Dr. Brian Prax Chronic Care Charlottesville Peripheral Neuropathy Testimonial

Dr. Brian Prax Chronic Care Charlottesville Peripheral Neuropathy Testimonial

Well I i just had to turn the camera on because Mr. Reese here has just finished up our peripheral neuropathy program and has done remarkably well and Fred you were just saying a few things. I said well regarding giving a video testimonial, so so many people are so scared, they’re afraid, they’re afraid they’ll make a wrong decision. Could you really reverse my neuropathy? All the doctors say that it’s impossible and just get used to it and here try these drugs and all that and I said some people are just a little skeptical, they’re a little nervous about starting and I don’t think you were but what would you have to say for people like that having gone through our three-month program at this point? Well, coming in I was skeptical. But after a period of time I’ve become improving over the weeks that I was here and since that improvement it makes me feel like I should come back to finish up the program and that over the over the period of time I’ve been very well taken care of making sure nothing that I do would be hurtful or awful to me perfect can you tell us about what your feet were feeling like before you came in here and how that may have been robbing the joy out of your life? when I came in here I didn’t have any feelings in my feet and close that’s neuropathy from being a diabetic there was a lot of diabetics like that so over the course of my time of being with Dr. Prax I’ve improved my feet I would say about ninety percent well that’s an awful lot of good feelings in my feet that I did not have excellent and i know that you were a or you are a very active person let alone a senior citizen. You’re active more than a lot of people even my age but especially for your age but what was your activity getting to be like when you first started coming in here with your exercises and all that you remember you were telling me about that? my activities well I couldn’t hardly walk any so my walking became much improved and overall I guess you’d say that overall approach of what I was doing became more successful than my way of learning what I’ve been taught Right, right. The proper exercises to a joint that will improve it where some things that I was doing was actually wrong. But being such an active person and when when I first met you, you were, is upset a strong enough word about how you were feeling like although you were really going through those exercise and really kind of forcing yourself through it, you were telling me that it was, I would not feel no improvement yes yeah I was going through I was doing all the exercises daily my breathing exercises and everything but I wasn’t improving, I wasn’t feeling yeah and so now feeling ninety percent better, what are you able to do now that you weren’t able to do before? well I’ve been doing over the shadow boxing and that that’s something that did before that I love that didn’t damn fool yeah just a lot of things that I’ve learned over the years that I couldn’t do and now I’ve got it back and I can do it and that been a big improvement for me. so if a friend of yours came up and said you know Fred I’ve been hearing some good things about your whatever you’ve been doing for your neuropathy you’re feeling a lot better I mean what would you recommend to a friend? my recommendation would be to call you call Dr. Prax and see if his program will work for you he gives a starting examination to make sure that he can help you he tells you right upfront whether he can be of service to you or if not and then you will have your own decisions to make. It’s not Dr. Prax’s decision, it’s yours. Thank you very much I know that you told me that all on my first visit here. that’s it that’s right Excellent Fred, thank you so much Some things I stumble on, but some things you know you may not be sure of so you stumble, your mind you know The other things that have really been of help to you, you can express them better. Beautiful, well said That works I think with almost everybody. That something that you know you improved on, you could express that a whole lot better you know because you can see with my feet I just couldn’t sleep at night, I was just in total misery. oh and that’s the reason why I yeah it’s reason why that you know the day I walked in here I told you I was on my last leg it’s personal you know what I told you and uh and i’m not on the last leg now i’m doing a whole lot of things that like like putting my toes up like yet i didn’t used to do that until he was telling me i just done that just normally how about that letter cuz you told him or stretch his toes back a better off it would be in and pulling on them and i do that he’s one of the best Jason’s I tell him to do something and he goes and does it didn’t you come back in my room and she’ll catch be back at doing things you know following the night I just have a ritual that see-through and that’s what makes people get better is when they when they do what they’re supposed to do and not do what they’re not supposed to do well Fred and definitely Mildred is such a pleasure having you two in the practice and being not only patients but remarkable and just a tremendous couple to work with so that are there they make your buddies for the testimonial appreciate it and you’re gonna be next right is that and he’s doing a lot better oh it’s doing all of them oh it’s good

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  1. ii lost my ability to walk. caused by chemo and have basicly sat in achair for2 12 years. i am now trying physical therapy and it seems to be helping slowly. i would say to dr i walked into hospital in critical condition buthave never walked since. thank. you for helping folks with this painfull and scary health problem..

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