Dior Forever Matte Foundation 4,5N | Better Than Diorskin Forever? ? + HUDA Nude Obsessions

Dior Forever Matte Foundation 4,5N | Better Than Diorskin Forever? ? + HUDA Nude Obsessions

hi beauties and welcome back to my
channel in today’s video I’m finally trying out the Dior forever foundation
if you’ve been watching me for a while then you know I love the Diorskin
forever foundation and this has been discontinued sadly and it was
discontinued right before this launched so I must have a salty about it because
I just like would not buy it but I finally have purchased it and I want to
find out will I love it as much as I love the Dior skin forever so if you
want to find out more then just keep watching I’m a little bit pressed for time
today so I’m gonna try to keep it moving but I wanted to do this foundation
review just for myself to see if it’s similar to my Diorskin I don’t know I
don’t even know what I’ve heard I haven’t really watched that many reviews
about the Dior forever I don’t know if I’ve watched any if I watched one or two
I’ve forgotten what they said it’s been that long
so some of you may not even be interested if this and all right now but
I’m gonna do what it do baby I’m not gonna do a comparison I do have the Diorskin
forever but I’m not gonna like put it on half my face or do anything like that I
wore this a lot here on my channel I’m just going to go full force with this
one and I’ll let you guys know my impressions of it and let you know
whether I think it’s similar this is not gonna be a full foundation wear test or
anything like that this is a one ounce bottle and again this is the matte
version there’s another version that is called skin glow it’s meant to give you
a more radiant finish and I typically like a matte finish so of course I went
with that one you’re supposed to have a velvet matte finish and it is a medium
to full coverage foundation that remains flawless for up to 24 hours and it does
have SPF 35 in it and it’s good for normal dry combination and oily
skin types I have combo skin this product is an
allure best of beauty Award winner I’ve already tested
on my skin to see if it was a good shade match but I just kind of looked for the
shade match but I didn’t actually wear it I need to purchase some fix+ but I haven’t because I do have this
little tiny one here so I’m gonna just use that one and when it’s gone I will
purchase another one all right I’m gonna use a couple of primers today I was sent
this product by good molecules and I really wanted to use it today I tried it
out I think as a moisturizer and I really liked how it felt but it’s a
silicone free priming moisturizer so it can double as a primer and I didn’t
apply any moisturizer yet good molecules is a brand that you can find on Beautylish and they reached out to me a few months ago and they have been sending me
products it’s like I’m on their PR list and I’m really grateful and appreciative
that they’re doing that because I am a smaller youtuber and I have actually
heard a couple of my favorite youtubers who had larger channels talk about this
product that they were also sent just like me
because they even talked about the type of packaging that it came in and I’m so
go ahead savvy and thanks to good molecules okay
it says formulated with shea butter macadamia seed oil and plant derived
silicone alternative to deeply hydrate smooth and nourish the skin and this is
a 1.7 ounce bottle again you can find it on Beautylish and I’ll just pump that
out a little bit it absorbs into the skin very quickly and it doesn’t seem to
have an oily finish or anything it feels great and it definitely feels like it
could serve as a primer as well like once you use this you really don’t have
to use a primer but I’m gonna be extra I’m also gonna use my YSL primer
just because I love it and I know I love it and it blurs so I’m gonna really
concentrate it in my t-zone area but it blurs my pores and it just gives me a
beautiful overall radiant finish thank you again
to get molecules for sending me this priming moisturizer I’m really grateful
for anything that I get to try out I love it okay so here we go guys let’s
shake this up and I don’t think I saw whether to apply this with a brush or a
sponge so we’re gonna do a little bit of both this is a foundation brush this is
the 47 brush by Sephora I like using this to spread it on my skin so we’re
gonna start with a brush I’m just gonna pump like a half a pump is it a half
maybe just a half a pump because typically I don’t have to use very much
of this when I had to do your skin I didn’t have to apply very much sometimes
like my my match on Sephora is not always accurate so I typically will look
for an appropriate undertone and I’ll go a couple of shades darker this one is
the shade I’m sorry I haven’t told you guys this is the shade 4,5N it
says 4 it’s says zero 4 actually this is 045 and this was 045 as well
it’s got like 4 comma 5N and then it has 045 in parentheses and my other
shade was 045 so here we go that looks like I have a
pump and we’re just gonna spread it out and I may end up needing more guys but
we’re gonna start with 1/2 do I even need to buff it out this is my it
cosmetics buffing brush wow that just looks like skin doesn’t it it barely
looks like I have anything on so I feel like I need more I should’ve just gone
ahead with the whole pump we’re gonna do another half a pump and we’re just gonna
concentrate it in some of these areas where I have more blemishes or scarring and this time I’m just gonna do this and
I will buff it out go ahead and buff it out straight away so that I don’t lose
any product let’s just go ahead and buff it out I like the finish it’s not covering like
I will definitely have to get a concealer probably right here or just
keep doing what I’m doing right now to cover some of my dark spots it’s not
covering everything I was kind of surprised I didn’t really know that the
shades were the same or considered to be the same they just seemed very different
I’m curious to see if my Diorskin forever is the same color as this other
one that I picked so that’s Diorskin forever I put a little dot there and
then this is oh you know what and it doesn’t feel as thick either let’s
put a little bit more of the first one just so that we can see it better okay
this one is Dior forever this is your skin forever and they are similar but my
Diorskin forever looks a little bit lighter but they are very close I’m
proud of myself I’m liking this so far because it looks like skin and I did a
good job with my match for sure all right so let’s go ahead and do a full
pump pick it up with the Beauty Blender okay um I’m liking it with a Beauty
Blender but it’s again guys in it’s probably no
different than the first version it’s not very different I think but it’s not
covering very well gone are the days where I could rely on foundation to
cover everything I think probably my most full coverage truly full coverage
foundation is the Born This Way you guys let me know in the comments if you agree
if you’ve ever used that foundation but even like Estee Lauder Double Wear it
might come close as well I don’t like Born This Way that much I
feel like I get a little bit oily with that one but I feel like when I put that
foundation on it covers everything whereas just about every other
foundation that I use I have to build up coverage and it doesn’t cover marks and
things like that so I’m going to put a little bit more and just go in a little
bit let’s just see how it builds and see if I can cover some of this I want it
to cover so far so good as far as how it feels the Diorskin forever used to
feel really lightweight on my skin the finish of it was just beautiful and
especially on video some foundations that I wear look really really good in
video and that was one of those foundations that I would wear it and go
what was that I had on that day I usually keep notes about my videos I’d
look it up and that’s what I have on and I’m like wow it just always looks good
in video and pictures but it also looks good in real life and it wears very well
comfortably and all day long so I used to love that and this is giving me that
same vibe I’m actually not even feeling like I have anything different on my
face it feels the same I’d love to know what’s really different about it I’m
gonna zoom in though and let you guys take a look at it before I set it so this
gives you an idea notice that mark there’s marks here that
aren’t covered at all so that that’s my only concern right now it looks very
skin-like and I’m liking it even before applying concealer and powder or
anything else even though I did the brush and the sponge I like them both it
doesn’t really matter so either tool would be fine if you
bought this foundation so let’s keep going guys I’m gonna mix a couple of
concealers because I love the Armani finish and it is it is so lightweight
and skin like and I just love it but it doesn’t cover my dark circles and this
benefit one the bo-ing this is shade number eight and I can never remember the shade of
this one because the writing is too small but it is also it’s a really great
concealer but it is definitely very very full coverage and I just want a little
bit lighter concealer today I don’t know if my sponge is not wet
enough so let me grab a brush because my sponge may not be wet enough here to
blend that out yeah and I think I’m gonna need more oh my gosh what is going
on today see how big like I was trying not to put on too much of the Bo-ing it’s
almost like the shape tape and that respect like if you just put if you put
a little bit too much you’ve gone overboard and I feel like it’s easy to
go overboard or to put a lot of concealer on with that one so I was
trying to go light but my dark circles are just acting up alright so concealers
looking pretty good I don’t want any creasing though stop it stop creasing so
I’m liking this so far so I’m gonna complete the rest of my look and then
we’re gonna talk about how I’m feeling about the foundation and whether I like
it more than the Dior skin and I’m gonna bring you guys along for the ride so I just carved out my brows using the
colour-pop concealer I can’t remember the shade in this CJ07 nyx concealer
and i thought i was recording and that was it so we’re gonna continue okay guys I’m gonna pause mm-hmm I have
this new nude palette so excited I didn’t want to dedicate a video to this
because everybody hands already medium nude obsession what it’s called
oh I love the packaging oh that was so unique Wow
I don’t think I had touched one in store yet like the top I like that it’s like
this leather kind of feeling let’s see like i swatched them in store but i
didn’t know what the top looked like oh wow that is so pretty oh my goodness I
didn’t want to dedicate a video to this but I’m gonna just try that today so
here we go on with the video I don’t know what I’m doing
I have no idea what this look is gonna look like I’m just going in let’s just
do it all right guys so I’m back and I can’t
even tell you which one of these lip colors I have on I think I have on risky
berry and I was initially trying out magenta affair it’s Maybelline and then
I decided to top it with my Pat McGrath gloss just to mute it a little bit but I
don’t know if it really did that these are both maybelline shine compulsion
lipsticks I do have a video here on my channel featuring all 15 shades but this
is what we’re looking like so the last time I tested out a foundation it was
still La Mer foundation and I just went more minimalistic I didn’t want to go
full-on glam so that you can really see the foundation and this time I was just
like whatever plus I have another video to film so I
went ahead and did my full face I have not warned these baddie lashes
and so long I kind of forgot how dramatic they were today’s video is
certainly about the foundation and we’re going to get to that but you know I also
tested out this nude palette and I was just in love with it this is my first
time trying it i swatched it in a store and I thought that I would love it and I
did I went with the medium because I just felt like I’d get the most use out
of that one there’s a deeper one and a lighter one this is beautiful and really
easy to work with I started out using synthetic brushes
and remembered that I really liked using my animal hair brushes with the Huda
Beauty palettes her formulas just seemed to work better with natural brushes than
synthetic for me they blend out easier with a natural brush I used my Sonia G
brushes throughout most of the video but I do absolutely love this palette and
it’s only $29 guys so that’s beautiful but back to the foundation okay so let
me know what you think – in the comments please tell me whether you liked the
finish of the foundation but I like it a lot I think I like it a lot the only
thing I don’t like is that not completely full coverage but it
doesn’t claim to be it says medium to full so I think it would have continued
to build if I would have liked taking a concealer brush and just use the
foundation to cover these places I wanted to use concealer but I don’t have
a foundation color concealer over here with me today so I didn’t use concealer
so this mark is still peeping through so that I don’t love and I feel like some
of my wrinkles are showing more but I don’t want to really blame it on the
foundation my age is going to show more and more with every year that I get
older some foundations do a pretty good job of like muting or kind of covering
wrinkles and just marks and lines like these lines here and some of my lines on
my chin and this one is not doing that but like usually sometimes right here
the lines on my forehead can show sometimes with foundations and that
seems to be fairly smooth so that’s good let’s zoom me in this is not a wear test
I haven’t had this on all day I just put it on and maybe it’s just it’s more like
skinned I guess it’s like skin guys and so some of my imperfections maybe are
going to show through with this foundation like I have like some pore
issues right here and I’ve never had anything really covered that but that
definitely is showing and any marks and just like little dimples in my chin I
could just see those things but I can’t say that it looks bad I have on a lot of
other makeup but overall it still looks like skin I just have on a lot of other
stuff wasn’t back out now I can’t say for sure whether I love there forever
more than the your skin because when I was introduced to this I was a little
bit younger and it was like one of the best foundations I was using at that
time but since this one I’ve tried Double Wear and
I think that’s maybe a hair better and YSL hair better and La Mer and
even some of my drugstore foundations like my L’Oreal infallible fresh wear
it’s really good too so I’ve tried some other foundations that I really really
like since I purchased this one so maybe I’m not as impressed as I was at that
time because it was one of the best foundations I had in my collection at
the time you guys know what I mean but this is one of those videos where I’m
saying all this but I may go back and watch the video and think my makeup
looked amazing and I think it looks pretty good like I’m looking at myself
in the viewfinder I’m looking here I do think it looks pretty but I’m just not
I’m not ready to commit let’s just say that we’re dating but I’m not ready for
a commitment yet so I’ll try this a few more times and see how I feel wearing it
out and things like that I’ll try to leave an update in the description box
to let you guys know if I end up like falling madly in love with this but as a
first impression I think it looks pretty it’s just so competitive out here now
with foundations that there’s a lot of pretty foundations on the market so I’m
sorry guys I thought that I would know for sure
I just knew I’d be like oh yeah this is it I don’t know so basically the jury is
still out I’m not sure whether I love this one as much as I love this one so
thank you so much for joining me for today’s experiment if you liked this
video give it a big thumbs up be sure to leave any comments down below
especially let me know whether you like this foundation on me and let me know if
you own it do you like it how do you feel about it if you had the Diorskin
forever before do you like this one better let me know your thoughts I’m
really curious and if you have not already subscribed to my channel please
go ahead and click that subscribe button before you leave so I’ll be seeing you
guys again very soon in my next video so until the next time we meet again this
is Savvy signing out

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    Uuu the good molecules primer!! I really like the Huda palette!!! I am enjoying mine! I do like the foundation on you.. I wish it was just a BIT more full coverage for me personally. It looks very pretty!!!

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