Deepak Chopra’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@DeepakChopra)

Deepak Chopra’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@DeepakChopra)

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  1. He is one of my fav people! His insights are sooo below surface level and leave you feeling more knowledgable about your soul and habits. Thank you Evan!

  2. 1. BS
    2. Rhinestone glasses
    3. I love lamp
    4. Oprah
    5. Misquote scientists
    6. Misquote spiritual gurus
    7. Fall into your blisshole
    8. Use a random nonsense generator
    9. Publish a book a week
    10. Profit

  3. Enjoyed his book 7 Spiritual Laws of Growth. Been making motivational and inspirational videos with music to summarize what l've learned in my self development journey over the past 3 years and the 100+ books I've read. Find it a great way to really focus in on things that made an impact.

    Here is one I did recently. Would love your feedback.

    Amazing definition of POWER!!!
    I love his message!

  5. If you like what Deepak has to say, you may want to go deeper, to the book that is acknowledged as starting the New Age healing movement of the twentieth century-"Science and Health" by Mary Baker Eddy. I had a major healing of a hip malformation-it's the real deal!

  6. Big fan of your videos mate! Please, consider making one about Joseph Campbell and Carl G Jung, wisdoms and teachings. They are my heros 🙂

  7. Our prayers go out to Wayne Dyer's daughter Serena and husband Matt Pisoni. Now terrible news.

  8. Thanks for this Video, I am french and I have difficulties trying to understand what Deepak Says sometimes mainly because of his accent. Could you help me to transcribe all the different timings suggested by the UCLA psychotherapist Daniel Segal, especially after relationship time ? I understand down time ? can someone translate this for me ? many thanks for your help . Namasté 🙂

  9. I love the section "you have to continue your business based on the needs of people." That is brilliant and is my story too.

  10. I have watched about 4 or 5 of these top 10 rules, and they are very powerful and motivating. I appreciate the creator for this

  11. #10 Find you purpose.
    This resonates with me because I feel like it's an odd going to struggle for most people. When he explains that people you admire, pigs you too where time literally passes by…feels right as a guide.
    I'm curious which interview that was? Can you put a link below my comment? Thanks

  12. I like the last advice, creativity. We compete because we like to measure our similar athletic or mental skill against one another. We also compete because most of us have jobs. In jobs, you are doing a task that your co-worker can do just as well as you can. But we want recognition so we compete. Our purpose in this life is to share our creativity. As Deepak said, know your heroes in religion, history and mythology because these are archetypes trying to find expression through your existence. If we do this, we don't compete, we contribute. And we also gain recognition and appreciation for our contributions which is the real reward in life.

  13. Wow. Depack Chopra is truly a great teacher. Managing TIME and being present is the highest level of doing things in full.

  14. I have developed a "Evan's 10 in 10." At the end of each work day as I clean up my work space, I put on Evan's videos, so my frame of mind is shifting on my bicycle ride home. Thanks Evan. I even referred you to a personal development coach in Montreal. "Beliefs create your reality from your contracted awareness" (Paraphrase from today)

  15. Thank you Deepak for your 10 rules to Success! I felt honoured to have my biggest inspiration and role model give me the advice I needed all along. I was asking God a few minutes before to help me reach my dreams and minutes later my prayers were answered with my Spiritual and Modern Science Hero. You don't know how much your advice is worth to me since I found out how to shift my focus from catastrophe ; to an opportunity to reach my ultimate heartfelt Purpose in life. You speak and write straight from the heart and your communication skills are pin point accurate and perfectly conveyed. I always wished I could to go to your Wellness Centre but couldn't. However tonight I feel truly blessed and refreshed and thankful for a World Leader and Master Teacher speak to me in my room! Ask, Believe and I did Receive!!!!

  16. A truly humble and wise person is Deepak Chupra. .I am learning a lot from him. I kept listening to him to absorb each and every statements. I love the awareness of business concepts to serve the people and include the consumers and eco system as the stake holders ; not just see people as wealth generating but include their needs. He is so cool with the way he articulates and delivers his speech. I heard of him before but never paid heed until I listened to this audio. Thank you for uploading .?❤

  17. believe is not the answer…its a trap…because "believe" already is pre determined by a believe system around you…i think we should start to NOT believe

  18. Thankyou…. Evan for the great video . this video gives answers to lot questions …. we been searching for years . great scientist Deepak Chopra . we love your great work . Evan . ☺?

  19. I really like the rule about time management and doing everything (one thing at a time) with awareness. Thank you so much for this video as well!

  20. Religious People believe in Superstition…(As defined in the Dictionary)…..a belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge, in or of the ominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, occurrence, proceeding, or the like.
    a system or collection of such beliefs.

  21. Thank goodness the world has a Deepak Chopra. Had to write down his following two statements I loved them so much: "Live the questions," and "We created an economy which was based on spending money that people had not earned to buy things they did not need to impress people they did not like." How blessed I feel I was never affected by this behavior.

  22. Thanks Evan it's been very helpful to me i've always been a fan of Chopra, and Tony Robbins, and i'm so happy to be aware, peace

  23. Our consciousness is inextricably connected to the doorway of subjective molecular phenomena through universal belonging and quantum progressive expansion which is modulated by our existential perception of intrinsic reality. Elementary dear deep pack.

  24. Deepak = the man! His classic "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" changed my life. 

    Btw here's a pretty good article on general principles of success:

  25. I heard lot's of good and wise words over the years but this gentlemen's advice is priceless thank you so much for sharing.?

  26. thank you Evan ? I don't know if you know him…he is Spanish and his name is Sergi Torres ? he is amazing ?would be wonderful if you would interview him ?

  27. processing thoughts on trauma…

    what makes trauma, well… ​


    1. it's at this precise juncture, that we disconnect from ourselves.​

    when being with ourselves is painful… we MUST disconnect. (what the fuck else can we do?)​

    2. the "sos" – SUSPICION of SELF – that is created​

    3. it's about simultaneous fear and helplessness ​

    4. in the midst of the traumatic moment (we either figuratively or literally have nowhere to run or hide)​

  28. “Why do I stay in prison, when the door is wide open?” Who am I in the midst of thoughts traffic?” Much love Rumi & Deepak???

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