Dr Rajesh Shah, MD: Homeopathy is not faith healing but a science, says

Dr Rajesh Shah, MD: Homeopathy is not faith healing but a science, says

Some people innocently believe that homeopathy is faith healing Well I would say that Homeopathy
is not faith healing but homeopathy is a science, homeopathy works even if we do not
have faith in the science. Some people believe that, if you have faith
in homeopathy it will work for you. If some science or medical science works for you only
if you have faith then it will be plesicotherapy, which actually homeopathy is not. Homeopathy
is a science which is proved with clinical trials. Homeopathy is a science which works
in babies, new born babies, children who may not have enough knowledge or faith in Homeopathy.
Still it works for them wonderfully, homeopathy works even in the animals, there are studies
been carried out in India and of-course even internationally its proven that homeopathy works in
domestic animals like dogs & cats. as well as in wild animals like lions and
tigers. I am sure that these animals like dogs and tigers have no faith in homeopathy.
Homeopathy is strictly based on scientific efficacy and it works as science. Homeopathy
is based on scientific principles, there are well defined principles on which this science
is based. It is based on the process of induction and deduction.
In my practice and in the practice of other hundreds of doctors, most of the patients
who have approached homeopathy for the first time, they had no faith in homeopathy, they
had no pre-knowledge about homeopathy, but still they were benefited by homeopathic treatment.
Not only that I come across number of conventional doctors, who approach me for the treatment.
Number of skeptics, they are kind of averse to the benefits of homeopathy to start with.
However we have been able to observe and document wonderful results in many of them, which simply
prove that homeopathy works on the basis of scientific principles and not on the basis
of faith healing. Thank You

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  1. Dr Shah said it right. I agree with him because I have experience that homeopathy works. It worked for my son for his bad migraines.

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