Dr. Jason – Extreme Tailbone Pain

Dr. Jason – Extreme Tailbone Pain

all right I’m here today with Miss Maria how are you young lady nice to see you and we first met over in a Wells Fargo right now yeah I was doing a health and wellness talk right and you came in a little over a year actually since you’ve come in for your alignment yeah maybe the two years right it’s been a minute right we’ve been in touch loosely here and they’re like I got to get in and right how’s the body doing my back is killing me okay snap work so my my whole upper back okay so let me ask you this so the sacrum is right here and the tailbone is like a little lower than where I am now so it’s really down there okay so what happened is and up here what happened did this one I’m gonna start with that what happened down there did you fall down when you stand not what about getting up if you’re getting up is getting up and standing yeah got it and you ever wear heels I don’t even looked yeah you go to the car go right so the lower back sacral area coccygeal areas hurting and the mid-back what’s going on here and it feels really tense okay well we do have films on you it’s been a while but we’re gonna go ahead and give you a lineman and see what can do right go to lay face down for me please look here start with a big deep breath in and out and it’s been a while so I’m breathing breathe in yeah a lot of tension I can I can when you when you do this all day for many years you can feel it all right so we’re gonna start in mid lower back here noise remember it’s not the bones rubbing together right it’s nitrogen gas releasing for good joint so we’re gonna breathe that nice and deep miss Marin well you’re gonna breathe in again hold your breath and lift your head up a little bit how do we do okay we go we got some movement right okay we’re gonna breathe in again and out and another one all the way out let the chest relax shoulders relaxed a little bit of motion right hips relaxed we’re gonna check this is your sacrum on the right side your sacrum is that bone right before the Cossacks the left sacrum is not moving is it okay if I touch right down here thanks me I know right stop it hurting so this is that hurts right there that’s the right sacral custody Junction try to let the hips relax a little bit I’m sorry if it hurts does this one hurt too okay is it more over there though big time right okay so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start out with you and just bring that there we’re going to start out with you on your right side facing me this way come on over this way yeah on your side so bring your arm all the way over with you go just like this hips relaxed I’m the movie right there it’s right here so first we’re gonna do the lumbar spine and we’re gonna go just like that I’m gonna hold you here just as a reminder I’m going to contact here and then the lean over you because the force comes between the hips or the pockets there so breath in well hips relax shoulders relaxed just like that crazy right get your legs right there the positioning is so important like so so now what I’m going to do relax the hips a little bit let them go I’m gonna do like this I have to contact way down here about right there you okay there you have a breath in you know just relax shoulders you see it starting to move already the lean way over you on this one shoulders relaxed a little bit back it’s a big motion so what it means is that there was a lot of tension and tightness built up in the joint whether it’s down low or the vertebrae up above and that makes the joint not move and pressure builds up inside so we restore motion relieve the pressure and allow the bring the body to communicate clearly clear signal top to bottom so let’s go right thank you lay on your back I’m like my gosh you guys you it’s not easy when you’re a little bit right yeah right so this one’s a little bit louder remember it’s closer to the ears oh my gosh and breathe in I something out there a little louder but you’re good you’re good head relaxed a little bit let’s leave it for a second you know again we’re gonna start down here I knew I was gonna be big she’s the part me like oh my you know we get we get mixed responses when people have big releases like wow I got a shock but it feels good right yeah I get it okay this one will close through the years it’s the same things we’re gonna breathe they’re nice and even so rather than forcing what we’re gonna do is take your abs you faced that way we’re just an upper back switch from this wedding and then head down I’m gonna put my hands here behind your next let me go like this you’re good and then head down my hands go here yours are gonna go on top of mine and then squeeze down interlock your fingers for me interlock and then squeeze down and breathe in and fall back fall fall fall yeah like crazy I could walk again yeah kick in the body heal yeah amazing amazing good to see you you’re welcome my dear all right

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  1. I know people are complaining about how she's dressed, but she could be in her way home from work or an event, or on her way to something. Most people don't clear their whole day for an appointment, and most people aren't dressing up just for their chiropractor, and don't have time to worry about doing a wardrobe before an appointment. I think if my dr was treating me like a piece of meat because of how I was dressed, I'd lose all faith in my dr being professional. She could be in a bikini and it would still be normal to treat her professionally rather than as an object ?

  2. Quote by Dr Jason, "Professionalism surpasses everything irrespective of the type of appearances displayed during treatment"

  3. I’ve seen his videos before. He sure is professional and great at his job. On that note, whoever is doing his edits and thumbnails sure knows how to bring in the views. Lol

  4. Now this is what you call Wifey material and fantasy, I'm 100% sure she is absolutely crazy, because if she is not, then she is perfect

  5. This adjustment was a thing of absolute beauty. You can start a new race with a woman built like that amazing how that was her adjustment attire

  6. The real picture that the audience is forgetting and that is the pain that his patient had before her visit and professionalism,dedication,conviction and years of practice that Dr.Jason displays too alleviate that discomfort and give that patient, a pain free day!??

  7. She's beautiful. Ave Maria! Nice. Wished I would have discovered Chiropractic in my youth. High heel shoes are responsible for many back problems.

  8. It bears pointing out that USUALLY he sees fat old guys like me and not adorable babes like her, lest we should all want to be him. Just saying.?

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