Dr. Mirjana Zivanov – Homeopathy, Homeopatija – My Experience on Homeopathy by Suranjan De

Dr. Mirjana Zivanov – Homeopathy, Homeopatija – My Experience on Homeopathy by Suranjan De

Hello, I am Suranjan De, from India. I am a student of chemistry. What I am about to tell you today is not a virtual story,
but a real fact that has happened in my life, which may be beneficial for all the people throughout the world. I think it is an important message for everybody. I had been suffering from a disease for almost 5 years, and my problem was continuous discharge from nose and sneezing. Most of the times my nose remained closed, even I couldn’t take breath freely and my condition was that time so bad. Every day I used 9-10 handkerchief. It was so irritating for me. Even that time I couldn’t any work freely, and I couldn’t study freely and I couldn’t go anywhere. So that time I visited many expert allopathy doctors, many medicine specialists but they were unable to cure my problem. I went through many clinical test, but nobody was being able to tell what my actual problem was. So, it was just wastage of time and wastage money. That time I thought that I should go for Homeopathy. It is prior to say that I was aware about Homeopathy
medicine from my childhood. So I started my Homeopathic treatment two years ago,
in my home city. Then after taking Homeopathic remedy, sometimes my discharge was less
and sometimes my discharge was more. At that time, I got opportunity for pursuing my doctoral research in organic chemistry in a different place, which was so far from my home, that I lost connection with that Homeopath. After that again my problem was going in bad direction. That time one day I posted my problem, in one homeopathy doctor community in internet. Luckily I got reply from Dr. Mirjana Zivanov from Serbia (Europe). I think that was a big day in my life, because after that she changed my life totally. She just told me to send one photo of my face. After sending photo she told the remedy name. She told me to follow some rules like not taking Tea and Coffee, not using any body spray during treatment. So I just follow her remedy and her word continuously for one year. Now after one year, I am free from my discharge and also from my sneezing. So, I am free now. I can do work freely, I can go anywhere, I can study freely and I am so happy for that. Now she is treating my 12 family members and 8 friends and all are in good condition. Most of the time she selects remedy
by watching image of patient only and interestingly that remedy works perfectly according to her knowledge. I think, it is her greatness and her excellence in Homeopathy. Hope we will publish her all work in a book and also in journal. I learned many things in my life from her. I think she is a great teacher to me. I have no word to tell about her excellence. She is a great doctor. Thanks to Dr Mirjana Zivanov, you saved many life. You are just amazing. For me you are my living goddess, “My ANGEL”. Thank you. Best of luck.

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  1. Everything in this world can be achieved only by complete belief, arguments will lead to never ending discussions… So, keep faith and be cure…. Unique way to control over yourself physically and psychologically… Really amazing… Thank you Dr. Mirzana Zivanov for your endless support….

  2. The great Doctor. Suranjan is my lab met and its amazing to see you Suranjan that after a long time homeopathy treatment your problem is totally cure and I believe that in my life I have never seen a person suffering from this type of disease was totally cured by allopathy as I was a patient of this type of disease in my childhood and and it was also not possible to cure by allopathy and was cured by homeopathy…So obviously in my opinion although allopathay is advanced with a great developed science and also very much expensive but the middle class person like you me cant afford the expense of it and its much better to go for homeopathy for complete cure of your disease.

  3. thanks Dr mirjana zivonav, u r great u r anjel for all,once upon a time the hole world knows to u a great Dr, and every body support u and recover their self by ur remedy like suranjan,the day will come very soon when everyone support u and believe u and accept ur remady in heart like suranjan, I hats off u

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