Dr Hahnemann’s discovery of Homeopathy

So how on earth did Dr Hahnemann discover homeopathy? Hahnemann was a medical doctor who became disillusioned at the time that he was treating patients. And he came across an article about a remedy called Cinchona (Peruvian bark) to cure malaria because of its astringent properties and he thought that didn’t make quite sense. So he read the article and from reading that article he went and experimented with his family members and doing that he then discovered this entire form of medicine, basically, where it wasn’t necessarily the properties that the astringent nature of the material. Rather that the likeness of the symptoms that it caused in a healthy individual would cure those in a sick individual. But there was a story about him riding on a horse from one patient to the other that was the reasoning behind succussion – which is the shaking of the remedy to somehow imprint the energy. It’s called potentisation. So what we do, do is, you’re right we take a remedy and dilute it. We can start from a herbal remedy for example, take 1:10 or 1:100 depending on which scale you would use, there’s two different scales – then yes you would succuss it, bang it quite vigorously. Shake it quite hard. Yes, so it’s got to be on a surface that is not very hard, that’s got no give, so so some slight give. For example, like the centre of your hand. And then one bang, that would be one succussion and so you would do a repetition of a succussion at either 10 or 100 and then you will dilute it and potentise it. So it’s the energy of the substance that becomes stronger as you do that. Do you in your opinion look at how different companies make homeopathic remedies to choose your preference? Because some would just be machines doing succession and others would be in an environment where people are more conscious of what they’re doing. Or is that woo-hoo medicine? No, I think it’s very important where remedies come from and the manner in which they are prepared and made. So yes, I do look at that. I mean it’s very difficult to mass-produce homeopathic remedies if you have people standing there shaking it by hand. I’ve visited a couple of facilities in Europe where they have different ways of succussion – and rolling it around in a kind of drum as well and then potentising it. Yes.

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