Dr Kacker Homeopathic Knee Joint Treatment

My name is……..and i am from tarana My son ……….was suffering from Rheuamtoid
Artheritis since last many years for this he was given lot of alopathic treatment
from many doctors all tyes of antibiotics and even penicillin
injections were also given to him but there was no relief in his condition even took some Homeopathic treatment also but
there was no relief i showed him to many doctors of various cities
there was no relief. by the time i have started Homeopathic
treatment again from here, he got the results in
1.5 months and started feeling relief at present he is not showing any complaints earlier he was taking 3 to 4 painkillers daily,
which is not required now at present his condition is very much improved
and has lot of relief and healthy now earlier there was lot of pain and swelling in his
joints, and there was lot of pain while walking he use to stumble during walking and pain
during sitting and standing from chair or bed there was pain in chest and pain in back now all his complaints are cured, there is no
problem in walking or pain in joints and he is
completely fit.

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