Doc Vader on Integrative Medicine |

Doc Vader on Integrative Medicine |

– And this is the thing. The hospital wants to make money, and keep their patient
satisfaction scores up so what do they do? They start an integrative
medicine service, which basically they should
call it the Placebo Team. Like Team Placebo, like rush in oh we need
a placebo consult stat, get me some dilute water, and give it to this patient and tell him it has
magical mystical powers, and then watch the HCAHPS scores
become 100 per cent because the patient’s like someone listened to me and
gave me mystical force energy. The only mystical energy
field is the force. I only use that for violent attack. Never for healing okay? That would be an abuse. And here’s the thing
it’s all about pandering. It’s all about pandering. Because Dr. Oz says “Oh,
we should use Reiki to “basically faith heal you.” And so Joe administrator goes Reiki well Dr. Oz said so
the patients really want it because they’re reading Oprah Magazine, so why don’t we get them some Reiki And I’m like um hello?
Can I raise my hand? Yeah went to medical school, went to residency, did some science, may I say something? This is (beep). Okay? I’m just gonna go on
record okay I’ll sit down now. Thank you. Integrative medicine service. Gimme a break. You might as well admit somebody to the taint transplant service, that’s as real as the
integrative medicine service. And you know what they
had the nerve to tell me? The medical board called me and they said Doc Vader there’s a complaint that you’ve been diverting medications. And I said what medication
have I been diverting? And they said essential oils. And I said Oh! I didn’t
know that was a medication. Also yes I have been diverting them, straight to the trash. You know and when I confront
them about the lack of data, they say you have bad energy bro, and I’m like yes I do so suck it hippies . Energy Look I have been around from one end of this galaxy to the other. I have never seen a lavender essential oil that will not grow man breasts.

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  1. LMAO! I'm still wondering what imaging will decide if the patient's chakras are aligned. Integrative medicine my a**!

  2. In a world with so many specialists who answer questions with "not my field" I naively supposed integrative medicine was a collaboration of experts on one patient, and focusing on the whole body processes that could be affected. A nutrition expert would be the one with the least medical training on the team.
    Hospitals are for scientific medical interventions in a crisis. If they want to include a spa treatment, it should be a side service down by the chapel, gift shop, and cafeteria.

  3. Massage Therapist and nursing student here….by the time patients hit the hospital, they are beyond essential oils as treatment. #knowyourlimits

  4. We should have a culling. People who show up to a hospital and deemed non-emergent, bargaining over opiates, or bitching about "natural" remedies should be pushed into the Sarlacc pit.

  5. I feel like essential oils could be helpful even as a placebo. I personally find the scents very soothing, and even though I know it's a placebo, the calming mixes help me calm down and the focus mixes help me focus. I think they could have a place in a hospital (though definitely don't give them the same importance as actual medicine)

  6. Oils are for when you are a bit healthier, not when your CHF or COPD are exacerbated,. Or, you come in for a large surgery like and ORIF, you want your hydrocodone p.o., or your hydromorphone IV! Save the oils for "after" recovery.

  7. Hey zdogg, i was curious if you had any videos on metal health primarily severe anxiety, panic disorder, ptsd related? Also thoughts on diet for mental issues?

  8. LOL, as a board certified general internist who is actually studying herbal medicine, I find these posts hilarious. You may not know the science behind herbal medicine but that does not mean there is none. And, seriously, if lavender e.o. can alleviate mild anxiety in a hospitalized patient, why would that be a bad thing? Do you really want to compromise your COPD-er with Ativan or Xanax? Placebos work too, anyone who has read more than one paper about new treatments or drugs knows that researchers hire statisticians to pick a test to achieve a desired p value

  9. This video is BS, and simply shows the kind of arrogance that someone with an MD after their name can act about practicing medicine. Just because you went to medical school doesn't mean you know everything, or that writing Rx's is the answer to every problem. This is pathetic and not a funny video at all.

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  11. The needs of medicine are not necessarily the same as the needs of any particular patient. Many things in Integrative Medicine haven’t been proven “yet”. Big Pharma will make sure that they are never proven. Many things in Integrative Medicine May be working “under the radar” of current medical knowledge. Too many doctors forget how much they don’t know. Doctors are a long way from God.

  12. This seems definitely more geared toward energy healing and homeopathy. Essential oils are good for emotional and mental health as well as some pulmonary and topical actions as Complimentary medicine, which is my preferred term for what many call integrative. Massage therapy has many uses medically to compliment many procedures, just as dietary in which I also include herbal medicine. While yes, there are some unproven practices there are many that are proven and can also help many people overcome certain cultural stipulations about invasive techniques that the typical medical model in the united states does not facilitate, therefore leading to more instances of inexperienced malpractice outside of the current health care setting. I would hope that more people would begin to consider this as we move forward in expanding and specializing the health care team instead of turning other people's belief systems into a joke and leaving them unfulfilled and still not healed from their ailments

  13. Dr. Dogg,

    I love your Doctor Vader videos. I don’t think that I’ve laughed so hard in a long time. However, I don’t think all integrative medicine is as fake as you depict.

    UC Irvine has an integrative medical program that combines the best of conventional and alternative medicine. I couldn’t agree with you more on Essential oils not offering any medical . I use them because they smell good.

    However, acupuncture is not fake science, but it won’t cure cancer.

    My mother takes a dozen different prescriptions for a wide variety of ailments. I really question whether all these drugs are helping her. I know that’s proof, but the practice of prescribing a narcotic for every ailment doesn’t make sense to me either.

    Some herb, exercise and food choices can make a significant difference. I know that it has for me, although I don’t miss the value of prescriptions, but think they should be a later option when non-prescriptions options are proven insufficient.

    She broke her spine. Had conventional robotic surgery, which the doctor declared a success. Had a NEVRO HF10 installed in her spine, but needs to continue taking the opioid Norco and has had very little decrease in pain after going through a myriad of conventional treatments.

    We are now looking at alternative options through licensed medical doctors.

    I would only suggest not to be entirely dismissive of all alternative medicine.

    Again, I love your videos. Couldn’t agree with you more on anti-vaxers.

    Take care.


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