Does Homeopathy actually work?

What is homeopathy? Whenever we talk
about homeopathy we get a lot of angry emails from people
claiming we’re being closed-minded or not open to the idea of natural medicine It seems that a lot of people don’t understand
what homeopathy actually is Homeopathic does not mean
natural or herbal Homeopathic remedies are the result of a bizarre
ritual dreamed up more than 200 years ago What’s left at the end of this ritual what you find in the bottles labeled
homeopathy at your local pharmacy are small pills that contain nothing but sugar Yes, that’s right There is nothing in a homeopathic pill but the ingredients used to bind the pill together usually sugar How is that possible? The bottle says aloe vera homeopathic treatment doesn’t that mean it must contain aloe vera? Aloe vera is a plant, doesn’t that make this
a natural plant-based remedy? Nope In the early 1800s,
a man named Hanuman decided that to treat an illness you must ingest a
drug that causes the same symptoms the sick person is experiencing There’s no scientific basis for this but there we go But of course, large doses of drugs like this could actually make an illness much worse Make sense right? If you take a drug that gives you
a headache to cure a headache the headache could get worse So Hanuman again decided that you should instead take an extremely diluted
version of these drugs So diluted they wouldn’t actually
have any physiological effects and that would cure you – voila! So, exactly how diluted are homeopathic remedies? At each stage, a homeopathic solution
is diluted by a hundred times This is represented by the number and ‘C’ symbol
you’ll see on a homeopathic remedy So a solution that says ‘2C’
has been diluted by a hundred times and then that solution has been diluted
by another hundred times A ‘6C’ solution has had this process repeated six times At that stage, there are fewer than one
part of the original solution per trillion Some homeopathic remedies today have this process repeated hundreds of times At that level, it’s statistically impossible that it contains even one molecule of the original substance You are left with nothing but water The producers then make a sugar pill and place one drop of the
homeopathic solution on the pill which is then allowed to evaporate That’s all a homeopathic pill is! A sugar pill which has had
a drop of water evaporated on it One critic of homeopathy gave the example
that a single pinch of salt in the Atlantic Ocean would be
approximately a ’12C’ solution At ’40C’, you would have to fill the entire universe with the solution to be sure that you were getting even a single molecule of the original substance If you wander down to your local pharmacy you’ll probably see solutions of up to 200C
and even more If all this wasn’t enough, there have been thousands of studies performed which conclusively show that homeopathic remedies have no effect at
all beyond a placebo Duh – its water! And yet people all around the world spend
billions per year on these empty pills This is not natural medicine This is not herbal medicine Plant-based medicine can actually be effective Willow bark for example was used as a natural painkiller for centuries When modern science came along
we extracted the active ingredient and you can now buy it labeled aspirin Homeopathy on the other hand is nonsense A homeopathic pill is an empty sugar
pill Please stop wasting your money

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