During the Monday service at The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua is ministering prayer and deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ. The name above all names is power and fire which causes satan and his agents to tremble and flee. As the man of God prays for this man, demons within him manifest violently. Manifestation Of Evil Spirits Why are you disturbing me? He was donated to me by his great grandfather. When he was seven days old, I wanted to take him; they dedicated him to me. Who are you? Idol from the father’s house. What have you done to him? I have used him in so many ways. Explain! He’s meant to serve me! No career, he has no future. He has a heart of helping, but I can’t allow him. I have destroyed him in so many ways. I have destroyed him in giving him so many sicknesses – cancer! Every evil thing you can think of – I have made him to do. He womanises. I have destroyed his family; his family is nothing to write home about – all of them. I took the mother. I took his father. I gave his daughter cancer. I gave him cancer Even his first son is not even talking for five years now. – Who caused it?
– I! Who are you? Idol from his father’s house. How did you enter this body? He was dedicated to me when he was seven days old. Satan and his agents are powerless in the face of God’s might and the man is delivered in seconds. Thank You, Jesus! TESTIMONY TIME People of God – Emmanuel!
(God With Us – Matthew 1:23) Good Morning, Church. My name is Mr. Prince Obaerechi. The lady beside me is my wife. It all started like this: When I was 10 -12 years old, I noticed something unusual happening, but those were things that I could not be able to control on my own. Sometimes I went against my wish to do them, but after doing those things, I would feel so guilty for doing them but tomorrow, I would still do them again. Things like… At the age 10-12 years, I had a group of friends living the same kind of life, in the same neighbourhood – in terms of stealing little things from people in the community. It started by stealing money from my mother’s handbag and using it. At the end of the day, when asked, I would deny stealing it. It went on like that for so many years. When I was growing up, I noticed that something was wrong, but I couldn’t “fish out” what really was happening. In 2006 I lost my mother. After the burial, my mum’s sister called a family meeting, saying that there was something that they wanted to tell me. I asked what it was. They told me that when I was born, from the first day I was delivered here on earth, I cried continually for 7 days. My mother had no option but to take me to her father, who happened to be a very strong native doctor. He never wore anything on his feet until when he died. Everything in his compound was a shrine – he was as strong as that. Nevertheless, he wasn’t able to find a solution, so he went to another bigger witch doctor. They consulted the witch doctor and he said that he was the one who came back as an incarnation, that he wasn’t supposed to be alive, that he was supposed to die before he came back. But there was nothing the man could done. They asked what they could do – he said that either they leave me to die, or they go and buy things mentioned to them. They were told to go to three junctions and perform some sacrifices, by 12 am. After the sacrifice, the man would die for me to live. It was a very big problem in the house. They went back home. The father of my mother had so many wives but he loved my mum as his first daughter. He never wanted to disappoint my mum. One day he called a meeting and said that he is going to do that sacrifice. They asked him what would happen after the sacrifice. He told them that they should keep me behind; when I grow up, I would continue where he stopped. So, they went and purchased the items mentioned to them by the “bigger” witch doctor they went to. By 12 am, the sacrifice was conducted. After a few days, the man died. That is how I stopped crying. The story did not make sense to me; I asked, why was the story coming then? Why didn’t it come before when my mother was alive? The woman told me that she was the only woman who was living with my mum at that time. She knew everything that happened. But later the woman repented; she was the deaconess in the Assembly of God church. My mum also repented. They ignored the idol. I never knew that all these years, the idol was living in me and working on me. I was growing up and as the story didn’t mean anything to me, I started hanging out with my old friends. Some of those friends became mature, having their own gangs. Sometimes they would call me and we would go to people’s houses and burgle them, and take them away; sometimes we took money from them. One strange thing always happened. If I kept a glass cup on the desk, looking and be imagining that that glass cup would fall down and break, I would be imagining for 4 or 5 minutes, then you would see that glass cup fall down and break. If anybody offended me, they must have a big problem, leading to accident, or… You must get yourself in a very big problem. I was very proud of these things. During those days, I made a lot of money. I was using big cars, I made money; the money was coming. You made us to understand that it was immediately after the death of your mother’s father, that this spirit fully possessed you. – Is that correct?
– Yes. – You were said to be his incarnation?
– Yes. – And he was a notorious witch doctor during his time?
– Yes. It goes this way: If you have a mission to carry out… We thought that we were very smart and intelligent. We would go to a witch doctor for a consultation. During the consultation we called it to look into your side mirror, and the witch doctor would tell you if you were going to make it or not. He would tell you if you were going to succeed or not. If there was a problem, you would have to fortify yourself ahead of the journey. When we entered a house, I didn’t need to ask where the money was; I would know where it was. I would go straight where the money was and I would pick it. That is how it was working for me. In 2010, I noticed a problem – a growth that became bigger on a daily basis. Another time I noticed another growth on my hip; this one was growing bigger than the first one. So I kept it to myself; I didn’t want to tell anybody. I started going to hospitals. There is no hospital in Nigeria that I did not go to. I went to witch doctors. I went to prayer houses. I went to many churches – I don’t want to call names – many churches. I didn’t want to die because all these years I thought I was being careful not to leave this earth. But this sickness came then. I would have gone to any place, no matter the cost. There was a place, where I told the man, “If my health is going to cost a human head – tell me. I am ready”. When the health issue stepped in, I started selling things because all my money was gone. As there was no solution, I started selling my properties, cars, but at the end of the day nothing happened. The person that bought my last car asked me, “Why can’t you go to The Synagogue?” I said, “Stop telling me that”. We used to read papers where they castigated the man of God and wrote a lot of rubbish about him. We found it very comfortable to accept that there is no God. Because if they could castigate someone like this, we could say, “There was no God”. Our conclusion was that all of them were the same. I asked him, if he wanted to escape paying my money. I wanted to treat myself, I had spent all my money; I sold my car… He told me of somebody who had diabetes, who had come and received the Morning Water; he was healed before he got home. I told him to stop all those stories . Then a friend of mine, who resides in Bayelsa State, was burying his mother; I went to his mother’s burial. I then opened up to him, telling him what I was going through. He is a member of this church. He asked me if I had gone to The SCOAN. I asked him to leave that conversation. He tried preaching to me. While the hearse was still going, he told me that I needed to go to The SCOAN. I said I didn’t want to go there, but he insisted. At that time he provoked me and said, “Young man, if you want to know God, know God. If you do not want to know God, leave the man alone. This life is a battlefield and not a playground”. After he had said this, I was contemplating, “This world is a battlefield and not a playground. If you want to know God, know God;
if you don’t want to know God, leave it”. At that time, these words kept ringing inside my mind. When I tried to forget about it, it didn’t go away easily. It became like a little stream in my heart that refused to get dry. At that time, there was a hotel I used to stay in. At that time, I didn’t go out “openly”; I always went to the rural areas and lodged there, so that those who knew me would not see me. So, I was staying in the hotel. When all my hope was lost, I called one of my brothers, a friend. I told him, “Young man, I’ve seen my death. I know that I am going to die but before I die, look at how my burial must happen”. After that conversation with him, I began to scatter things in the room. Somebody that was inside with me said that I should cool down, I would not die. In the meantime, the television went off in my hotel room. Somebody was trying to fix it, and I found Emmanuel TV. When Emmanuel TV started showing… I began to watch, I saw testimonies, healings and many things. I wondered if this was the same man that they said things about. Yet, I had not been convinced. At the end of the day, I said to myself, “I went to herbal homes, prayer houses, churches; let me also go there.” I came only to try, like I tried in other places before. When I got to the gate, a voice spoke to me to go back. I went back to my hotel. A friend advised me to go to India. I went to India; this was my first time I went to India. This is a medical visa. I went and came back, I went to a hospital. I spent three months, nothing happened. I came back, I went back to another hospital in India, I spent three months there and I came back. I went back there again to “Action Cancer” hospital in New Delhi, India. When I came back, they asked me to come back to SCOAN, since I had already gone to India. The last time I was in India, the doctor asked me, “Who did I come with?” I said, I hadn’t come with anybody. He left. There was a young man I met in the flat while I was going; he had somebody there… I told him, “Look where I’m going”. I gave him my number. After a few days, the person who received my number called me and they located me. I told the man that since there was nobody here with me, I wanted him to assist me. He took me to the “Action Cancer” hospital, where I was before. When he examined the first medical check-up I had done at a different hospital and the one they had already done, the doctor shook his head, and he was a senior doctor. He shook his head and asked me to go, and the man who was with me stayed with the doctor. When the man came out, he was sweating. I asked him what had happened. He said that I needed someone to sign for me, he couldn’t do it because he didn’t know me, and anything could happen. He began to tell me the stories of people who came from Nigeria with cancer and died. My mind was troubled. I asked him to go back with me to the doctor. The doctor told me that he was giving me only a 25% chance. I had heard people being given a 50/50 chance, but in my case they gave only 25%. I asked why only 25%. That meant 25% was already six feet under. I was scared. I came back to Nigeria, received the Morning Water and went home. When I arrived back home, I was not satisfied. I proceeded to submit my passport for another trip. It takes four days to obtain a visa. Before the elapse of the four days, my leg and my manhood had swollen up. I couldn’t wear shorts or trousers; I had to wear loose clothing. If you pressed any part of my body, it would not return to its place. The pain was unbearable – you wouldn’t wish it to anybody. When I got the Morning Water, I started to minister it and the pain went away; a pain that previously made me to run naked at midnight… So, the Morning Water… Mr & Mrs Prince Obaerechi
Deliverance Testimony That is not enough for Jesus Christ; put your hands together beautifully for the miracle-working God. You made us to understand that as a consequence of your involvement in acts of immorality, based on the influence of this evil spirit that possessed you right from your childhood, as a consequence of such acts, you were afflicted with pelvic cancer. People have been hearing your story, how severe it was – they would like to see it pictorially. Can you show us on the pictures what you are talking about, before you continue? So that people can see how severe the case was, for them to know that satan has nothing to offer, apart from affliction. This is how it was, when I came the first time. By the time I got to the gate, one spirit told me to go back; I went back and travelled to India. There, they gave me a 25% chance of surviving and I came back to Nigeria. When I came back, this is the way it was – as you can see… This is my flesh; the cancer had shrunk… As you can see, it had affected my manhood; it was very large. At that time, I couldn’t wear shoes; I was smelling – the smell was very offensive When I got the Morning Water, I started to minister it. Before the visa came, I noticed that this unbearable pain had already gone. I said, “The pain is gone – Ok”. Mr & Mrs Prince Obaerechi
Deliverance Testimony I said, “Ok, since this pain is gone, maybe something will happen”. On daily basis, I kept seeing changes. The swelling leg started shrinking, so I was able to wear trousers. I picked up the visa, but I didn’t use the passport. I said that something was happening. When the leg finally come down to normal, I was very happy. When the leg had come down, I began to wash the wound and administer the Morning Water on it. In the hospital they told me that I shouldn’t allow water to come on the wound. But since I saw that my swollen leg was coming down, I was ministering the Morning Water on the wound. The wound kept drying; I was very surprised, until it became like this. OK, just a moment. Before you finally saw the changes, you travelled to India twice, in search of solution? – Yes, sir.
– All to no avail? Nothing happened. And you also said you had been preparing for a third visit to India? Yes. But after administering the Morning Water, when you started to see changes, you resigned to go to India? Perfectly, sir. And the same ministry where you believed, this man is not a true man of God, is not from God, the same place you had your healing? Perfectly. Ok, right now, can you go to the noticeboard and show the present condition of your pelvic? After ministering the Morning Water, the situation finally looks like this – I’m OK, no pain. Shall we put our hands together beautifully for the miracle-working God! You can see on the screen of your TV his present condition as he is standing right now live and direct in our midst. This is a clear proof that after the ministration of the Morning Water, the pelvic cancer is completely gone. And for the benefit of the viewers all over the world, could you just tap the place right now, and tell us how you are feeling? How are you feeling? Nothing, I don’t feel anything; it’s already gone, as I’m talking to you… Before, I couldn’t even dare to… You couldn’t do like this before? I couldn’t even try it, or get close to that place. Why you couldn’t do it then? Because of the pain. The thing was very huge – it was a cancer of lymphoma, it can come out on any part of the body. – But now you are completely free?
– Yes, sir. The cancer is gone, and the pain is gone? – You are hale and hearty?
– Yes, sir. Let’s clap for wonderful Jesus Christ once again! I started having those dreams I normally had in the past. I would see myself in the village with masquerade chasing me, with my gang when we were very small, trying to do some certain things. At a point, a friend of mine said, “Let’s go to a witch doctor”. I said Ok. He said he didn’t have money. I gave him money and he went. When he came back, he told me, “Yes, this is a place to be”. I said, “Ok. I want to go to that place, since it is a place to be”. I went to that place. They cut my finger nails, my hair, marked my chest and feet, took my blood and put it on a calabash. At the shrine, they told me to ask for anything I wanted. After saying this, I should promise that the only thing the shrine was going to eat was blood. I made some promises and I came back. The whole thing became worse. When I came back, I hated myself, “Why did I go there?” Something inside of me said, “Forget about it.” That’s how I got to know that I had two human natures existing in me; one would be telling me positive things, the other the negative ones. The one you choose to follow, that one will work for you. At the end of the day… Three weeks ago I was dreaming and it was said that the man of God would be coming somewhere. I said I would go there. I went to the place. When I got to the place, I saw people in white garments, but I didn’t see the man of God there. I looked at the front and I saw the man of God touching people, and I ran to the man of God to touch me – I slumped. When I slumped, it looked like I was confessing something, but I didn’t know what I was saying. Later I got up. Can you tell us who the man of God you are talking about was? Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. Mr & Mrs Prince Obaerechi
Deliverance Testimony When I woke up, I began to have this “disturbance”; one voice would say, “Go to Synagogue”, when I was eating, “Go to Synagogue”, when I took a bath, “Go to Synagogue”. After two days of having that dream, the disturbance became too much. Around 2:30 pm, I picked up my luggage and I entered a cab to go to Lagos. Normally by that time, you wouldn’t see any vehicle going to Lagos. Inside the cab I was uncomfortable, until I fell asleep. When I woke up, I saw myself in Lagos. On Sunday I was in the church service; the man of God started mass prayer. During that mass prayer I noticed that my chest, stomach, system – everything just changed. My mouth filled up; because I don’t like watching people vomit – it irritates me, I didn’t want to vomit. When I opened my mouth, I vomited so many things. I was very happy; my body calmed down. On Monday, I was here. When the man of God was laying hands on the people, when there were only two people before my turn, I noticed that I was shaking, all my body was vibrating, I couldn’t even look at his face. I’m just seeing it now when he touched me; I don’t know how it all happened. I woke up and saw myself being finally delivered. Shall we put our hands together beautifully for the miracle-working God! Eventually, you were delivered that Monday, as you can see on the left-hand side of the TV screen. You made us to understand that you were unconscious, and you didn’t know what happened, until now, as you watched the video clip. Now, tell us… We believe… You experienced it, and your body knows it better. Tell us – what are the changes you have seen in your life? Compare your life before the deliverance and after the deliverance. Before the deliverance, normally I had those dreams with women molesting me. When I woke up, I would find myself wet. I always had that spirit of lust. I never had rest, a peace of mind. But since that Monday – I slept off; somebody had to wake me up. I slept very peacefully. Somebody was complaining that there was a mosquito, but I didn’t even feel it. I slept, I was at peace. In my dreams, people were fighting me, I was killing them – so many of them. When I woke up, I wasn’t even afraid. I told the dream to my friend and he said it was a good dream. Ok, in other words, God gave you victory over the demons that were attacking you in the dream? Perfectly, sir. Ok, now tell us – what changes have you seen, particularly on your body? Concerning the spirit of lust – is it over? Concerning the spirit of anger – is it over? What about your relationship with your family members? What can you say about that after your deliverance? Before now… My wife can testify that when I was angry, I could pull down this building within five minutes. Yes. I didn’t get angry up to three times in a year, because my anger would spoil things. And I would never regret doing them. But I noticed that I am now at peace; I take things more lightly, since that deliverance. I have been overlooking things; I wouldn’t see them as anything. On Tuesday, somebody called me from Abuja about a federal contract for me. Shall we put our hands together beautifully for the miracle-working God! I have two advices. One is for the parents: Some things you do in order to help your children will in the end destroy them. When you have issues as parents, try to look for God first, before any other thing. Two: to the youth out there who are watching me right now. When you grow up, you will start noticing changes – things that are not normal in your life. I wouldn’t advise you to go to churches; I went to churches, to herbal homes, witch doctors; they couldn’t deliver me. I came to The SCOAN, to the man of God I didn’t want to hear about – here I got my deliverance. Make haste! Don’t waste time! Find yourself in the arena of liberty. That God that saw me through, will definitely see you through!” To God be the glory. Yes, we believe that our membership in our local church is merely symbolic. What counts is Christ in you; the hope of glory. We believe the summary of your advice is that everyone should make haste, and look for Jesus Christ in any living church – is that true? – Yes, sir.
– To God be the glory. Emmanuel!
(God with us.) Good Morning, Church. My name is Elizabeth Obaerechi. This is my lovely husband Mr Obaerechi. Even before I married him, I knew he was a bad guy. He told me that nobody could deliver him – that is what he always used to say. No human being could talk to him. I just want to thank this great God of Prophet T.B. Joshua; that God used him to deliver my husband. To God be the glory. Amen! Let’s clap for Jesus Christ! To God be the glory. We thank you so much for your patience all this while; you didn’t give up on God, you were with him to see this very day of his glorious testimony. What is your advice to women like you out there? Yes, I thank God; I always told him, that as far as Prophet T.B. Joshua is alive, you must be delivered, and my happiness will be complete. I want to give an advice to fellow women like me: They should be patient and trust God. Nothing is impossible for God to do. Amen! Let’s clap for Jesus Christ for that. To God be the glory. Finally, we thank God Almighty for what He has done in the life of your husband and in your own life, for giving you enough patience to bear the situation with him, up to this present moment, he is glorifying God with his testimony. Remember, the deliverance, the healing came through the Word of God, and we advise you to go and make the Word of God the standard for your lives. As you do so, always have it at the back of you mind that better is not good enough, the best is always yet to come. Shall we put our hands together beautifully for the miracle-working God! RV: Mel Flowers 24/08/2019

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