Do Not Chinese Cupping Therapy Yourself! (DO NOT ATTEMPT!)

Ok, you’re good! Oww OWW! What’s up YouTube today, I am going to be cupping myself. I know that sounds weird, but trust me It’s really cool recently. I just got a cupping session done And that was extremely amazing so shout out to you Tamara by the way she emailed me the other day and told me that you guys are spamming her that’s Not cool like she’s trying to run a business, and you guys are just spamming her Please don’t spam her please respect her space and her business Don’t ask for me because I for sure a hundred percent won’t be there. So it’s just the waste of time But seriously if you want some good cupping done get it at my friend Tamara’s place and it’s amazing Today I will be cupping myself. What do you mean? I found this at Amazon, okay? It’s the same concept it cups your body, and then that’s basically it! I don’t recommend this at all Don’t try this at home This is probably really bad for you seriously, but I will be trying it anyways for YouTube purposes There we go actually cupped myself the other day just to try it like right here I don’t know if you can see the bruises right there. I was like Oh, I should wait and just do this for a video So here I am It’s basically a gun and pulls the air out of the cups, yeah All sizes we got skinny cup, medium cup, a little bit medium cup, tiny cup, smaller than smaller cup Cupping kind of releases the muscles so any tight muscles you have on you it kind of pulls it upward like this releases it like that That’s why you see it on Michael Phelps swimming for example He uses a lot of shoulder blades so that means he has to de-stress his muscles on the shoulder My thighs really hurt today Let’s see if I could do it Guava Juicey With the pull of this trigger the air will be sucking everything upwards Therefore sucking my skin upwards What!? Woah! I don’t know if I’m doing this right this doesn’t feel as good as I did it professionally I don’t think it’s same I feel like if I move my leg It’s gonna just snap and then just ricochet off and then blind me in the eyes *weird sound effect* It actually is working. It’s really uncomfortable This is not good there you go. So here you go has those giant circle? Which is good definitely does not feel right at all feels so Super weird Maybe if I oil myself and make my a little bit smoother. I totally suggest you do this professionally I’m just doing this for educational purposes. Let’s try the big one. Oh my gosh. Look at that It’s like a giant wart that is crazy Okay, this smells really weird. You can kind of see it red, but that just feels weird my arm kind of hurts now So I’m gonna. I’m gonna try here for some reason this part of my arm hurts. I don’t know why Okay, that feels weird. I think it’s mostly for your back and your shoulders Maybe let’s start cupping my back. How many cups of cupping thing can I cup and my back Alright so I have my brother here. He’s gonna be doing the cupping session. I totally like I said, I don’t recommend this at all Do it professionally if you want Tamara to do your back or cup your back. I’ll leave everything in the description below oh Stop that’s cold! Make sure your back is really really Soothed so I have a lot of panama upper Back, whoa More, okay. Let’s get our Okay, okay, okay? We’re good. Be careful. I’ll try not to move oh dear You’re okay. You’re good. Think we’re doing it wrong. I don’t remember it feeling it this way last time I did it This is like household how to cup your back this is making me want to fart for some reason is very good I think two triggers are fine. I hope you guys are doing okay if you haven’t subscribe yet Make sure you press on subscribe button and make sure to give this video a big thumbs up. Oh dear I am so limited with my movements. I feel like one wrong move and I will just break all my back How many more cups left oh? [Four little bitty ones] No, okay. Go, ahh this knows weird this definitely feels uncomfortable left for sure. Oh my goodness. This is not good [Does it hurt?] It’s just still weird. It doesn’t hurt. It’s just really uncomfortable [this one’s purple] The muscle is really stressed and really tight So it’s really I’m tightening it making it really purple. Which is like Barney. I don’t know this feels so weird I feel like they’re gonna break if I make any sudden movements like I feel like if I stand up really fast It’s just gonna explode take him out. Take him out. Wait is shaped like a heart wait. It’s jo. Wait. Is it really yeah? I don’t even know that my back is a heart as well So I have two hearts comment down below if you have one heart or no heart that makes you heartless so really quick I think how you take it out, you pull the thing upwards and it releases all the air back. Oh, oh Oh that feels good that one you just took out it feels really good that one was the dirtiest oh, gosh. Oh That was a complete success. Wow is my back red or anything Hey shirt, no. There’s no way yeah, this one’s a little dark, but you can’t tell any of the other Oh, wow look at that awesome. Wow thank you Thank you, but anyway. It’s like. I said, I don’t recommend this at all definitely go to a professional I want to try something else real quick before we move forward this one. I truly do not recommend all right wish me luck Another cool really kind of funny. It’s really hard to speak with the sang on this one that feels really painful. We’re here Let’s have fun. It’s really hard to talk It’s kind of like affecting the way my jaw is lined up So I don’t think the bells is good for your face or your jaw okay? I’m gonna take this off I don’t wanna. Go huge is it Dark hmM. Is it really it’s not like super Dark. No shush. You’re lying no Pikachu no no I can’t be that dark dude. No it was even there for that long and it was a night That’s super tight. Where’s my camera you liar? There’s nothing here. You are well anyways that is all for today. Thank you all for watching today’s cuffing video. Let me know what other Therapeutic procedures would you like me to do by myself at home comment down below? I’ll see you guys back on stay juicy! Subtitles by The Domino D.R.

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