diabetes ayurvedic treatment sri lanka Blood sugar (Diyawadiyawa) Dr Ranpatha Ruwan Rathnayaka

diabetes ayurvedic treatment sri lanka  Blood sugar  (Diyawadiyawa)  Dr  Ranpatha Ruwan Rathnayaka

Most of the people in our current society are scared of diabetes, Most people think, diabetes is incurable using any treatments (which has been advertised in some treatment methods) but this disease can be completely cured using correct Ayurvedic treatment methods. It is a fact , people don’t know that most of the Diabetes patients in our current society can be cured using Ayurveda treatments you will only understand this if you have already taken ayurvedic treatments Most of the diabetes patients who visit this place are suffering from more than one disease /illness they are suffering from many other side effects because of the prolonged diabetes treatments such as (feel numbness arms /hands , loose weight, weakness in the body , loss of feeling – the hands, arms, feet, and legs , frequent urination , loss of libido (lack of energy) We need to consider how we should apply Ayurvedic treatment methods to cure this disease. In Ayurvedic treatments methods , treatments are focused to the main cause of this disease. Which is the weak functionality pancreas Most people think, Eating too much sugar is the main cause of the condition of (weak functionality pancreas ) which is true, but there are many other causes as well. As Ayurvedic Doctors we are well aware of these causes and Symptoms I must say that, Diabetes can be cured completely by treating these causes and Symptoms correctly using Ayurvedic treatment methods Most people tend to avoid taking Ayurvedic treatments because of the difficulty they have to face while making Ayurveda medicines,. As a solution to this problem , we have manufactured all the Ayurveda medicine products using the latest modern technology. Diabetes can be cured completed by using these Ayurveda products and treatment methods .

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