Dr Mirjana Zivanov – Homeopatija: Tetractys in Homeopathy

Dr Mirjana Zivanov – Homeopatija: Tetractys in Homeopathy

Hellow Friends! My first speach on YouTube was about my first book “Homeopathy in Practice” where I talked about 12 cured cases among many. Next year, in another YouTube, I was talking about how Homeopathy works, about the differences between Homeopathy and allopathy, and also one more video the same year about Simillimum. The following year I was talking about Primes in another YouTube. Last year I was talking about
new born Matrix method, and this year, today, I will talk about
Tetractys in Homeopathy Tetractys model shows a lot about a person. It shows Primes – the Code of a person, Key words, Precodes, Miasm and many other… By using Tetractys in everyday Homeopathic practice you could cure all illnesses connected to the soul, easy and precisely finding vertical remedy Simillimum, but also you can find horizontal remedy –
Constitutional remedy, remedy for a situation, epidemic remedies… By learning the Tetractys you also
improve your knowledge and grow in spiritual wisdom. Showing how Tetractys model works
in everyday practice, we come to the end, but also to the begining
of this whole story, our journey through Wisdom and Spirituality. I said at the begining of the story, because we started with “Homeopathy in Practice” and we come back to the practice, but this time with Tetractys! More about this enchanting knowledge
you may read in my new book with the title:
“Opening the Secret Door”

6 Replies to “Dr Mirjana Zivanov – Homeopatija: Tetractys in Homeopathy”

  1. Great news for all of us. Nice very informative. You are Best Doctor .Your knowledge is like sea which never ends. Congrats for your new book. Your theory will be more effective for any disease cure because your theory is powerful tool for remedy selection and more scientific.

  2. Sweet Dr.Mirjana its really quite informative & thanks once again for sharing it with me.Really you have a strong hands on Tetractys & Matrix Method

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