Dentistry Decoded: Tooth Sensitivity

When you drink a hot beverage
or eat something cold, do you feel a sharp pain? You don’t have to suffer. Let’s take a look at the causes
of temperature sensitivity, as well as
a few remedies. One common cause of sensitive
teeth is exposed dentin, the tissue inside your tooth. The dentin is covered with a
protective layer called enamel, so when the enamel decays, the
tooth becomes vulnerable to pain. Gum disease occurs when the gum recedes
and exposes the root of the tooth. This can lead to
painful sensitivity. Brushing your teeth incorrectly may injure
gums and expose tooth roots. And whitening treatments can wear down
enamel and sometimes cause sensitivity. Whatever the cause,
your dentist can help. She can recommend new oral care techniques
and desensitizing dental products. And, if decay or gum disease is the culprit,
she can treat the problem. For more information on temperature
sensitivity, visit our website.

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