Doctor Reacts to Middle Ground: Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine

Doctor Reacts to Middle Ground: Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine

100 Replies to “Doctor Reacts to Middle Ground: Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine”

  1. The anti-vaccine peeps does not understand the importance of herd immunity… They need to experience a place like South Africa, where Tuberculosis and HIV is absolutely out of control, where both adults and children are high risk for dying for these preventable diseases… Yes you might have a seizure from MMR vaccine, and yeah America or 1st world countries may have lower prevalence of immune deficiency, but they need to look at the 3rd world countries as well where the benefit faaar out-weighs any risk

  2. Anti vaccine : I MYSELF had a bad experience, MY child had a bad experience

    Just by those words i can already tell youre either dumb or you only care about yourself. No need to watch the full video, you already lost the debate

  3. Using your own allergic reaction to a vaccine as evidence that no one should be vaccinate is the same logic as me using my banana allergy and saying no one should eat them because i;;m allergic and there's a very small chance that someone else might be

  4. The pro vaccine doctor in the video said if we don’t question anything we’d still be in the dark ages so why are anti vaxxers belittled and ostracised for questioning the integrity of doctors and the government issuing the vaccines

  5. Vaccines and Medical interference saved my life so I'm 1000000% pro vaccines and my sons, grandsons and so on must freaking be pro vaccines.

  6. My native country (Honduras) Is low on Vaccines (unless you go to the private helath care system) no because an idiot stole all the money of the public social care (that man is in prison but the money got lost) Recently there was a Dengue outbreak (mosquito transmited disease) and Vaccines were effective against that but poor people couldn't afford that and many died… They weren't anti vaxx but they had no acces to them. Anti Vaxx has acces to them and choose not to its so sad.

  7. Don't worry. Those anti-vaxxers and their descendants won't be around after a generation or so because of an idiot's decision.

  8. Being "anti-vax" and not being able to get physically vaccinated because have a bad reaction are two completely different things.

  9. What I don't understand is that IF you realized that you are one of the FEW that get a severe adverse reaction to vaccinations, you SHOULD NOT get vaccines. As a result you should actually be PROMOTING vaccinations the MOST in order to protect yourself with herd immunity.

    The anti-vaxxers in this clip were not really anti-vaxx, they just want to bring awareness to the possible side effects. NO ONE says that there are zero possible side effect to vaccinations.

    Doctor recommendations are backed by years of study and supported by numerously critically appraised research building for generations. ONE parent's online Google spree for a couple of years does not come close to the amount of study that goes into clinically proven medicine.

  10. considering the risks are smaller and less life threatening if you get vaccinated to the ones if you don’t, i really don’t understand how their arguments exist. the women says she thinks her arthritis was caused by the vaccine is so much less severe then the chances you have of getting a severe and life threatening illness from not being vaccinated

  11. I would compare hating vaccines fror having a bad reaction to them, that It's like having an allergy for apples and for your bad reaction you start claiming, that apples have no health benefits and that they are in fact harmfull, despite countless studies and general knowlage.

  12. I just think not everybody needs vaccines anymore, because of vaccines the chance of getting a disease is very low today so it not as crucial

  13. I think being pro or anti-vax depends on the person. It all depends on if you react poorly or not some people or not affected and some are. But I will say some things are bad no matter what. For example the aluminum levels in vaccines is dangerous. The FDA Safe Limit for aluminum is 25mcg for a 2 month old infant when the Daptacel vaccine which is just one of many given at 2 months old contains 330mcg of Aluminum. Dangerously high aluminum levels can cause brain damage.

  14. Did some of these people inherit the STUPID gene?! Vaccines have been proven to work through clinical trials. After the polio vaccine was invented, the percentage of kids contracting polio went down to practically zero. It should be a mandatory law that parents vaccine their kids. If the parents don't, then the kids should be taken away from them until the parents sign a form to be supervised in escorting their kids to be vaccinated.

  15. In my school I was in a room delivering a letter to the room they were all antivax kids in there (I coughed now there all deed)

    The teachers name was Karen

  16. Right I need to AgReE with the anti vaccine so they will read right so you think vaccines cause autism fair enough bk clearly every problem you have is bk vaccines but autism vs dead is a lil different learn to love your child no matter how they behave or act

  17. I think unvaccinated people shouldn’t be able to go in public because just because you don’t believe vaccines you shouldn’t be aloud to just get others sick because you a selfish stupid person

  18. Would you rather:
    Get measles
    Diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough (pertussis) (DTaP)
    Polio (IPV) This can lead to paralysis and death.
    Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR)
    Chickenpox (varicella)
    (most of these lead to death or permanent medical severities)
    Tuberculosis – killed 1.6 million
    Meningococcemia (if you didn't know this leads to the loss of limbs and brain damage, eventually death)

    Hepatitis B, a viral infection that attacks the liver and can cause both acute and chronic disease.

    Q Fever
    PLAGUE (yes, wiped out a sizeable portion of 17th century Europe
    Rabies (a disease with a 99.9999% kill rate)
    Have autism.

  19. Just make it a nation wide law and be done with it. If you want to be an American citizen you need mandatory vaccines or else your kids won’t be allowed to go to school and you can end up doing jail time for negligent parenting. I don’t care how many people get Butthurt I’m guessing at least 90% of these people were vaccinated and now you’re biting the hand that’s been keeping you alive.

  20. India been a polio infected country for decades and in the 90s after polio vaccination was introduced ,it took 8 years to completely eradicate out polio as India stands a polio free country recognised by WHO. USSR made it mandatory for people to get vaccinated and the measles disease was absolutely defeated and eradicated out of USSR for its lifetime

  21. Imagine googling for probably 3 hours about vaccines and getting arthritis at a young age putting 2 and 2 together and thinking “if I can’t have it, then no one should” and she has no proof that vaccines have her that arthritis. Also if a doctor told her that she can’t have arthritis then he or she isn’t a doctor or shouldn’t be.

  22. Because they are my child does mean i can do what we feel is right. a lot of this was a little flip floppy. i feel like this is biased because he is a doctor.

  23. No one is telling that woman to vaccinate her kid, especially after they find out that the kid has a reaction. She's lying through her teeth to spread misinformation.

    And as someone who has a child who can't be vaccinated, she should be really on board with people who can be vaccinated getting those vaccines so her kid is protected.

    She's jumped on the 'my kid had a reaction and therefore vaccines are bad.' I'm allergic to latex, doesn't mean no one should be allowed to have balloons, because not everyone is allergic to them.
    Just because your kid had a reaction does not mean vaccines are bad, it means your kid is an exception to the norm.

  24. 2:36 I LOVE how Mike just straight up missunderstood what the woman said and just said „yeah she is right. Vaccines are safe and stuff“ and then 0.01 seconds after that she says something like „that‘s soo bullshit lol xD Rofl haha whoever thinks that is stupid“

  25. The by far best video I have ever seen about vaccines is the video by „Kurzgesagt“. Would be great if some of these anti-vaccers would watch that. Because they destroy basically all arguments against it in one shot

  26. Ultimately, people who choose not to vaccinate (those without a medical exemption) are being selfish. They are choosing to put their health (small risk of adverse reaction) above the rest of the their community and choosing to rely on the health care system to take care of them if they get sick. It is a short sighted choice. Too often people just cannot see beyond their own experiences.

  27. i am from Honduras, all vaccines here are free, moms come and vaccinate their kids and them selfs. not because doctors tell them so, but because we are a 3rd world country, that has seen the effects of these diseases and how much suffering it causes. i am pro-vaccines, i study medicine I HAVE TO BE PROTOCTED TO PROTECT OTHERS, the fact that advers reaccions exist are not a justification to not get vaccines, advers reacciones exist with everything, you can have it even from eating shimp, nuts, bananas and many other things. not saying that it does not matter, I am statting the fact that sometimes the benefits for your self outweight the risks.

  28. Trying to find a compromise between everything is not only stupid but naive. Haft a loaf of bread is still bread, but haft a truth isn’t the truth.

  29. From now on anti-vaxxers will no longer be called that because some people take offencive to it. from this day forward they shall be known as child murdering fuckwads.

  30. Anti vaccination kids should not be allowed in public schools it could be dangerous for other children your selfish decisions should not harm other children

  31. Never understood whats with this anti vax. It makes no sense. Just get a vaccine . if u dont want one. Just dont take it and die or live. This entirely seems pointless

  32. In the video it's very clear how the doctors take in what they say and think about it, but when the doctors are talking, the anti-vaccine advocates start talking over them and instantly rush to disagree. They don't know the facts because they didn't go to medical school for 8 years. They did a bunch of google searching and found the answers they wanted to find. It's unfortunate that their bias and ignorance gets in the way of trying to understand the full picture. Nothing against the people themselves, anti-vaxers aren't automatically bad people, most of them just simply don't know all the facts.

  33. Not vaccinating your children because you had 1 bad effect from a vaccination which is a 1 in a million chance is like never eating food again because you had one bad meal

  34. So what I would say to a parent who couldn't vaccinate their children because of allergies or autoimmuity disorders is that they should actually be pro-vaccine, because the more people their kids hang around that are vaccinated, the more they would actually be safe from the spread of the disease…. Telling other ppl to join an antivax course of action is just plain idiotic because they are digging the graves of their own children

  35. Albeit the empirical truth it usually isn't, I don't know how data isn't treated as above all else. I'm no doctor, and am in no way well versed in medical knowledge……but if you want to convince me of something you need to show me some data. You can tell me all your one-off stories but data speaks volumes to me.

  36. I mean vaccines are great but they are going a bit far now and they are a bit too strong now and they have to much of the disease in them I don't hate vaccines I just think that some of the new ones may be a bit too strong for young children to handle

  37. Nothing in life is perfect, everything has pros and cons, do anti-vac parents really prefer a dead kid over a sick kid?

  38. 8:25
    1/3000 chance of having a curable seizure Vs a 47.8% chance of getting a basic illness that develops into something worse that sends you to a hospital anyway. I know which option I'd take

  39. As a baby I had really bad reaction to the whooping cough vaccine ,so I'm not an anti vaxxer but I'm definitely cautious of that particular vaccine.

  40. My kid got depression from going to school. The other kids are not going to school. Just going to lock them in the basement

  41. They should’ve asked you to show up there. You seem to understand both sides but you know how to attempt to teach something to ignorant people.

  42. When Anti-vaxxers started popping up more, it benefited me personally. It made me do my research and realize I was WAY over-due for my booster shots. Made sure to get them right away.

  43. That moron doesn't realize her daughter's at an increased risk of contracting a virus. She should want every one who can be vaccinated to be vaccinated to protect her child. They get the soccer mom to know nothing about medicine arguing with doctors doesn't make any sense.

  44. 8:53 Parents do not know their children best, they wish to and they believe so. They might do their best but they are still at the “parent” position and that’s kinda blocking their sight.

  45. I’m confused about the whole having a seizure thing at 8:29 I used to be epileptic and I had nocturnal epilepsy and it was never really that bad especially since I was asleep during the seizures, and I have friends who have regular epilepsy and even then it doesn’t get in the way of their lives that much so why would parents be so worried about this happening ? I was also slightly confused because before he said the chances of getting the disease but then changed it to seizure. Just need some clarification

  46. wait, so what exactly happens to the children/people that do have bad reactions to vaccines? or those that can’t have vaccines because of their condition or something, especially if they’re a child trying to enroll into a school and can’t get vaccinated. is there an alternative for them? I’m a bit lost on that part.

  47. The doctors (other than doctor Mike) are probably those idiotic alternative/hemopathic doctors, who believe in alternate treatments that have no medical/scientific backing that they work, like ozone therapy. Alternative/hemopathic doctors are like sovereign citizens, they're both fucking retarded. Oh yeah!!! Don't forget, vaccines give kids autism lol.

  48. I wish the doctor would've socked Melissa in the jaw. I've never seen someone so irrational as she is. I like how Melissa and her stupid troupe of idiots tried to interrupt the doctor's Everytime they tried to give fact about what was being said, which coincidentally, is the same way they would act if they were talking to their friends or people they were trying to convert to their stupidity. Also, that pediatrician should be reported to the medical board ASAP, he's endangering his patients by even being on the anti vaxx side. If he is still in buisness, I hope his clients fired him. Also, I would love for Melissa to keep her mouth shut. If she was a surgeon, she would definitely want to operate on her family first. God she is a fucking idiot. Surprised that Melissa didn't tell the doctors that vaccines are the cause of autism. I think the point of this video was to show how fucking stupid anti vaxxers are, and how dangerous it is to go to a pediatrician who is an anti vaxxer. Also, Melissa, shut your mouth, you're giving everyone nightmares because you have horrid teeth. You know, if there were doctors like House, the anti vaxxers would be told to shut up and to get their kid vaccinated (there was actually a house episode that had a segment where house was doing his clinic hours and an anti vaxx mother and her child came in, you should watch it). If you don't want to vaccinate your children don't, but remember, don't blame the doctors when your child comes down with measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough, etc. It's not the doctors fault you're mentally challenged and are putting your child in danger. I think it would be hilarious if CPS took kids away from anti vaxx parents and only allowed them to regain custody by having their child vaccinated. Or, maybe the schools here in America should ban any child that isn't vaccinated, because even though it's not enforced, schools do request a transcript of your child's immunizations.

  49. The anti vax folk shouldn't use any form of protection because literally everything can have side effects. Don't call the ambulance when your unvaccinated child starts having seizures. Car accidents are more common than adverse effects to vaccines. Don't wear a seatbelt. It might choke you. Don't eat apples. The doctors will find you anyway. Don't eat food at all actually. You might choke on it. Fun fact: Being alive increases your risk of dying by 100%. Therefore the best route is to not be born. It sucks that people get adverse reactions to vaccines, but don't go asking for compassion and use your (or your childs) victim status to prove your point. Just because someone disagrees with your opinion of not vaccinating does not mean they are uncompassionate assholes. It just means you're probably wrong and can't accept that, so you just start the old flinging ad hominems around method.

  50. Got vaccinated when I was a child and never had any kind of major diseases. All these pro vaccine vs anti vaccine issues are only prevalent in America and the first world countries it seems. Maybe these countries produce too many faulty vaccines. Never heard of any anti vaccine organisations in my country. But still, vaccine is a must. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

  51. 7:95 In my anaphylactic shock is serious but it is very easily treated so I think that for 1 in a 1000 chance it’s worth it

  52. Im sorry but ima just say this first you claim that "Don't get a vaccine if you have adverse reactions" then you say "You shouldn't be allowed to opt out of vaccines for public schools" so what your saying is those kids dont matter they dont get school, enjoy staying home.

  53. I wonder if these people can even have a credible scientific paper, with a credible cited scientist, and that has been peered reviewed.. doubt it. Ignorant people are so hard to even discuss with because they truly believe they are right ?‍♀️

  54. WHAT is any doctors training in vaccines' before any doctor speaks , speak of you schooling , not complicated to overview your awareness. ' dont note much human cell learning. the first half of a medical school program focuses on classroom study and laboratory practice. The second half of the program includes clinical rotations at a medical facility, which provide students with hands-on experience in a variety of medical disciplines. In order to become a doctor, graduates go on to internships and residencies and must attain medical license to practice. .. not enough human cell understanding. 'general practitioners are too ignorant to advise on vaccines..

  55. "parents know best" yeah, is not like this this person has studied 8+ years of medicine along with studying the human body …oh wait.

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