Desayuno FÁCIL para DOSHA VATA de AYURVEDA… (para mí el mejor!)

Desayuno FÁCIL para DOSHA VATA de AYURVEDA… (para mí el mejor!)

Hi! Today I wanted to share with you
a recipe that is super simple to make and that helps a lot to reduce and balance
to people who have a digestion of type “Dosha VATA”. The ingredients are: oat flakes,
water and six spices that are especially indicated to reduce and balance the DOSHA
VATA. The quantities are: between 80 and 85 grams of oat flakes, and 600 milliliters of water. These amounts are calculated for “one person”, because it’s what I eat every day (as breakfast). As soon as The spices are: cinnamon, ginger, aswagandha
(I buy it in powder and it comes in very large bags, so when the
little bottles of spices are ending … then, I use them to put these “Ayurvedic spices” inside), Shatavari, and finally a little of cilantro. The preparation… it`s super simple.
We throw the oats in a saucepan, we throw the water (the 600 milliliters corresponds to approximately
about two glasses of water), and put it on “high heat” until it starts to boil, Once it starts to boil, we lower the heat to the minimum, I put it in the vitroceramic
to number “3”, and we left it like that for 10 minutes … At this time, when it has started to “boil”,
a little white foam comes out above … and I do not trust much of what it is,
so I remove all the foam with a spoon and I leave it clean, and once I’ve left it clean, I’m going to do something else … and I wait for 10 minutes. And that’s all, there’s no more
nothing else to do. Once the 10 minutes have passed, I serve the cooked oat in a plate… and, in fact, this can already be served as breakfast. The texture of oats become like this… between soft and gelatinous, which is much easier to digest
for this “dosha Vata” that we are precisely trying to reduce and balance, I throw a little cinnamon to make it sweet, and then I add a little ginger, aswagandha,
shatavari and cilantro (a pinch of each) … I remove everything very well, and that’s it. Now we just have to wait for it to be tempered. We can accompany it with an infusion, as
for example of “fennel” and “chamomile”, that also help to reduce and balance this vata dosha, … or any other type of infusion that is adapted to this dosha. We add boiling water, and we also wait for it to be tempered. The Vata dosha must eat breakfast quite “warm”. And that’s it, I hope you liked it and that you’ll enjoy it. See you in the next video …! 🙂

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  1. Puedes variar las "especias" a tu gusto… pero debes informarte bien de que sirvan también para equilibrar a "DOSHA VATA",… con las que enseño en el video queda "muy rica"! Espero que a alguien más le sirva esta receta… En futuros vídeos hablaré un poco más sobre medicina ayurveda. Si te ha gustado, dale al LIKE 🙂 y Suscríbete para ver vídeos de espiritualidad, filosofía de vida, psicología, autoayuda,… y un poco de todo. Gracias por tu visita!

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