Does Acupuncture Work For Infertility?

I have been getting acupuncture trying
to conceive for several months now with no look. What do you suggest? Well, as
Chinese medicine practitioners who have acupuncture as part of our scope of
practice, we are asked this question all the time.
Acupuncture is only one part of Chinese medicine and for something like
infertility, which is an internal medicine problem. It’s not really one of
the keystone methods that we generally use. It’s not a method that’s going to
resolve underlying problems, when the problem starts from the internal body.
With acupuncture, we can adjust make adjustments using the needles to what’s
already available within the body. But, we can’t build resources, we can’t nourish
tissues, we can’t improve a quality with just needles alone. So, since most cases
of infertility are actually in the internal medicine problem that need to
be addressed at the level of the blood and the health of yourselves. It requires
taking treatments to a bit of a higher level. So, how do we know this? Well, when
we first started supporting women with infertility, we did a lot more
acupuncture than what we do now. We used to both to help women try to conceive
naturally and also in supporting IVF transfers IUI is different assisted
reproductive technology type treatments. But, we found we weren’t always getting
the results that we were really looking for, when we got into this work. So, we
started changing our treatment method to more fully encompass, everything that we
had to offer meaning. We decided to stop just doing
acupuncture to our patients and, instead we started working in ways to empower
them to truly restore their into truly restore their fertility and with that we
found dramatic improvements in the results. It was the kind of medicine that
we were trying to provide for our patients.
So, after over a decade now of working in focusing primarily on infertility. We
find, acupuncture is a great therapy to incorporate into an overall treatment
plan, but for most cases of infertility acupuncture alone is not going to be the
primary method that we rely on to help our patients and in fact, some of our
patients don’t even get acupuncture at all. Instead, we
focus on getting them healthy. We hope them identify what hasn’t been working
for their fertility and instead, we empower them to get on a path that will
be effective at restoring fertility health and resolving the underlying
issues. So, what is the big takeaway in regard to a key function for fertility?
Well, acupuncture is a great compliment to help fertility, when it’s used within
a whole systems approach. That’s focused on restoring fertility through internal
medicine, which is what’s truly needed to make a full shift in fertility outcomes.
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