Dr. Sarah Hallberg on diabetic neuropathy and a ketogenic diet

Dr. Sarah Hallberg on diabetic neuropathy and a ketogenic diet

– Here’s one that I
have been seeing a lot. Will a ketogenic diet alleviate
neuropathy in the feet? So maybe we can talk about progression versus reversing versus– – Yeah, absolutely. So I will tell you there
is no research done that shows that we can reverse neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy,
with a ketogenic diet. Our real goal for people is to take away what was causing it to progress. In other words halt
the continued worsening of diabetic neuropathy. That being said, until we
get research that can give us a much more clear answer in this area, we can definitely tell
you of many patients that we have had who have
had significant improvements in their neuropathy. I know, Brit, that you
have your favorite story, that really like brought
you some warm and fuzzies with a particular patient on this. – Well my favorite story is at the beach, when a patient shared with
me that she could not feel the ocean for, I think
the last like decade, and then one day she went
and she felt the water on her feet again, and I just, I mean I cried right then and there. So it happens, but– – It happens, but again, we
like to make sure, again, one of the principles here
at Virta is that we’re a science based company. And since this is an area where
science is really lacking, we would never tell
anyone, hey, if you start a ketogenic diet your
neuropathy will get better. Because we just aren’t
sure of that right now. Our main goals here are certainly to keep it from getting worse.

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  1. H E L P!!!! Dr Halberg…..
     I am a type 2 diabetic since 2004. I am experiencing the 2nd kind of neuropathy….painful…stabbing…gripping pain at night time usually. Because of insulin….. that horrible garbage…..caused 50 lbs of weight gain! I am on a crusade to lose the weight I gained and lose more. I had tried the "whole food" way…..couldn't lose the weight. I put myself on the keto diet and it works marvelously! The problem is…..when my blood sugar gets into a "more normal" range…..my feet start SNAP CRACKLE and POPPING like there is no tomorrow. I am on a very fixed income. I have limited teeth……I'm so frustrated I want to just sit here and cry! Please….Please can you tell me what I need to do. I truly need to lose weight because it's just too hard to carry this weight like this. I don't want to be super skinny…..even getting the 50 lbs off I gained would suit me!

  2. There is a product out there that prevents glycated proteins by binding to sugar, called Lysulin. Do you think it might help. (The guy who invented it is a PhD who was the founder of DexCom)

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