be it alternative or conventional! As a user of such groups one has to learn to discern, and be self responsible! And usually all such groups will have you read a disclaimer to such effect too , before joining! If one finds that all just too scary, and rather puts all one's trust in one's doctor, that is fine too! I know loads of people too, who love those groups though, and who report healing for ailments that several doctors visits could not cure. So each to their own. Peace out!

  24. Urine therapy fully cured my lifelong suicidal depression. I feel amazing and in bliss. All glory to Jesus.
    More info on urine therapy from a doctor, blood specialist and physiologist:

  25. If it doesn’t interest u and u don’t feel u could benefit from it, why are u wasting ur time researching it and making a video on it? You clearly have no idea what your talking about, all u are doing is regurgitating textbook and systematical spew, if u are not willing to try and test a theory for yourself please reserve judgment, mind ur own business and keep it moving, and furthermore I don’t think u are more concerned about other people’s children than the actual parents, I’m sure if these parents had not had personal experience with this technique they would not be suggesting their own children use it as a healing modality, stop wasting ur time on topics that your mind is not open to, it’s nicer to watch a video on a topic where the presentation is not trying to influence other people’s opinions one way or another unless the presenter has personal experience not just spied on a few Facebook pages

  26. Yep back when we didn't have doctors and medicine people drank peepee, today we have medicine people, so…. #PutThePeePeeDown #StepAwayFromThePeePee.!!

  27. Rachel… I have been drinking my urine for over 20 years… my skin is unwrinkled… I have no more allergies…and feel better than I did in my 20 s…doc mike witort,pmf,fmd

  28. DOC MIKE WITORT HERE…. urine therapy saved my life in 1965 when I was in the NAVY…. I was given 10 drugs in the navy hospital… I was out of my mind and dying…I drank my urine and developed antibodies to all of the drugs and recovered… I am a very healthy 74 year veteran now and strongly incourage everyone to drink a small amount of their urine every day…. you can bullet proof yourself against this poisonous environment  OVERNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!    DOC MIKE WITORT,R,FMD,PMD.   GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. RACHEL… urine therapy has been used for thousands of years… in contains thousands of compounds from arginine to zink…. we have a human race because of urine therapy… by the way  big pharma is one of the biggest users of urine… ie   Murine for the eyes….premarine… PREgnant  MAres urine…GO FIGURE…. DOC MIKE WITORT,R,FMD,PMD.

  30. Bear Grylls wasn't drinking his own piss for survival, he just was trying to cure himself of an ongoing health issue.

  31. Wow such a lot of disinformation and ignorance in this thread!! My mind is blown at how people, having zero experience or research of the topic, have such a lot to say about it!! You can lead a sheep to water ….?

  32. Doctors said that it is a harmless BUT disgusting practice. There is no proof it is a benefic habit, though. Let them decide. Why do u care?

  33. If u want to make a serious video… drink it for two weeks and talk about it instead of repeating what you read online. I do not beleive in urine therapy. I think it is all about the mind. If you are 100% convinced of something, everything changes simply because you modify the point of view and, therefore, you can experience some improvement. As i said in a previous comment, there is no evidence it is harmful nor benefic. It is just shocking and a lit bit disgusting (depending on your diet).

  34. We all no that lemon in the vagina or butt is the cure for everything which is why lemon farmers buy up all the land in the tropics because lemons are relitivley expensive when shoving 6 up the Fanny everyday so if you try to go to the hospital the lemons are always premium price because they don't want to know.

  35. I was recently surprised by how many flat earthers there are on the internet…The flat earthers are certainly absurd. But at least they aren't drinking their own wee.
    The comments on this video are really quite something.

  36. I used to get horrible cat allergy that even if I just pet a cat I’d get really bad skin dandruff on my upper eye lid and the eyes would itch super bad..
    I took medication for that for roughly 15 years. Allergy will go away with medicine but would come back even stronger the next time I’d pet a cat..

    So will you anti urine crowd please explain me why did the medicines did not cure my allergy in 15 year time span but drinking my morning piss the next day I got allergy has completely cured it?

    Why did it happen?

  37. I'm a little biased from the viewpoint of an Oriental Med Doc. Many are brainwashed to believe that urine is a waste by product. It simply is not. Wonder how big pharma is making billions extracting compounds from urinals? What do they know that is extremely valuable? Over 2000 compounds exist in urine…and we know 800. The norm is to not question…just vaccinate…take those drugs…ignorance was bliss…but can cost your life if you trust your western doc. ( I know from 20 yrs experience…) but keep questioning…kudos.

  38. When you find your way in life, grow a little, and gain more confidence with independently thinking for yourself come back and revisit this topic. Believe it or not it is extremely interesting that Urine therapy was found in ancient text wtihin the chinese and egyptian cultures. One of those two text stated, as a closing "Remember to drink your morning urine AND don't tell the poor". Maybe it was an ancient prank among royalty and the rich during the peak of the ancient egyptian culture!?? Hey….without sheeple there wouldn't be enlightened.

  39. PLEASE WATCH – ARMY Discovers Power In Urine / the army is talking about using army in military situations OVER water. You going to trust the US Military or this insecure sheeple twit??

  40. I think people that drink piss are retarded you can grow amazingly tasty vegetables with watered down urine and get all the benefits without having to drink dirty tasting piss and best part of all plants grown with urine will take more co2 out of the atmosphere drinking piss won't reduce much co2.

  41. As a vegan my pee is usually clear and not smelly but I still ain't drinking it! That's nuts!
    Most I'll do is pee on my feet in a public shower, don't know how effective that is against athlete's foot but I'm sure it's not harmful

  42. the urine therapy people need to stop. they are always trying to get into my urine reserves i keep telling them they cant have any but they are relentless.

  43. Hi Rachel, I love watching your video and listening to you. I was wondering are you single? From Toronto, Canada . Just subscribe to your channel.

  44. I think the ground crocodile dung in the vagina will actually work, if only for the reason that no sane guy will get inside that ?

  45. Serieuse research is on going many results are published.
    So I would suggest you to read some published papers that confirm the helling effects of urine.
    I personally stopped medecines and recovered from many chronical deseases.
    Thanks to urine therapy

  46. I want to find out the truth about U T, but can't listen to someone with eyes painted pink. Pink is sign f health on mouth, but of sickness on eyes…She has eyes ice enough without paint too.
    I want someone knowledgeable and factual, deep, talk about this, and not just claim things but explain/teach.

  47. Makeup is toxic, Dying your hair is toxic too. Plenty of research on that. There is plenty of research to show urine is very healthy for you. What do you think embryonic fluid is. If you haven't tried it your self your opinion don't hold much weight

  48. Aged Urine….. UuURRGHHMAHGAWDDD Even if it's defintely NOT sterile anymore pretty much as soon as it leaves the body, All pee contains amonia! AMONIA! Who the ^&* puts amaonia in their eyes??!!!

  49. I read many comments on here asking for proof to be cited that UT can and has helped a numerous number of individuals.
    You freaky brain driven people need to get out of your head for one second and get some real experience.
    I never heard that someone has died from drinking their pee. So don't be a pussy. It's a shame people are that disgusted by their own bodies.
    Don't brag about my solution if you can not offer an alternative lol

  50. So cherry picking Facebook posts of people you disagree with to prove your point doesn't make this video a valid resource. Never have done it myself but have any of you, including the girl in this video? Humans consume worse shit for themselves than pee on a daily basis. Just cuz it's a waste product doesn't mean it's not useful. Did you know that eating shrooms grown on cow shit has healing properties? Worried about bacteria? What about the bacteria found in yogurt that regulates your digestion? Not saying it's the same kind of bacteria, I'm saying that there's benefits to things that could harm us as well. Anyone see ANY commercials for ANY kind of medication where the side effects aren't worth the "solution". I'm sure you knew all of this…but because it's pee and it's taboo then It must be crazy.

  51. Yea, stick to putting chemicals into your body and enjoying the side effects, like red eyes. Might be an idea to check out what cosmetics contain too.

  52. I want these people to eat their own shit and then tell me if its good to “recycle” your body’s natural “remedies”

  53. Its call Orin and it is not a waste it is if you put it in the toilet
    It is plasma water of life
    You have a lot to learn about life Girl

  54. Watch Dmurphy25. He is a picture of great health. Call him crazy or a liar but he shows people that have helped themselves look and feel better. All I see on this video comments is hatred because some people no longer follow what we have been taught in Rockefeller medicine. Watch His videos before commenting. He looks 35 while he is actually 55. He has many testimonials also. I would look at his videos before listening to all the commentators below who get mad because someone doesn't have the same ideas on healthcare as them.

  55. "a STRANGE alternative kind of medical treatment" How did you determine that? With your Strange-O-Meter? Really, I'd rather look like a vampire like you do, right? BTW: Some of us have take logic courses and can see through your relentless, uncorroborated strawman arguments. "It doesn't make sense to me". Now THERE'S a scientific argument. LOL But hey, a Jew said it, so God has spoken. Nah.

  56. so……the tons and tons of people who completely  cured incurable diseases with urine therapy are just idiots who don't understand how "disgusting" this therapy is?  Your are simply stating your opinion, and you know NOTHING of what you are talking about.  Get educated first, then do another video.

  57. did you say, aspecially?…maybe learn to speak properly, before you drop your mangled anglish on us all…oh and you expect us to take you seriously, i can assure you drinking urine is 1 million times healthier than plastering 3 tonnes of toxic cosmetic makeup on your ugly pan…clueless fake ass bimbo..preaches health with cancer causing chemicals all over her face hahahah oh the morons on youtube today…the audacity..fake hair , fake lips, fake complexion…so funny how you don't mention the child abusive parents who willing take their kids to fast food restaurants, forced vaccines etc, pump full of sugar, and all sorts of toxins..but no let's talk about urine…ignorant, uniformed trollop..

  58. This girl has no clue as to what she is talking about. Urine Therapy works! I encourage you to use DuckDuckGo.com as a search engine (as Google.com bans the results) and search for "Urine Therapy ebooks PDF" and download them and read them. Urine Therapy cures cancer and most, if not all diseases. Also, Urine Therapy (apply some to your own face) is a natural skin cleanser.

    This girl is very pretty, but she is wearing way too much toxic makeup, making her look like a clown. She ought to toss the makeup and wash her face with water. Then, pee in a cup and gently rub her own urine on her face.

    Please research Urine Therapy (DuckDuckGo.com search engine – Google bans the results) and learn how it can help you become more healthy.

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