Does Homeopathy Work in Pets?

Does Homeopathy Work in Pets?

many people in online forums will advise
you to give your pet a homeopathic remedy and consult a holistic
veterinarian rather than rely on conventional medicine now this raises
the key questions what is homeopathy does homeopathy work in pets and what
are the side effects of homeopathy hi I’m doctor Alex Avery from helping you and your pet to live a healthier happier life so if it’s
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pets health so many organizations and countries they’re starting to really
strongly advise against the use of homeopathy in both humans and animals in
those countries with healthcare systems many are also starting to stop the
funding of homeopathic treatments but why is this is this simply a case of
corruption and Big Pharma beating the small guy or is this a justified
evaluation of the scientific evidence available what do you think does
homeopathy work in dogs and cats now to consider if homeopathy works or not we
need to know what homeopathy is well this treatment has been around for about
200 years and it’s based on two main principles the first is that like cures
like and the second is that dilution makes some medication more potent a
substance that is incorporated into our homeopathic remedy it’s based either on
a substance that causes the disease or a substance that causes the same
symptoms of the disease being treated now one part of this substance is taken
and its then dissolved in 99 parts water it’s shaken to create a memory in the
water molecules dilute it again one part to 99 parts water shaken diluted shaken
diluted until the required concentration is reached and a standard concentration
is called 30 C which means that the remedy has gone through a series of 30
dilutions remember the more dilutions the more potent the remedies felt to be
now interestingly after 13 C so that’s 13 dilutions there’s statistically no part
of the original substance left in that homeopathic remedy
so regardless of whether this sounds plausible to you or not let’s go through
some of the statements and positions that various organizations have released
and we’ll start with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the UK so the
RCVS statement on complementary medicines includes we expect that
treatments offered by veterinary surgeons are underpinned by a recognised
evidence base or sound scientific principles veterinary surgeons should
not make unproven claims about any treatments it then goes on to say
homeopathy exists without a recognised body of evidence for its use furthermore
it is not based on sound scientific principles in order to protect animal
welfare we regarded such treatments as being complementary rather than
alternatives to treatments for which there is a recognised evidence base or
which are based on sound scientific principles there’s also been a survey of
UK vets and that came out with the results that 83% of veterinary surgeons
oppose homeopathy with 78% of them believing that it should actually not be
offered by registered vets at all of course this survey it doesn’t prove
that homeopathy doesn’t work it simply gives the general feeling of the
veterinary profession as a whole now to counter this the British Association of
homeopathic veterinary surgeons responce claims that there is quality evidence
supporting the efficacy of homeopathy and this is in direct contradiction to the RCVS findings as well as many and various bodies and studies that have
concluded the complete opposite now some of these bodies include the House of
Commons Science and Technology Committee which in 2010 determined that
homeopathic remedies perform no better than placebos and that the principles on
which homeopathy is based was scientifically implausible the National
Health Service in the UK has since stopped funding all homeopathic
treatment now next up is the Australian National Health and Medical Research
Council which is the country’s highest medical research body and they conducted
an extensive assessment of scientific evidence on the use of homeopathy in
2015 and again they determined that homeopathy is not an effective treatment
for any health condition it went even further and it went on to warn that
people who choose homeopathy may put their health at risk if they reject
or delay treatment for which there is good
evidence and then more recently this September the European Academy Science
Advisory Council which is an organization that represents the 29
national academies in Europe they issued a statement that homeopathy is
implausible and they then elaborated that there is no rigorous evidence to
substantiate the use of homeopathy in veterinary medicine so that’s all well
and good but a big question to then answer is that all of these
organizations vets doctors and scientists just slave to the big
pharmaceutical companies are they all either naive or corrupt and that’s
something that gets accused an awful lot online but clearly the answer to this is no if you
believe that they are then I imagine no amount of discussion will convince you
otherwise of course to there’s been a lot of
reaction to these statements among the homeopathic community most will simply
disagree with the conclusions and state the opposite that the evidence actually
does support the use of homeopathy as an effective treatment and that in other
words yes homeopathy does work in pets now as the plausibility of the treatment
the homeopathic Association in Britain writes that aspect of homeopathy that is
is implausible for many people is that the medicines are often though by no
means always diluted to the point where there may be no molecules of the
original substance left one of the leading current proposals for how such
ultra Molecular dilutions work is that water is capable of storing information
related to substances which it has previously been in contact with now if
your mind is not made up one moment one way or the other and that might be the
case you might then ask well what are the side effects of homeopathy in my pet
what harm is there in trying homeopathy and my dog or cat why don’t I just give
it a go well in one way there are no side effects as you’re effectively
giving water or a sugar pill another thought though is that homeopathy can be
very dangerous and this is really because the use of homeopathy it can
delay the investigation of an illness or delay the starting of a treatment that
has either a recognised evidence base or is
underpinned with sound scientific principles and in some cases the delay
due to homeopathy can be fatal now it will come as no surprise to you then
when I say that I feel that the use of homeopathy it should not play a role in
the treatment of our pets I believe that homeopathy doesn’t work
in dogs and cats and not just that but that it can have detrimental
consequences now this is quite aside from the fact that there’s also a cost
involved in consulting with a homeopathy and then buying whatever remedy they
prescribed I believe that this money could be used in a much better and more
effective way what are your thoughts on homeopathy in animals are vets just
slave to big pharma I’d love to read your comments if you leave them down
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and until next time i’m dr. alex from our pets health because they’re family

8 Replies to “Does Homeopathy Work in Pets?”

  1. What do you think about homeopathy? Do you disagree with the conclusions or feel there is no harm in giving it a go? What about other "alternative" or "complimentary" therapies

  2. No. Vets are not just big pharma slaves, they just dont know any better.. Let me tell yu my cats story if I haven't already. At 3am my cat hissed in pain he couldn't wee. The vet said I need $2000.00 RIGHT NOW TO DRAIN THE URINE IN A PROCEDURE! otherwise he will die a horrible death and all his organs will shut down! It will be very painful and horrible for him. It was 3am/and I didn't have $2000.00 but I REFUSED TO KILL HIM BECAUSE OF IT! I signed their stupid papers to take him home saying it was against their wishes and they recommend putting him down! I got the $2000.00 plus $300.00 deposit, plus , $500.00 other crap fees! He got their procedure come home , extri DESTRSSED AND JUMPY AND STINKING OF URINE. (They say oh well its necessary to just get the medical procedures done, lock them in their shitty small cages over night , ,,, so I come home $2500.00 later to see he may stil have trouble peeing, I got told , this procedure is not a sure fix, sometimes needs a 2nd time !! Another $2000.00 and if that fails , then $4000.00 to chop his penis to pee.. I rang a homeopath!. She said, go shops by some barley I think it was for $2.00 heat it up , syringe it down his throat to flush out his liver or kidneys? Then bring him straight in. I bought 2 x $16.00 bottles and he was cured, .. I think theirs a place for both. I think its niave and closed minded to say one is better, or worse, especially when homeopathy never advised to KILL MY CAT, And saved his life for under $40.00 , the vets would have cost $8000.00 in the end,

  3. I was suicidal for 20 years, wished I was dead every morning I woke up.. I had what DOCTORS called a chemical imbalance, … When you think a terrible thought, over and over it causes chemicals in the brain and emotions to play over and over.. I CURED MY 20 YEAR DEPRESSION WITHOUT TABLETS! Without Anti- depressants which every doctor I met wanted to give me.. No psychiatrist/ doctor/ councilor/ big sister scheme nothing helped, what helped was changing my thoughts one by one, bit by bit, which changed the patterning in my brain, which changed the chemical and emotional imbalance… In other words, pills and doctors and vets aren't allways the answer, but sometimes they are

  4. Natropaths think , we all come with a built-in basic program. (Pets and humans) its called "self-healing." You get a wound, it grows back together. You get a bacterial infection, the immune system comes and takes care of those bacteria, and it heals it up. The immune system is made to heal itself.
    Disease cannot live in a body that's in a healthy emotional state. Your body casts off millions of cells per second, and creating millions new celld at the same time. fact parts of our body r literally replaced every day. Other parts months/years. Within few years we have a brand new physical body.
    If u have a disease ,and you're focusing in it, n talking to people about it. You're gonna create more diseased cells, u should see yourself living in a perfectly healthy body and let the doctor look after the disease,
    I believe a lot of pets reflect their owners illnesses,
    Happier thoughts lead to essentially a happier biochemistry, a happier healthier body. Negative thoughts and stress have been shown to seriously degrade the body and the functioning of the brain, because its our thoughts and emotions that are continuasly reassembling , reorganizing, re-creating out body… Remove physiological stress from the body n the body does wat its designed to do. It heals itself.. Dr. John Demartini says that incurable means "curable from within"
    Homeopathy is a whole wellness, mind body spirit.. I doubt most vets and doctors even believe in the power of the mind or spirit. Even though its proven that shingles is from stress, so the mind affects the body, ,,, you dont see animals In the wild get as sick and old as household pets,, because humans affect their pets, .. Animals are the energy balancers of the planet, and are pure positive energy inside, they dont have thoughts of resistance like humans to make illness feel more painfull.. They dont talk and whinge anf make it worse, it just is. But they learn bad behaivoirs from us humans…

  5. Have you ever studied quantum physics or "epigenetics' … I'm no expert , but what science we learn in books at school is 10 years behind, have u heard of Bruce Lipton he is a biologist expert in cellular biology PhD , who studied stem cell research and cloning human muscle cells and observing them in peatrea dishes to see changes and what makes the changes… You'd be STUNNED at wat he discovered…he did thid years before most of us ever heard of it.. He says he our perception and beliefs literally control out genes. I'd look him up if I were you, because they have the latest science cutting edge stuff. And this too is what holistic people get into.. There not just stupid you know

  6. " 1 of 7 Expert Bruce Lipton explains the biology of perception "
    (Please try typing the above into you tube, PhD Biologist Bruce Lipton explains very well) .

  7. Well I hear what u say, but Even just the few Names below , put up pretty convincing arguments, These are the type of people natrupaths or holistic or "unconventional medicine people" listen too..
    3.) FRED ALAN WOLF Ph.D.physisist, works in quantum physics and concioussness ,Doctorate in theoretical physics
    4.) JOHN HAGELIN Ph.D world-renowned quantum physicist, won a Kilby award for scientist who made major contributions to society.
    5.) MORRIS GOODMAN Dubbed "The Miracle Man,"

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