Dietary Cure for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

[Music] this landmark study suggested that exposure to dietary geese like baker’s yeast brewery’s nutritional ease may worsen the course of crohn’s disease an autoimmune inflammatory bowel disease the reason they even thought to do this study was because Crohn’s patients tended to have elevated levels of antibodies to yeast but that’s not the only out of immune disease with increased yeast antibodies the same has been found in lupus patients and rheumatoid arthritis another joint disease called ankylosing spondylitis autoimmune liver disease and autoimmune thyroid disease so might avoiding yeast help those conditions too they haven’t been put to the test but he’d rat night is supper Teva has what is that had retinitis supper Teva can be pretty gruesome disease starts out with just like pimples though typically along parts of the body where there are folds armpits groin buttocks under the breasts then painful nodules form which turn into abscesses and drain a thick foul-smelling pus and then it gets even worse forming these active tunnels of pus inside your body and it’s not that rare an estimated prevalence of like 1 to 4 percent that’s like 1 in 50 and clothes typically cover it up so it remains hidden but you can often smell the pus oozing out of people there are all sorts of surgical options in chemotherapy but why did they even think to try diet for the condition I mean you can see Crohn’s disease is a disease of intestinal inflammation how food you react to could make things worse but why a disease of armpit inflammation because there seems to be a link between hidradenitis suppurativa and crohn’s disease having one may make you 5 times more likely to have the other so there may be an immuno pathogenic link between the two they may share similar abnormal immune responses so if cutting yeast out of Crohn’s patients diets help them then maybe cutting out yeast might help with HS a dozen patients with hid rat and nine to separate Eva put on a diet that eliminated foods with yeast like bread and beer and they all got better 12 out of 12 immediate stabilization of their clinical symptoms and the skin lesions regressed reversed went away within a year on the diet okay but how do we know it was the yeast by cutting out a food like pizza you also may be cutting out a lot of dairy and that’s the one other thing that appears to help a dairy-free diet led to improvement in like 5 out of 6 patients I see these tunnels of puffs are caused by the rupture of the same kind of sebaceous glands that can cause regular acne but in hidradenitis suppurativa they explode and dairy products contain 3 things that drive the process of clogging up your pores and contributing to the leakage rupture and ultimate explosion first there’s the casein which elevates igf-1 got it probably a dozen of videos on that then there’s the way in lactose and third the hormones in the milk itself six hormones produced by the cow or placenta and mammary glands to end up in the milk so why not try cutting out dairy and see if things improve there’s a whole series of nasty drugs you can try to beat back the inflammation but as soon as you stop them the disease can come roaring back even after extensive surgery the disease comes back in like 25 to 50 percent of cases so we are desperate to research new treatment options but patients aren’t waiting they’re getting together in online communities sharing their trial and error through social media and people reported successes cutting out dairy and refined carbs like white flour and sugar so this dermatologist in New Hampshire was like okay let’s give dairy-free a try and 83 percent of his HS patients he tried it on started to get better and it didn’t even try cutting out the sugar and flour now this wasn’t a clinical trial or anything he just figured why not it’s not easy to do a randomized clinical dietary intervention but that doesn’t stop individual patients from giving things a try I mean you understand why there has to be institutional review boards and stuff when they try out new risky drugs and surgeries but it’s just a matter of trying switching to soy milk or something why do they have to wait as patients search for an effective path to clearing this horrible disease they need support and guidance to follow the most healthful diet available free of dairy and highly processed sugar and flour nothing could be more natural what about the yeast though how do we know it was the yeast and look eight of the twelve patients just went through surgery so maybe that was why they got so much better it’s like when I hear someone who has cancer and goes through the conventional chemo surgery radiation followed by some quack clinic in Mexico and then attributes their cure to though.we grass colonics or whatever they got how do they know it wasn’t the chemo surgery radiation that saved them in this study why do we suspect it was the yeast because not only did every single one of the patients get better every single one showed an immediate recurrence of skin lesions following accidental or voluntary consumption of beer or other foods like bread so not only did the elimination of yeast result in rapid stabilization and complete regression of the lesions within a year but in every single case take a little brewers yeast or something within 24 to 48 hours BAM symptoms are back so that’s why the researchers concluded that a simple exclusion diet could promote the resolution of the skin lesions involved in this disabling and perhaps actually not so rare disease what was the response in the medical community to this remarkable landmark study why was there no mention of informed consent and ethics committee approval letter after letter saying wait a second you you violated the Declaration of Helsinki which is like the Nuremberg code or Geneva Convention to protect against involuntary human experimentation yet where was the institutional review board approved for this yeast exclusion study to which the researchers replied look we just told them to avoid a few foods we gave them the choice look we put you on drugs that can have side effects caused liver problems or war you can try out this diet and the patients preferred the diet not to mention I would add that they were all cured anyway bottom line by avoiding foods like pizza which contains both dairy and yeast sufferers may be able to prevent their armpit from turning into this stage 3 of the disease [Music] you

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