16 Replies to “Documentation of Vaccinations After Administration”

  1. CDC and Big Pharma are FRAUDS !!!
    They are in the BIGGEST COVERUP this World has EVER Seen, they know for a FACT it’s DESTROYING COUNTLESS LIVES but continue as business as normal, leaving a wake of Vaccine Injured kids in their Wake , all in the name of PROFITS !!!!
    Vaccines cause Autism !!!!
    It happened to my Son , your child could be Next !!!

  2. We have lived on this planet a very long time without vaccines. Over this time our bodies have developed a brilliant self regulating immune system, which no one should be tampering with. These mandatory vaccination programs are being used to suppress the people.

  3. Guys listen
    Mercury is fine in small amounts fish contain mercury
    Anti vaxx funded a study no link with vaccines and autisim
    God wint do nothing he let half of europe die you think he wont do it again?
    Risks are so much lower than benifits
    Big pharma is a lie they make more if you have the virus than not with a price difference of up to 64900$
    No matter what vaccines are fine most of the population has them and are fine
    Vaccines are fine the comments you anti vaxx give is only found when they arent just talking about it one channel did a video on both sides of argument and no anti vaxxs comment

  4. I can't graduate from highschool because I haven't been vaccinated. They're litterally taking away my right to an education here in California (USA)

  5. Sorry but no thanks.. I took a vaccine as a kid forced by the school and the next day I got the disease they mentioned about even the symptoms showed. It took time to cure it before I would be free from it. No vaccines for me any more.

  6. I have vaccine induced autoimmune diseases. Vaccines are toxic and destroy once healthy immune systems. Read the book: Dissolving Illusions.

  7. The point of this video shows openly scientists don’t know the effects of the vaccine that the doctors are prescribing (doctors are intelligent well mannered and well spoken people but not scientists). The results of any possible side effects are documented by the people using the vaccine. So really there is no evidence the vaccine is safe in the long term, every body will react differently, there is no actual evidence the vaccine will strength the immune system (quite likely to cause trauma to the nervous system).

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