Disney Couples Therapy: Session Three

Disney Couples Therapy: Session Three

– [therapist] : Tell
me something about Eric that you love? – He’s really smart [laughs]. I thought Scuttle knew interesting
words. This one [laughs]. Do you know that a toss
salad isn’t just for dinner? – Fuck. – Kids. – Kids? [scoffs] – Are you kidding me? – Are you kidding me? No. – First off, we’d probably have a litter. – No, no, no, no, no… – Secondly, if we did have a child, we’d be signing our own death certificate. – She’d have a good body though
if we did, end up doing that. – The likelihood of one, if not both of us dying by the time she turns
16 is ridiculously high. – She would have a nice pair of breasts. and an unnaturally small waist. You know, we all do [laughs]. – Did. We all did. – I heard you. – My name is snow white.
You literally could not get any purer than that. Why would you be surprised
that I’m not that adventurous in bed? – [sigh] You were living with 7 guys? They kept singing, “Heigh-ho!” – We spend every holiday with your family. It would be nice if
once we could go home– – Woah, woah-woah. We tried this. A couple christmas’ ago, I spent the entire night in a fucking raft. While they were eating dinner
down in the water. – I’m… having an affair with an owl. – You fucked Fred? – Tale as old as time.
We never dance anymore. We used to dance all the time when we were dating. – Yeah, because we were dating. We were dating. – Fucking knew that. I fucking knew that. It’s like the 3rd or 4th time. How
many times is this now? Can we even make it back home? 4 times? With the owl, or with other animals? – There’s other animals– – all the other animals. – Have you ever had chuck ducking? It’s salmon stuffed in a duckbill fish, stuffed in a shark. – No, no one else has
ever had that before. – I would’ve done anything for you when we were dating. I would’ve
taken a pottery class for you when we were
dating, but what’s the point now? We’re married. – [gasp] Oh, lucky me. – Why don’t we just bring out Bambi’s dad? Why don’t we just do that. – That is not fair. He was grieving when I did that. Okay? His wife died. – He left his family.
How can you support that? – What were you picturing? Me, lying in bed naked
while they paired up? Doc, on Dopey? Dopey on Bashful? – No, we couldn’t figure it out. What were we going to figure out? I can’t even stay– I float. – This is over. No, it’s over. If there’s ever a deal breaker, it’s fucking night birds.

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  1. more more more please!!! I am dead over the couples thereapy:Disney wives series please! I beseech FOD more please!!! lol

  2. I've worked at Disney World as a college intern and this shit is soooo funny because its honestly not a magical place and some of the actors did act like this behind the stage.

  3. "Bashful" has more stank on his down low then all the other dwarfs combined! It's in the B.I.B.L.E. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth 

  4. The woman playing Ariel looks so familiar but I can't place her name. I've seen her somewhere before. 

  5. Man please keep doing these they're fucking hilarious oh and Arielle is really hot just saying make sure she stays on in the series

  6. OMG THIS IS SO FREAKING HILARIOUS I LOVE THIS! I am a huge disney fan i have got to say this is the best hilarious video i have ever seen for disney fans.

  7. doo mooree but make it longer please! The guy that plays Eric looks like Bradley Cooper! This is so funny! 

  8. you guys should do this with the other couples now, like Aladdin and Jasmine, or Rapunzel and Flynn etc. 🙂

  9. "Do you know that a tossed salad isn't just for dinner?… Fuck…"
    "I'm having an affair with an owl … You fucked FRED!?!" LMAO

  10. I hope they do another one of these and introduce some of the more recent ones. I mean, Pocahontas/John, Fa Mulan/Li Shang, and Anna/Kristoff would all have some seriously fucked up issues. Pocahontas and John would have the culture divide with Pocahontas running around half naked everywhere, Shang pretty much fell in love with Mulan when she was dressed up like a guy and Kristoff would always have to deal with Elsa hanging around like a permanent third wheel.

  11. Therapist: Tell me something about Eric that you love.
    Ariel: He's really smart. I thought Scuttle knew interesting words. This one. (points to Eric) Do you know that a tossed salad isn't just for dinner.
    Eric: Fuck!

    LMAO! This series is amazing and hilarious. I hope they do more.

  12. I would love to see more of these. They're historical. I wrote a blog piece about Disney couples in therapy and Aurora and Philip broke up because she had a drunken one night stand with Prince Valium.

  13. Yes I love that
    "I spent the whole night on a fucking raft while their eating"
    And "You fucked fred" lmafo

  14. Funny how Ariel and Eric didn't talk about having kids, when they were the only Disney Princess couple to actually have a child.

  15. Actually in the original tale, Aurora didn't wake up by a kiss, but by labour pain, giving birth to twins nine months after being raped by the prince…

  16. please learn how to properly mix audio. I didn't realize it was such a challenge for people. It's a bad sign if I need my volume up to 100% when typically it's at about 20-25. Please re-upload this with proper volumes. It would be funny if I could hear it and not have to constantly adjust my volume.

  17. ok i need more of these. it's been three years. Villain edition, lumeire and cogsworth, supporting cast characters Do eeeeeeeet!

  18. Philip: Why don’t we bring up Bambi’s dad? Why dont we just do that?
    Aurora: That is not fair! He was grieving when I did that, okay? His wife died.

    Lmfao lol

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