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  1. It’s not fake. My primary school teacher convinced me to suck his dick like a whore and I wasn’t a whore. I wasn’t even gay. He was totally real.

  2. Hypnosis only works on people that's kind of an airhead/blond/not all there. Hypnosis didn't work on me but it did to my cousin and he's really out there in space but smart at the same time. He swore he wasn't just playing along.

  3. Too long and too much concentration requires to watch. Can someone please reply me and tell me does it actually work? Yes or no. And thank you for your help I really appreciated. And no I am not trolling. I swear. And I'm really thankful of the person who watches for me.

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  9. Hypnosis is something you can do on your own. When you have to go see someone to tackle an issue then u have nopower or arent intune with your self#wake up folks

  10. our school's psychologist/hypnotist conducted a hypnotism session on us to release the anxiety of university entrance exam once, he simply gathered us all in the conference hall with a light soothing music and dim lighting, and started to give a "relaxation speech", just like the one in the beginning of this video ironically , at some point he asked us to imagine a red balloon lifting our right hand, and some of us actually did that, not me though (when my hand didn't rise i had decided to check other people lol) . and he continued with how we were all gonna be relaxed and do well during the exam etc. after the session i asked some of my friends who raised their hands if it was for real and they had told me that they didn't remember anything about it, in conclusion those who seemed to be more open to suggestions haven't done significantly better job in the exam, so i know that the process is really working for some people, not the more artistic ones as it's often claimed to be though because i am an artistic person myself (painting, acting in plays for years etc) and i was fully awake during the whole proccess even though i wasn't resistant, i am just not sure of its effectiveness

  11. Where is the boundary between states of mind and spiritual realities? I have seen many examples of influencers seemingly changing peoples minds, or getting them to act in ways that seemed different than you might expect from their external mannerisms when not seeking to please influencer.

  12. Some people get hypnotize every day , tv ,movie ,school, commercial, and other people around you , they will keep on repeat over and over until you believe it .!!! That why we all need a shield to block out anything we don’t want in our life .

  13. Definitely been hypnotized before, a lot, because it promotes some awesome feelings and benefits for me. I've also got an irrepressible passion for learning and growing my inner sense of harmony so I have a personal trance discipline that is being developed on an ongoing basis. You gave a really good explanation very well said. Worth a sub. Here's to more! And I look forward to connecting 🙂

  14. Hypnosis and people that are affected by it. Let me sum it up. Weak minded, gullible people. There, that's it, the end.

  15. Hypnosis is basically just religion. I've seen demonstrations from churches where priests literally knocks an entire crowd of people down claiming that he "wiped the demons from their bodies" and the people who fell claimed that there was actually some "force" that pushed them down. This is just all placebo/weak minded delusions that causes people to play along with magical powers so that they can "truly" believe it to be real.

  16. I just dont get it. i understand you have to be willing and want to be hypnotized. i WANT to be hypnotized and am very willing and open minded. Im familiar and practice meditation and it helps my mind and body. That being said – you will never see me in my right mind clucking like a chicken or thinking the roof is gonna collapse and all the things you see in performances, not in private – not in front of anyone, not ever. i cant believe that someone is "making" them believe subconsciously that they are something else. To me these guys are AWAKE and CONSCIOUS just having fun or playing along, or whatever you want to call it. Its great to watch for entertainment but if im doing the things the hypnotist are making people do it would take $$$ and/or a lot of booze!

  17. This does not answer the question. The video only went on to explain what is the real hypnosis, without ever provide any proof or logic or argument or theory why hypnosis is actually work.

  18. Hypnosis cannot truly work; hypnosis is not humanly possible. What is said to be "hypnosis" needs tech to do. Although, Hypnosis is a violation of Free Choice and Free Will. Never would I choose to hypnotize, ever.

  19. what the fuck why does every video on this subject end with ''is it real? what do you think.'' well i don't know why do you think I am watching these videos.

  20. I did hypno therapy. Don’t waste your money. My sister paid for 4 sessions. First off my hypno therapist said those hypno shows are really people who are willing to act however the hypnotist wants them to act. There no mind control it’s people who have the desire to be center stage, act, be funny etc. but sessions were completely bullshit imo. I was never hypnotized which wasn’t useful at all.

  21. Noveltly seeking and Neuroplasticity increase vulnerability to Hypnosis. Some case of conditioning and hypnosis overtime could likely cause a long lasting imbalance in the brain and or long lasting rewiring of thought to be concrete mental/neural structures, Hypnosis is simply exploiting the brains vulnerability to stimuli to intentionally reprogram it, if you wan't proof that the brain is vulnerable to stimuli just look at PTSD, which in my opinion likely results from an over association of neurons in a certain memory, powerful hypnosis is not instant, its a slow processes of neural conditioning, i bet you with the right resources, you could drive anyone insane, make anyone believe anything in a deeply ingrained pattern, form uncontrollable habits resulting in the victim carrying out behavior that may benefit you, and with the right resources and connections this could likely be done covertly, and i bet this could be done memetically, the brain is more plastic and vulnerable than we think, Neuroplasticity allows for a faster development of intelligence and rapid skill development, but it also creates a vulnerable brain, this is sometimes associated with high neurosis, with enough conditioning you might even be able to induce psychotic like symptoms in a healthy individual, although this may require administering mild altering substances to the target, or other more extreme forms of conditioning, the PTSD flashback phenomena could be an example of this, although typically this is not induced intentionally, now imagine an organization intentionally screwing with peoples heads, using things like pain conditioning, trauma conditioning, drug conditioning(administering mild altering substances to the victim,) etc, what you would have would be a horrifying thing, but you could likely condition someone to become a subconscious drone, and this could likely be done in more covert ways using habit forming and covert nudges in the right direction, use any means available that might be covert to increase dopamine in the target, as dopamine is responsible for pattern and habit forming, sleep deprivation caused dopamine build up resulting in mild auditory hallucinations that lasted for months, it was fucking hell, yet also an interesting insight into what happens when you combine sleep deprived dopamine accumulation and the tetris effect, i managed to ingrain the LSPD sirens from gta 5 for months by playing obsessively while sleep deprived, this has also been reported by tetris players, but often sleep deprivation is not involved in those reports in my case i was getting an average of 5hours per night around the time the hallucinations started, this likely sounds like a cluster fuck because i'm currently sleep depriving myself to rid myself of unwanted habits and neural pathways. or this is all in my head and i'm slowly going mad, thats for you to decide.

  22. I have once read books stating that there could be some dangerous situations like for example that a woman was made to believe that her husband was a lion- and she attacked him. One man was amde to fall asleep via the word "super". This happened when his girlfriend said this, and the man fell into this deep state, so that the stage hypnotist had to come back saying that this had been the third time.One German therapist made a woman act like a child and told her she should not wake up again- meaning that he had to get deeper into that before the brain had enough by itself. And then I saw a stage hypnotist making a man forget his name and stick his arms to his head. This all frightens me…

  23. hypnosis works , just not the way you think
    it puts you in a state your own body can create on its own , to affect the way you think
    its easier when someone else guides you but its not a must

  24. I would say that these stunts are the result of 60% wanting to have fun and make ur friends laugh, and 40% hypnotism. This of only works on predisposed people that are willings to be hypnotised.

  25. I used to watch stuff they don't want you to know, and they just stopped uploading videos, i always wondered what happened to the narrator, this guy has a whole other channel

  26. To make it more tangible we've seen hypnotic ability of predators while they approach their prey. Possibly nothing more to say. Possibly there is a way of tapping into that hypnotic suggestive state.. certainly that oversimplifies it. But thus we can see instances of actual hypnosis by force seemingly if Axiom proves true

  27. hey, did you know that I've found this thing where it try's to make you go to sleep? well if you do you should watch it. anyway, i can make a hypnotism spiral go round on microsoft powerpoint, did you know that?!? you should try it yourself. it's really fun!! try and make someone play dead or play dumb!! good luck!

  28. Hypnosis is bullshit. People who get hypnotized and start acting all stupid are in on the joke. I want a world class hypnotis to attempt hypnosis on me. Only way I’ll believe its real is if someone successfully does it to me.

  29. I was once part of a hypnosis act. I totally faked it for the benefit of the crowd lol I didn't feel pressured to, I was just young and I liked being a stage presence. Didn't work at all for me and I highly doubt it was working for anyone else. I like to think I'm pretty good at reading people, I have yet to be convinced by a hypnosis act yet.

  30. Those who are religious and believe in having faith in the existence of a god.. have been hypnotized.

    In extreme cases, you see them getting pushed down by their preachers when they go for healing. The experience overwhelms them. Especially women who seem to be incredibly gulible, easily influenced. Preacher clown places his hand on woman's forehead and pushes her down as she passes out caught from behind.

    In the meantime, you have other members fluttering hands in the air and so on speaking in tongues, fits of nonesense 😂

  31. Hypnotism is real sometimes preachers use it and make people believe they talk in strange tongues they were never taught and people that do transcendental meditation where they believe their soul left their body.

  32. Social pressure. You hit the nail on the head.. Guess I am a sceptic.
    My dad was a hypnotist and he practiced on me regularly as I grew up. As he described it, hypnosis just relaxes people, helps them focus and the "theatre" or "ritual" was the stimuli people percieved that gave them permission to do something they would not object to or change a behavior they already wanted to change.

  33. is it possible for people to not be hypnotized. I tried a lot of vids and I don't think it's possible to hypnotize me.

  34. If you want to see basic hypnosis. Look at all the food and beverage adverts around. Just making you crave by just looking at them is basic hypnosis.

  35. hey ,if anyone else wants to discover self hypnosis for weight loss try Hyper Hypno Blueprint (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my brother in law got cool success with it.

  36. This is actually just an opinion, science testing has shown there’s nothing real about it they can find with big seriously done studies by reputable scientists, but a lot of people know it is real. We just don’t have any idea how it works or what it actually does to us. I’ve heard some very good theories, for example, that it puts us in the same state we are in while in the womb and being programmed with “presets”, just like cats are afraid of cucumbers because they look like snakes even if they are indoor cats and have never encountered a snake ever before yet their brains are pre programmed with these types of things while in their mothers even if the mother hasn’t ever encountered snakes before either, but still the information is input into the animals brain and is born with lots of other instincts to. He said maybe were out back in that same state, and people are wide awake while hypnotized but the brain does the same thing to our bodies as when we sleep so we are basically paralyzed so we don’t act out our dreams and injure ourselves. It is a fact that not everyone is susceptible to being put in a hypnotic trance, it’s a hit or miss thing, maybe their brains are slightly different or if you block yourself off to it subconsciously when you don’t believe any of it is real.

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  38. Cheers for this, been searching for "hypno stage" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Andrewlon Hypnotification Scheme – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend got great success with it.

  39. There are several components to conversational hypnosis course. One place I found which succeeds in merging these is the Hyper Hypno Blueprint (check it out on google) without a doubt the most useful blueprint i've heard of. Check out all the amazing info .

  40. So, i cant make them do morally wrong but i can convince people *more*?

    By the way i focused on that pendulum and i couldnt hear what you were saying but it gave me a headache

  41. Yes hypnotism is real, in short it’s a disoriented mind 🧠 that’s momentarily clouded by a false sense of reality . ie prostitutes, People in abusive situations. You get the point. Everything is “mental”. Numb is feelings, until the cloud is gone. Real life then takes its seat in “ clarity “✍🏾

  42. This scores about 4/10 as an explanation of how hypnosis works. Like the vicar's egg. 'how is your boiled egg vicar" – "well…it's good in parts".
    "Skeptics have another explanation for this state – social pressure. Their idea is that insecure people can be convinced that they should act a certain way. And when they do, they think “oh, I must be in a trance”. Kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy or placebo effect." – I can't think of any psychological theories of hypnosis which would go along with this.
    Science – How Stuff Works. Nope.
    Psychologists talk about the "demand characteristics" of situation – and that this unconsciously influences how we behave – something far more subtle than "social pressure" – and nearly everyone has some response to the "demand characteristics" of a situation, has nothing to do with insecurity. However resisting the social demand characteristics in a stage hypnosis show is pretty tough = compliance. Also social psychologists would distinguish between those who go along with the situation (role play) vs those who really experience it (role enactment) – role enactment is more like method acting (there is a serious dramaturgical theory of hypnosis) and "role play" more like pretending. We know people don't "pretend" in hypnosis (go watch the BBC documentary where the lady has her 2 front teeth removed under hypnosis.)
    Stage hypnotists are super skilled at selected hypnotic "high responders" (there is a huge range in hypnotic responsiveness to suggestions) and those who will be compliant (and enjoy) the stage situation.
    Placebo response is a different explanation of hypnosis – and there is a notable connection between placebo response (taking a medication and expecting to get well) and listening to hypnotic suggestions "you are going to get well" – both engage "the imagination" in images and sensations of getting better.
    And no psychologists worth her/his salt is going to use the word "subconscious mind".
    "induce a state of suggestibility by making you focus on one object with such intensity that you lose track of external stimuli." – not bad.
    'State of suggestability' – goes a bit too far for the sceptical researchers.

    OK – that was a longer comment than I planned!

  43. Yea then I guess every person in my family is all ways hip no ties by the TV , it’s weird
    I mean it happened to me once , but I feel it’s wasting ur time

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