Dr. David Jockers – Why I Got into Alternative Medicine

Dr.  David Jockers – Why I Got into Alternative Medicine

Ty Bollinger: So let me start out to begin
with, let me ask you, how did get involved with what you’re
doing? You’re a chiropractor. You specialize in
nutrition. You’ve treated people with cancer. I mean how did you get involved in this line
of work? Did
you dream of being a chiropractor when you grew up? Dr. David Jockers: You know, that’s a great
question. I never saw myself being a doctor. Growing up I really
didn’t know anything about chiropractic but you know, when I was 19-years-old my grandfather
who was always my biggest mentor growing up, I mean
he was teacher of the year three times in New York State,
military war hero. Everybody in our community looked up to him. We always thought he was healthy. He never
complained of anything. And all of a sudden one day he comes home
from playing golf. He actually had
played golf that day, went to open a sliding glass door, just a patio door to let the cat
in, started pulling and tugging at the door and he couldn’t get
it. So he tugged harder and his arm literally
shattered, dropped right to his side, went completely limp, he was in
pain. My grandmother rushed him to the hospital. Obviously, they
took an x-ray and found out he had broken his arm. But, of course, how do you do that opening
a door? You don’t. So they were suspicious. They went in, they did a biopsy, found out
he had metastatic cancer that spread throughout his body into his bones. And of course, in our society if we get cancer
it’s right to chemotherapy and radiation. I watched my grandfather go through that and
literally in six months he lost over 100 pounds. So he went from being six-three, 210, strong,
stalky guy to about 106 pounds. And during that
period, I mean he lost so much muscle mass he couldn’t even get himself up out of his
own bed to go to the bathroom. And so, of course, my grandmother couldn’t
physically pick him up so she needed help. So she
checked him into a nursing home and that’s where he spent the last couple weeks of his
life. And you know, I was 19. I saw him go through I mean just everything. And so ultimately when he died he was
on 10 medications, Morphine drips, he had a diaper on because he couldn’t control
his own bowels, and he wasn’t really living, he was just barely
existing. And I saw that happen to him and I asked the
oncologists and the doctors different questions, I asked them,
for example, how did that happen to him? Like why couldn’t we
pick that up earlier. I asked just several questions and they’d
say, you know, just kind of how it works. Cancer
is an insidious killer. And my grandfather had free healthcare because
he was in the military so he had medical checkups every single year. Nobody ever picked this up and it wasn’t
till obviously it metastasized throughout his body before it did anything. And so at that time at 19 this obviously intrigued
me just as far as how the body works, how it heals. And I was always into health. And at that time I was into just exercise
and training and things like that. And so I eventually became a personal trainer
and through that God just really showed me that I had a gift working with people
and I loved seeing results. And he led me towards
chiropractic which is really a natural approach to health working with the structure of the
body. And you know, I opened my clinic a little
over five years ago in 2009. And you know, I didn’t specialize in
treating tough cases. I was just—really still am just passionate
about helping people reach their full potential. But what’s happened is really in our society
we just have so many sick people. And so just my passion, my
zeal for helping people has attracted a lot of very serious cases. And as I started getting them I knew I needed
to really step up my game as far as my knowledge, the applications of the strategies we talk
about using advanced therapies, things like that because
last thing I want to do is lead somebody down the wrong road or
ultimately not be able to help somebody. So I just really—it’s been a constant
evolution of just trying to learn everything I possibly can to help these really
tough cases, and of course, helping really everybody that comes
to see me reach their health goals.

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  1. I would not be afraid of getting cancer or think about dying from it, if I did not have to do radiation therapy and chemotherapy, but just do natural treatments and alternative therapies.

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