DermTV – Are Long Term Antibiotics Safe for Acne Treatment [ Epi #352]

DermTV – Are Long Term Antibiotics Safe for Acne Treatment [ Epi #352]

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] And welcome to DermTV. For most of us, when we look better we feel
better. And when you have acne breakouts, you not
only don’t look your best but it can have an important emotional
impact as well. Fortunately, as a result of both the topical
and internal medicines available today, for most people acne is easily
controlled, but many of the medicines require long term
treatment for months and even years. Of the three types of internal medicines available, antibiotics are the most common drugs used,
and many patients ask if taking antibiotics for acne, especially
for years or even just months, is safe. To answer this question, we need to discuss
two issues. First… Is long term antibiotic use dangerous
to my system? When taken as prescribed, since in the United
States, oral antibiotics require a prescription from
a physician, when taken as prescribed, long term use is
generally safe. Some antibiotics require occasional blood
tests to monitor that there are no adverse effects from the
pills and in the rare events that there are, stopping
the antibiotics usually allows those side effects to resolve
by themselves. Of course, as with any medication, anyone
can have an allergic reaction to any medication at
any time, which also requires stopping that medication
and not using it again… although a different antibiotic can then be
used. The second issue is, “Will long term use
of antibiotics weaken my system to serious infections or
make the antibiotic less helpful if I need it for other reasons
in the future?” Again I’m happy to say that no, it won’t
weaken your system. While in theory long term use of any antibiotic
can encourage certain germs to become resistant to that
antibiotic, the antibiotics used for acne usually are
ones not used for important life threatening infections so the emergence of possible drug resistance is not a reason to avoid antibiotics if they’re
useful in controlling your acne. Your take away message in my opinion is that when it comes to long term antibiotic use
for the control of acne, the upside far outweighs the down side. And again, when we look better we feel better.

24 Replies to “DermTV – Are Long Term Antibiotics Safe for Acne Treatment [ Epi #352]”

  1. Nobody needs antibiotics for a long period of time, all it does is kill all the bad and good bacteria. It will lead to candida and from there you will have a downward spiral. Just take propolis and oregano oil. Antibiotics should not be used for acne all its going to do is lead you down serious problems, and candida is a very serious problem!

  2. I'm a Rosacea patient who has taken Tetracycline (along with topical Metrocream) for decades. It has definitely kept my skin more blemish free. As I age I need a lot less of it.

  3. Hello Dr.Neal, I have been suffering from whiteheads mainly on the right side of my face, they are not very severe but they are persistent. i mix a BHA liquid with a rich moisturizer every night to help with the whiteheads, although it has helped a little the whiteheads keep coming back. I have extremely dry skin and when I use the BHA it becomes even dryer, any suggestions on how i can get ride of the whiteheads without over drying my skin?

  4. @SweetCherryPie26

    So, glad you see what I am talking about, all people want is to be spoon fed lies, just because a person with a white coat gives you a poison does not make it safe to consume! Think for a minute people… do you really want such poisons to fix one problem for a short period of time? And wait…you get a bonus… you get more side effects leading to more medicine. It might not happen right away, but it will happen in the future and people wonder what is happening>

  5. i dont think taking antibiotics over a long period of time is life threatening but its certainly not healthy ..i guess you have to outweigh the pros and cons yourself

  6. @MissDa255
    I want to suggest you look at Paula's Choice 2% BHA Lotion. Find her site online. It was designed for dry skin but may not be as emollient as the moisturizer you use now that is likely diluting your BHA Product.

  7. @AbbieJolie thanks for the advice, right now i am using Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid, i guess it's best to try the lotion.

  8. @DreamBiology Hello! Since being on Yasmin have you had any non-desirable things? I've heard bad stories about Yaz and Yasmin from friends. I've never been on birth control and I've heard horror stories or weight gain, skin going crazy, and my best friend started fainting have getting really dizzy and she finally figured out it was Yaz. But I'm interested in it though, along with the sprio, I've heard some intruiging things.

  9. @xZombiePinUpGirlx that is horrible! did it go away when you went off it and did you try a different pill or another form of birth control? hope your better!!

  10. @glamhaze Hello, I saw your comment and was curious about the propolis and oregano oil you mentioned….. I've never heard of those things, what are they and how do you use them for acne? I have serious acne and I was placed on antibiotics a couple of years ago and the doc told me to stay on them indefinitely and I thought that was ridiculous so I quit taking it but now my acne is back in full force and nothing I've tried has worked.

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