DMT and the Pineal Gland | The Spirit Molecule & Third Eye

DMT and the Pineal Gland  | The Spirit Molecule & Third Eye

Hello everyone, I’m Daniel Love, The Lucid
Guide. In a previous video, I explored the psychedelic
compound DMT and various myths surrounding the subject. Now one myth, in particular, that of the alleged
production of DMT in the pineal gland, got a lot of people talking. So, this video is going to explore that topic
further, asking the question, is DMT really produced by the pineal gland aka “The Third
Eye”. N, N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), famously dubbed
as “The Spirit Molecule” by Dr Rick Strassman, is a widespread but surprisingly poorly-understood
molecule. When ingested, DMT produces an intense psychedelic
experience, which for many can be transformative. However, in recent years many romantic theories
have been proposed for endogenous DMT – DMT that occurs naturally in the human body. Indeed, there are few body parts or molecules
that come close to generating the excitement and exotic speculation that surrounds the
pineal gland and DMT. Even with few hard facts and sparse research
many popular influencers such as Joe Rogan, have prematurely concluded and promoted that
DMT is produced in the pineal gland and is responsible for near-death experiences. It’s certainly a fascinating theory and well
worth further exploration, but it’s still just that, only a theory. At this point in history, there is simply
not enough compelling evidence to confirm this as true. During the “Breaking Convention”, Europe’s
largest psychedelic science conference, various scientists and researches explored the ongoing
mystery of endogenous DMT. On the side of Joe Rogan, scientist Dr Ede
Frecska, discussed how DMT has been found to bind to the sigma-1 receptor, found throughout
the body. This plays a key protective role in avoiding
cellular death when oxygen is low. And, this goes some way to inspire the speculation
that DMT could be released in large quantities during death as a final attempt to keep cells
alive. If true this suggests the possibility of otherworldly
entheogenic experiences when one nears death. However, this is a highly speculative proposition. And, unfortunately, the evidence regarding
endogenous DMT does not support this. Using the most sensitive analytical methods
researchers have found trace levels of DMT in the brains of rats – but this was only
10-15 picograms, a picogram is a tiny one-millionth of a microgram, furthermore these rats had
been treated with a Monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAO), a drug that prevents the breakdown
of DMT, they were treated once a day for two days – and only then tested. And further still, DMT receptors have a very
low affinity, meaning that large amounts of the substance are required to activate the
receptor, an amount far exceeding the paltry trace levels found in these animals. By comparison, a breakthrough into DMT space
occurs when the effect site concentration reaches 60 micrograms per litre. The pineal gland itself is tiny, little more
than the size of a large pea, and its primary role is to secrete melatonin in order to regulate
our sleep cycles. However, humans who have undergone the removal
of the pineal gland have shown no apparent behavioural effects. This does seem to contradict that it is deeply
important, certainly, the removal of the gland did not equate to the removal of the individual’s
soul or spirit. In an article published in the journal Psychopharmacology,
psychedelic researcher David E. Nichols says that there is no reason to believe that altered
states of consciousness are a result of the pineal gland producing DMT. He underscores that the pineal gland weighs
less than 0.2 grams and produces 30ug (micrograms) of melatonin per day. In order to induce a psychedelic experience,
it would have to produce about 25mg of DMT. As a “rational scientist”, Nichols argues
that it is “simply impossible” for the organ to “accomplish such a heroic biochemical
feat”. Since DMT is broken down by Monoamine oxidase
(which explains the short-lived duration of a DMT experience) there is no evidence it
can accumulate within the brain. In reality, there are still many more questions
than answers when it comes to endogenous DMT. There is certainly no convincing evidence
that DMT is produced in any meaningful amounts by the pineal gland. However, ingested DMT is another matter altogether. A recent study found that regular drinkers
of the DMT-containing brew ayahuasca experience ongoing traits associated with mindfulness
and enhanced mood. DMT is an absolutely fascinating substance
that calls into question the nature of consciousness and reality. While it’s a mind-blowing topic, it’s important
that we don’t go mixing speculation with fact. As a seeker of truth, we must be willing to
follow the path wherever it may lead, even if that means accepting less romantic truths,
such as the pineal gland possibly not being quite a special as we’d have hoped. However, the jury is still out and there is
plenty of research that is still required. For now, when discussing DMT, let’s all be
careful not to confuse facts and speculation. Whatever the personal experience of DMT means
and where it really takes us is ripe for philosophical debate and enquiry. Just because the science doesn’t necessarily
tie romantic notions of the third eye to the substance, does not mean that DMT isn’t a
deeply mysterious and fascinating topic in its own right. You know the drill, if you like this video
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18 Replies to “DMT and the Pineal Gland | The Spirit Molecule & Third Eye”

  1. Today we'll explore the connection between DMT and the pineal gland. Much love to Joe Rogan ❤️ for his work in popularizing knowledge of this topic, and I'm sure he's wise and open-minded enough to accept a few corrections to his much misinterpreted speculations. What are your thoughts regarding DMT and the pineal gland? I'd love to hear…

  2. There IS plenty of research required, yet. Research of a personal nature, into the experiential effects of DMT. Now accepting funding for my, totally sanctioned, research… yeah.

    (Joking obviously, but it's the internet)

  3. I'm no scientist but I believe that DMT has a rapid converted into a different neurotransmitter from. Because think about it you kill the mice then you cut open it head. You than cut open to get to the pineal gland and than you put it into a blender. By that time most of the dmt has been converted into a different neurotransmitter.

  4. Great video! Thank you for making this. It's sort of something I've wanted to get off my chest myself for a while but never got around to. This has always bugged me and felt like a real world example of that childhood Chinese Whispers game. IIRC it was Dr Rick Strassman who originally theorised DMT might be produced in the pineal gland. From what I recall it was literally just a brief passing comment he made because of its structural similarity to Melatonin, he never claimed it was particularly likely, and he certainly never claimed it as fact, just that if he had to guess that would be where it was produced. People ran with it, and from there all the other wacky theories developed: From DMT being the cause of our dreams, to DMT causing out of body experiences, to DMT being released when we die.

    I think DMT is a wonderful compound with a lot of potential, and one of the most incredibly unusual things I've ever had the opportunity to experience – but the theories have gotten a little out of hand and far-fetched, and everyone discussing them seems to present them as some proven fact, rather than the theories that they are.

  5. Thanks for the information. We need this kind of serious scientific approaches to combat all the misinformation that so easily gets propagated by ignorance and a mouse click. Please, you need to follow this up exposing the next level of this myth which is that our pineal glands are calcified (on purpose by the government adding fluoride to the water…) and that we can decalcify it following a rigorous regimen of purification. By decalcifying you then restore the gland's function and open your third eye and can now start your spiritual journey. Hundreds of people believe this with even more details and silly conspiracy theories and keep posting all over social media, like a new gospel.

  6. you do realize in Joe Rogan's podcast with Micheal Pollan he clearly states to Dr. Pollan that the DMT isn't produced in the pineal gland. he says we see traces in our liver, our stomach and in our kidneys.

  7. Joe Rogan is an entertainer, not a credible scientist – he says just about anything and he likes to be outrageous.

  8. I read that in total darkness, for 3 days (when natural melatonin is around 25mg) it starts being converted into 5-meo-dmt and then into dmt after, not sure to the legitimacy of these claims though

  9. Thanks for clearing this nonsense up. The pineal gland has for too long been considered by many to be associated with the 'Third Eye', out of body and 'spiritual' experiences, when the reality is a great deal more mundane. The whole subject of the nature of consciousness is not helped one bit by the nonsense spouted by so called 'spiritual gurus' who crave support for their notion of a 'spiritual world'. As you rightly say, DMT is a fascinating molecule and certainly worth a great deal more research but let's do it rationally.

  10. Is there a certain way to extract DMT from my penal gland?
    I am kinda nervous to mess around down there but really want to try DMT.

  11. I read Rick Strassmen books on DMT, which I found to be very interesting. But do we really need DMT to explore these so called Dimensions of the Inner or Outer Realms? I think not, besides can anyone function being on this stuff? Nope! It should Remain a Schedule 1 Substance. Isn't it strange that Shamans who use this DMT, use it to Contact Spirit Entities? Why can't these Entities appear Naturally to Shamans or Regular People without having to use these things?? There is more to this than meets the Eye, whether 3rd Eye or any Eye. I say it is very DANGEROUS!

  12. I can accept that the pineal gland may not so important….but why does the Vatican have a huge Pine Cone sculpture outside its front door? Is not that Pine Cone sculpture symbolizing the pineal gland?

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