40 Replies to “Diabetic Teen Dies after Treatment from Herbalist?”

  1. Crucify one supposed herbalist to damage all Alternative Medicine…while everyday people are dying due to chemotherapy, 'big-pharma' medicines all sort of damages, addicted to pills, and the list goes on!!!!
    Its a fact that are several holistic and alternative medicines and therapists that are scammer, but if there was a wider control and studies maybe this people would disappear.
    I speak because I am addicted to a prescription-pills that since I started taking 7 years ago I am addicted and every time I try to stop all my body and mind get extra-sensible, I have pain, anxiety,etc…also my experience with anti depressives was a mind-blowing period!
    Check how many people suicided after using Prozac (there was a study done with police-officers)…check how many people die due to chemotherapy and not by cancer…check how many people die everyday due to medical-error!

    Also check the benefits of several substances and practices that 'western-medicine' ignores or calls fake cures, like:
    -Kambo (frog poison), the jungle-vaccine
    …and many other shamanic or traditional medicine

  2. I am so sick and tired of all these people going to “witchdoctors”. The parents should be prosecuted as well as the “herbalist”.

  3. If you’re looking for “natural” treatment, try diet and exercise. But never ignore your doctors recommendations.

  4. These parents should be prosecuted for negligent homicide. If you see your 13 year old son get down to 68 pounds knowing that you are not giving him the medication that he needs and you don't realize that he is sick and that you need to give them actual insulin, that is completely negligent and not okay. They said this was a slow death, and completely preventable.

  5. The doctor should have told them that there's no alternative to this!! Unfortunately if you're Type 1 diabetic you NEED to take injections there's no way around it. Now Type 2 diabetics CAN treat their symptoms naturally through proper diet, fasting, excerise, & proper rest! Yet they may need to take medication until they get their blood levels & insulin balanced within their bodies!

  6. I'm normally not an advocate of capital punishment but the both herbalist and the parents need to be executed.

  7. I think the parents should be held liable also for going against medical advice someone who actually has a degree in medicine! That to me is pure negligence on the parents part! Again that is my opinion ?

  8. But people don’t die from drugs that YOU STUPID DOCTORS prescribe just to make money? Or what about the chemo you give to cancer patients when YOU GODDAMN KNOW THERE IS A CURE

  9. Real question is did the herbs have a warning label that says it's not a cure and cant cure disease but can help lessen symptoms?

  10. When your teenage boy hits under 100 lbs theirs a PROMBLEM make informed decisions, do your own research. If they did they would have known that a diabetic can’t go without insulin.

  11. I’m a strong believer in herbalist, but there’s a limit to what needs real medical attention and what herbs can do for you. I get what this doctor is saying and I frankly feel really bad for the parents bc they apparently truly believe in this whack herbalist. That’s why I strongly believe we as parents need to do our own research and not go solely off other people opinions and testimonies.

  12. Only four months?! This herbalist needs to go for at least 5 years, I mean come on. Also the parents should at least get mental help for doing that.

  13. This is so heartbreaking, poor kid paid the price for this Two Morons, Reckless, humans and also who the hell gets a 4 months of jail for murder ? This is BS in so many levels like C’on ! Shit like this makes me second guest the system and how all day every day ppl like this get away with this kind of shit ! Shame on you !

  14. Am still not putting down herbalist. The fact is that most of us fail to realize that food is what makes us sick. We take the same crap in and then we go to the doctor to get heal. We still take this same crap in and we go again to the doctor. We are just ignorant about how foods especially manadme foods. Is killing us.

  15. I’m a believer of alternative medicines however, not with certain diseases and/or ailments. Some holistic approaches are worth trying but again only if they are not serious such as diabetes and infections.

  16. Wow so sad! ? I went to see a herbalist for my anxiety and the supplements she gave me made me EXTREMELY SICK she ruined me she said medication was poison I regret ever going to her! Listen to your dr

  17. There are many,many ways to treat Diabetes unfortunately most of them are never, ever to be found on a Medical Doctor's MENU of Big Pharma Patent held, stock market sold, Corporate, Greed, Hospital Franchise, Prescription Pad. So a informed Patient/Victim MUST seek out Healing Therapy a Medical Drug pusher is not permitted to give advice or show enthusiasm for item not on the Medical MENU your Billed from. NO Medical Franchise Drug pusher ever tell s they're MONEY SOURCE/INCOME provider about Minerals like Chromium & Vanadium or B Vitamins like B-1 Thiamine to help Nuropathy, or Phenogreek to add with salads for Pancreas Health or soaking there feet in Epsom salts, that are NOT Salt but a source for Magnesium, or infrared heat to aid blood circulation in feet. No never because the Medical Pimps want symptoms that a Prescription Pad selling Drugs can reap Billing Receipts. When the general public ever demands "ALTERNATIVE HEALTH CLINICS" in they're Community & supports it with MONEY & Education, America will shock the world to see we have finally pulled our heads out of our ass, & now smell the deceit & greed that IS the DRUG Franchise called "Hospitals" Cinnamon, the "Natural" Hormone Pregnenoline can help with Diabetes Type 1 to regenerate the Pancrease. But non of you docile, conditioned, idiots do RESEARCH as I have for over 20 Years NOW. & I do not have any form of disease I am battling, other than a Mylan Sheath Nerve disorder from Vaccines & Amalgam tooth fillings. There are so many THERAPEUTIC possibilities people invested in Alternative Health have rediscovered & made better. But because you the Medical conditioned, cattle wearing blinders will not look for Therapy, the word therapy means to treat, cure,etc. Research Chromium & Vanadium Angstrom Minerals, LEARN enough to answer your own questions, then knowing what you expect your Medical Doctor to like wise be informed on these 2 Minerals that can be found available from your Grocery List, slightly that is. But see if the Medical "PROFESSIONAL" has 2 words or more detailing what you have learned, & when they put there finger to there lips and say, umblahblahblahblahblah blahblahhblahhblahblah you'll no they have Medical Big Pharma laryngitis, they CAN NOT speak on what IS NOT on they're Medical MENU. So, what a yah gonna do Brother???? Moooooohhh Nothing, I new it!!

  18. Herbs can help with certain things but if a Doctor prescribes medication for a medical condition (i.e. Insulin for Diabetes) then you need to take the medication!

  19. saying this person died cause of natural plant based medicine is full of shit, God created everything to help us and not harm us, plant based medicine is compatible with human biology not that bullshit chemicals u inject Into people, what about the chemo and radiation that only has a 4% success rate, yet u still support that crap

  20. Why didn't the parents sue the herbalist? Only 4 months in jail, amazing.The parents should have also been held resonsible.But, the herbalist should have been in prison for a number of years, 4 months get real.He killed the child,& the parents were complete idiots.Type1 is a serious ailment, you need injections.Type 2 a different type where you can eat and follow a diet to the letter and walking 4-6 times a day.Have your blood checked every 3 mo..What a shame that they killed that young child.HERBALIST & PARENTS.

  21. what herbalist though ? anyone know?
    *which online herbalist?
    curious what they said/say cause some people do tend to mislead by their beliefs/confidence , or just dont realize what effect which words might cause sometimes

  22. how many people have died at the hands of doctors did they get time in prison no , look at both sides of the story before you judge some one .

  23. That's right people drs are God's or can arrange the meeting. My father and mother would tell more but they passed in the hospital under 24/7 dr care. Research is key so please don't skip this procedure.

  24. Did the herbalist also tell the parents to stop monitoring the child’s blood sugar levels ?? Did the herbalist use a disclaimer and say follow up with your primary doctor ??Probably the reason he only got four months.

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