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Hello everyone ! Welcome to my channel Aushadhi Today I will tell you about Diabetes. This medicine is very effective Which has cure many patients If you like this video of mine please like this video share this video and subscribe my channel. Now I will tell you about the medicine You need 50gms kadu, 50gms chariyata 50gms fenugreek, 50gms dry neem kernel 50gms dry blue berry seeds 100gms gudmar You these things will be found at any grocer or grocery store or any local ayurvedic medicine store Now what you have to do is Dry them all in the sun, Grind separately and make powder. Filter with a fine sieve and mix it all and fill in a jar. Now I will tell you the method of its consumption. What you need to do for this is to take a spoonful of powder with water on an empty stomach in the morning and half an hour before dinner If your sugar level is very high then consume it twice a day, but if it is not very high then you take it on empty stomach in the morning. If you liked thsi video of mine then please subscribe my channel. Thank you !

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