22 Replies to “Do Vaccines Cause Autism? (Guest: Del Bigtree) THE HEALTH AWAKENING Ep. 122”

  1. My son was behind on his shots so to catch him up they gave him a shot with 6 vaccines in it (Mmr,Dpt and some others.Three days later he lost all speech, all eye contact, and later was diagnosed with autism. His doctor said it was probably mercury poisoning. DONT TELL ME SHOTS DON'T CAUSE AUTISM.

  2. Yup! I knew it !!!! This man is brave he needs prayer that YHVH protects him. The govt doesn't like whistleblowers

  3. This has been an awesome video! Thank you for this interview with Del and the discussion about his movie, "Vaxxed". I own a copy of this fine documentary and in my opinion it offers proof that we are living in deceptive times that corresponds to the "end times". There is so much distorion of truths and outright lies nowadays that it is becoming more difficult each day to be a truthful Christian man. Thank you for more proof of this deception.

  4. Many are getting shots while pregnant , the docs immediately give the baby shots when they arrived so their basically given a double dose. If alcohol drugs can be passed to the baby in the womb so can these shots. The drug companies are hiding so much in order to continue getting rich it's sickening.

  5. Not many likes on here But I have a feeling the talk of babies at the end has something to do with that. This is blunt honest in your face awakening of the horrors of our wonderful drug companies. Many will learn and pass the info on. Thank you for video

  6. Great video, who do you think funds the families with countless therapies? The Government!!! Autism has created so many jobs and careers, it stimulates the community in multiple ways!!! They will never admit to it!!

  7. God bless people like you, the big pharma is lying about this horrible science. All anyone has to do is look at our children, increase in autism, and the high amount of vaccinations required today in our children to enter school. It is a shame, a stain on the scientific community as an whole.

  8. Isn’t it ironic how the extremely wealthy make it a “priority” to vaccinate the population and almost immediately after we have things like the Ebola Virus. But look I’m not a medical expert, I don’t have a license to medical PhD but I just look around me and notice trends…

  9. There has been many studies proving that autism is not linked to vaccinations. A lot of people like to link the fact that vaccines cause autism. I have at least two different studies that I can share the links to, that show the lack of correlation between the two subjects. Children are often diagnosed with a form of autism around the same time they receive their routine vaccines. While I do understand why parents might point fingers to vaccines, it honestly has nothing to do with it. In fact, while it might not be 100% proven, scientists believe that ASD is actually genetic. Which would make sense because a loved one I know, has a form of autism, specifically aspergers. They believe it skips two generations. So actually his great grandfather was diagnosed with aspergers later on in his life (because technology wasn't that great then), and it skipped his children and his children's children, but not the generation after that (aka my loved one's generation). Now again, I know some of you may disagree with my beliefs and maybe even my facts and that is okay, I do not want to force change, but if you can look at the other side with an open mind like I have, then maybe people can meet on middle ground. Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share your opinions.

  10. Notice it's the live virus vaccines that most parents state have caused their child to regress into autism. MMRV (measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox) and DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, acellular pertussis) are live virus vaccines. I don't believe these live virus vaccines contain aluminum, though? I do believe I've read that the hepatitis B vaccine has the highest amount of aluminum and is given to American babies within hours of birth. These 3 vaccines (7-8 really) are the most commonly blamed for causing neurological issues in children. Oh, and the HPV vaccine -.- How can anyone say vaccines are completely safe or even close to safe!?

  11. Injecting fetal DNA fragments from both male and female aborted babies could likely be the cause of the increase in transgenderism as well.

  12. Do you have articles to refute this… my son sent this too me.

  13. Thank you for another terrific video. People feel comfortable taking information from someone who looks like a doctor, suit or dress shirt, short hair neat as a pin, conservative presentation……. yeah thats who they believe. They don't want to hear loud shouting or trendy music, they need to feel like its a doctors office or doctor conference, otherwise many will dismiss it.

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