15 Replies to “Dr. Mark Plotkin: The Healing Forest on Fire: Plant Medicine, Isolated Tribes [..] | Talks at Google”

  1. 40:23 : true, but it's not as if the environment was part of Nixon's agenda, is it ? He was pressured both by a growing number of environmental activists and by the Democratic majority in Congress (House + Senate). Furthermore, he vetoed the Clean Water Act in 1972.

    More broadly, when I think of Google, I think of servers, computers, cell phones, so-called 'smart cities', etc. … all of which require huge amounts of copper, tin and lithium, only to be found through mining (mainly in Africa, for now, which makes the first question all the more pertinent). And, while I think the collaboration with Google laid out in this video is interesting, I also think tech companies should focus on ways to drastically reduce waste and planned hardware obsolescence… if they actually want to meaningfully contribute to the preservation of pristine environmental resources and indigenous tribes, that is.

  2. We have fires in California due to geoengineering…not climate change! The fires in Napa were started by microwave assault! Climate change is a bogus term to create the excuse for carbon tax…Watch Willie Soon, PhD…

  3. Carbon Footprint is a BS term…Shame on you, Mark! It is clearly evident you are owned by the global elite pushing this climate change 'religion'…

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