Derfor er antibiotikaresistens dødsskummelt | Leger Uten Grenser

Derfor er antibiotikaresistens dødsskummelt | Leger Uten Grenser

This will not kill you in Norway today. But even tiny, infected wounds
can become life-threatening in the future. The world is about to be set back
70 years back in time. I am going to tell you a horror story – from real life. Hold on tight. Doctor President of MSF Norway The main reason why most people
survive pneumonia today – – is not modern hospitals, new technology
or huge investments in health. The most important reason is simply: – – antibiotics. Alexander Fleming’s discovery
wipes out the deadly infections. People died in vast numbers due to blood poisoning – – and pneumonia prior to penicillin’s discovery in 1941. They even died because of infected wounds. Few years after Fleming’s discovery,
the first antibiotic-resistant bacteria emerged. In the last 70 years, many new types
of antibiotics have been developed – – as more bacteria have become resistant. But now the bacteria are on the verge of beating us. They are becoming resistant faster
than we develop new effective treatments. And it is our own fault. Every year millions of tons of antibiotics are
dumped on people who don’t need them. Even more are given to animals like chickens and pigs. Not due to illness,
but to quickly make them fat and tasty. But the horror story does not end there. Now it seems like the pharmaceutical industry – – has stopped bothering to research new antibiotics. 30 years ago, 16 pharmaceutical firms
were doing research on antibiotics. Today there are only four left, – – despite antibiotic resistance being
one of the biggest heath issues in the world. What is going on? You would think this was tremendously important – – to an industry that claims that
peoples’ health is its first priority? But no. One of the reasons is that if we are going to
continue having effective antibiotics, – – we have to stop overusing them. That will not make the industry filthy rich. So they don’t care about investing in it. Economists call it «market failure». I call it stupidity. A world without antibiotics scares me to death. We all have a responsibility to stop this from happening. Us doctors must only use
antibiotics when it is necessary – – and the meat industry has
to stop feeding it to healthy animals. But this useless, if new,
more effective antibiotics are not developed. And if the pharmaceutical industry
does not take responsibility, – – the politicians must step in. I cannot stand out here in the cold anymore. What if I get ill? What if the antibiotics do not work? This is way too important to be
left to the pharmaceutical industry alone.

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  1. bullshit, jeg er proff oppfinner og har funnet en løsning. som ikke bare kunne gjort oss bakterie resistent, men også forlenget leve tiden vår og gjort immunforsavert vårt skuddsikkert.

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