Deep Tissue Massage vs. Swedish Massage Therapy Techniques , Jen Hilman Austin Back Rub

Deep Tissue Massage vs. Swedish Massage Therapy Techniques , Jen Hilman Austin Back Rub

Life Wisdom. Psychetruth Massage. Hi! I’m Jen Hilman and something I’m gonna show you guys today is the difference between Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. A lot of times these two techniques will be used in combination because they
really complement each other very well but there are some differences in the approach that you take and the effect on the body. So let’s go ahead and get started. I’ll just use a little bit of oil to work on the back. Generally speaking swedish massage is used to stimulate circulation, to help relax the body, and is usually characterized by long continuous, fluid movement. So a swedish technique is used to apply oil to the skin, for example. So using long strokes with steady pressure across the entire surface of the part that I’m working. Swedish massage is a great way to start
to warm up the muscle tissue and helps to improve circulation in the
area really helping the full flush out the arteries and veins that are carrying the blood. That also helps to bring more oxygen to any tight muscles. So just using these long strokes all the way across her back just helping her to relax and allowing her body to become accustomed to my touch. So applying the oil in this way is
pretty standard for any deep tissue or swedish massage. So there’s some other swedish techniques
that you can use. One is called petrissage. It’s a form of kneading. So you actually knead the tissue back and forth. So across her back you can do the left side and then the right side just kneading back-and-forth. So I’m using a steady pressure, but it’s not extremely deep. Petrissage can also be used in a localized area just working the shoulders for example. This is a place where a lot of people carry tension. So you can just work one area or you can work more generally. A larger area. A great swedish technique is using the flat part of the knuckles not the edges of the knuckles. That can be too deep and sensitive. So using the flat parts of the
knuckles, you can move your hands all the way down on either side of the spine. One long continuous stroke making circles right at the tops of the hips is also really great way to target
another tight area for a lot of people. So again, just running the flat part of the knuckles down the spine and making circles at the tops of the hips. So by now your partner is probably feeling pretty relaxed and comfortable on the table and by working the swedish techniques in this way you
had a chance to identify where there might be some tension or tightness in your partner’s body. So this is a good time to start working
some of the deep tissue techniques. So deep tissue really just refers to an approach where you started access the deeper layers of muscles. This is where you will start to identify knots and tight, constricted areas of tension. So I will work into her shoulders
because it is an area where a lot of people deal with tension. So just using a slightly firmer pressure I can go in with my thumbs and start to work a more isolated area. And as I work into this area I’m noticing little knots, little bumps, places where the tissue id not soft. It’s kind of hard and tight. So these are the areas where she’s holding
tension. It’s kind of hard to show on a video
because it’s something that I’m feeling, so as you
practice these techniques it’s really important that you tune in
to your partner’s body and be aware of what you feel. So one way that I like to use deep
tissue is to identify those knots or identify a tight place. and use a firm steady pressure right in that area and you can also ask your partner, “Does that feel pretty tight?” “Is that sensitive?”. And it’s also good to check in with the pressure to make sure that you’re not hurting them because
sometimes these areas can be really sensitive. Once I feel a little release then I can move into another area. Like I said, everybody’s body is different so the sensations that you’ll notice are all going to be different. Some people have really crunchy spots where it feels like you’re running your fingers over gravel. Those areas I like to use a little bit of
vibration. Actually vibrating the area with a steady firm
pressure. This helps to bring blood into the area and really helps to flood the area with blood that has new oxygen, white blood cells, red blood
cells. All of these help you repair tissue and improve circulation. an adverse starts to listen up i can actually work even deeper institutional and you can use these techniques just
identify nods all of us is that that especially in the shoulders between the shoulder blades at the tops of the show others you’ll
find a lot of knots for most people consensus wherever you find those little
tight spots comment on that area season is steady and for fresh air sometimes when people are really tired
and have sent off bad not it’s hard to actually you know has slipped to one side of the event that has indicated to you that it’s an
area that’s really tie so just try and stay patient since a
fellow gets some really try isolated that tight spot so you can help to release relax so that’s one way to houston tissue
techniques another thing i like to see them is to use my elbow and forearm this is a great way to work the way up
all the way down the side as people carry a lot of attention in
erector muscles so it’s important to know if you are are
choosing to use your elbow that you want to stay in an election
extract and this time using your elbow directly on the
vertebrae feels terrible don’t do that really wanna work into the muscle tissue
over one hundred sci fi psychoanalyst might for our first just
to make a connection standing up for pressure care but i’m not getting into the tissue networking deeply the point is still relaxing shin you want your partner if you’re
comfortable still working i sent from my life as i
make my way down the spine in trying to squeeze in a team that
tuesday cases so it’s not only squeezing lactic acid and toxins out of the tissue making way or fresh blood and fresh fluids to enter into the area meaning i just got their places where are particles on the back so it’s important that you’re not in any
more action not trying to pressure and gender really just trying to work with what
you’re picking out from your partner stockings as i reached in case and testify and start to make contact with the top
of her head about and bring the pressure unless he might elbow and more handsome karne so that i can trust me her hit them the prior to the same leasing seeing downward pressure towards her feet she’s actually able to get a stretch along on that intersection at least sliding reform arm are in return he asked for school once i come always abstract atop
her shoulder just use my finger and say toronto ont side of her neck just getting those muscles firm on the
edge of this finding our way out to the head risk is a nice completely amazing so these are just at p_l_o_ that’s not
my favorite techniques that i use a lot of time so if you go ahead and favorite this
video and we have found is that many can come back and watch it again
and work here or arm down the other side of the
back and give yourself a chance to practice the swedish and deep tissue techniques and armies marketing analyst covering
this trial at at swedish versus deep tissue massaged him on the cover and
other areas of the body as well seven subscribe to the psychiatric
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touch dot com believe me comin we have found that come back in washington borough war merrell lives are wrong arm there and on

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  1. Hi Jan I am will be beginning massage therapy school soon . I've always been interested in massage therapy for some time but never taken the time to look into it until now. I'm 67 year old is it to late time started a day become a massage therapy school. I love your YouTube video . Your a very good insttuctor. What would you recommend for someone me ages.

  2. Very great techniques, except idk knuckles being part of swedish equipments and she needs to work on her body mechanics more when it comes to effleruge but over all.. she was great! ?

  3. Jen, Thank you for taking the time to make this video possible; the video answered some the questions my wife and I had to help determine the type of massage we are deciding to get while at sea during our cruise. I believe I will buy a table when we return and look forward to seeing more was to relax my partner.

  4. I was taught to do the petrissage on the far side of the back, rather than the rear. I matches the curve of the hand to the curve of the rib-cage. For me at least, it's easier on the hands, especially if the person is large and/or heavy-muscled. Great video.

  5. At 6:35: I did this area using my hand muscles only to press with my thumbs, as here. By doing this, I managed in a couple of months, to give myself an injury to my left thumb that still flares up, almost 30 years later. The technique as shown is OK for small, delicate people, but, working that way on heavier people with hard musculature caused me to hurt myself. My teachers taught me to hold the thumb firm, and use the arm for the actual working motion. Did I listen?

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  9. Some of the sensual comments here are a drag. Doesn't help the professional industry. The tank top isn't necessary for the video. You don't need this to sell. Wrong body mechanics.

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  11. can someone explain why just watching a massage makes you feel sleepy & relaxed ? – such a weird sensation from a purely visual/auditory stimulus

  12. Great stuff Jen ! Problem – My sciatic nerve curls up my leg and rolls into my rod and nut sack. Only deep friction and oral stimulation seems to address the problem. Any suggestions?

  13. Outstanding guide. Thanks alot. Had to watch it twice coz you're so beautiful I couldn't keep focused on your hands at all the first time…

  14. For the deep tissue techniques, doesn't that kill your thumbs??? I would never use my thumbs for deep tissue techniques only my elbow and knuckles

  15. Jen Hillman is the definition of life!!!!!! She's beautiful and has a perfect soothing speaking voice. And she's good at what she does of course 🙂

  16. I find it funny that everyone wants to call each other partners but they hate capitalism. HA… morons.

  17. See Im watching this because I just got a swedish massage, I told them they dont have to go easy on me but they took that to heart and dug and kept their elbow deep in my shoulderblade for 2 minutes straight I couldnt breathe, my fingers were curling. I shouldve told her.. When she said dont use your elbows I was like damn I wish SHE did massage

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